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When I first started using Umbraco, I was amazed at the amount of documentation, but was disappointed to find that there weren't that many absolute beginner tutorials on how to make your own document type and link it to a template and make your HTML that you may have made in Dreamweaver for example display correctly using Umbraco.  So here is one for those just starting out.  This won't cover installing Umbraco, as there is a lot out there on that.  I found this tutorial to be useful: .  This is for those who have installed Umbraco but are stuck getting their HTML to display.  This is also assuming that you have already made your HTML, and put your images into an images folder in the install directory.



Click on SETTINGS down the bottom.


On the left click on TEMPLATES and select CREATE and call it master.


Now paste all your HTML code into it

(You have to paste in between ASP content code)


Now save the template.



Create a new document type and call the name MASTER.  It can be any name, but it is good practise to call it MASTER


Now click on the master DOCUMENT TYPE..

In your main window you will see tabs like Info - structure - generic, blah, blah.

Select the INFO tab.


On the tab you will see Allowed Templates panel.

Select the template called master.

Once you check master, save it and on the bottom you will see Default Template.


Click on CONTENT on to your left bottom.

Right click on content and call it Home.

Document type choose MASTER.

Now publish the document.


Now click on home and publish the page (Top 2nd button which looks like a GLOBE and FLOPPY).


OK, now go back to the MASTER document type and on TABS create a new tab called META CONTENT.

This can be any name but for the site header stuff it is good to call it meta content.

Go to Generic Property and click on Click here to add a new property and call the property Pagetitle and tab choose meta Content.  Then add two more properties, meta description and meta keywords.  Once you have done this go to Settings > Templates and open your Master Template.


Go to Settings > Templates and open your Master Template. 

In your HTML code locate your Page title (<title></title>).

Up the top you see a icon next to save button… click on it (insert page field).

Now on choose field...choose page title and say insert.  Ignore rest of the fields.

It will generate code that should look something like this

<title><umbraco:Item field="Pagetitle" useIfEmpty="pageTitle" runat="server"></umbraco:Item></title>


Now go to CONTENT. On the home page on Meta Content tab put some text in.

Now publish and have a look.  You will see page title change.


That is how you make each and every part of your HTML CONTENT MANAGED.


To create text on your homepage just create a tab on master document type and insert HOME PAGE text and choose RICH text editor.


This is only a start, but at least it'll get you past the sticking point of not knowing at all what to do. is the community mothership for Umbraco, the open source cms. With a friendly forum for all your questions, a comprehensive documentation and a ton of packages from the community.