MembershipHelper is a helper class for accessing member data in the form of IPublishedContent. MembershipHelper has a variety of helper methods that are useful when working in your views, controllers and webforms classes.

    How to reference MembershipHelper?

    When working in templating, this helper will automatically be there for you to use as @Members which means you conveniently in your templates easily can access member data:


    If you need a MembershipHelper in a custom class, service, view, etc... you can easily create one using this syntax:

    var memberShipHelper = new Umbraco.Web.Security.MembershipHelper(Umbraco.Web.UmbracoContext.Current);

    ProfileModel and IPublishedContent

    When looking up Members, member data is returned as IPublishedContent, which is the same format used for Content and Media, so referencing member properties should be the exact same api as with those.

    When looking at the currently logged in Member, you will get a ProfileModel back, which contains the same data, by with additional methods and properties available which are specific to members.

    .GetByEmail(string email)

    Looks for a member with a given email, If found, returns a member profile as IPublishedContent

    .GetById(int id)

    Looks for a member withe a given node ID, If found, returns a member profile as IPublishedContent

    .GetByProviderKey(object key)

    looks for a member with a given provider key, If found, returns a member profile as IPublishedContent. Provider key, is the key, that the membership provider responsible for the member has assigned the member as its primary key. Umbraco's default membership provider assigns a guid, alternative providers such as active directive likely uses another format.

    .GetByUsername(string username)

    Looks for a member withe a given username, If found, returns a member profile as IPublishedContent


    Gets the current members login status as a LoginStatusModel


    Gets the current member profile as a ProfileModel


    Returns a boolean whether there is a Member currently logged in.

    .Login(string username, string password)

    Attempts to log in a member with the given username and password


    Determines if a member is authorized, based on memberType, associated roles, and member ID.


    Detects if the default Umbraco membership provider is in use.

    .RegisterMember(RegisterModel model)

    Registers a new Member

    .UpdateMemberProfile(ProfileModel model)

    Updates a current member profile