Each section of the Umbraco backoffice has it's own set of default dashboards.

    The dashboard area of Umbraco is used to display the current editor for whichever item is selected in the tree, but when no items are selected, for example when the section first loads, that's when the default set of dashboards are displayed for that section, arranged over multiple tabs.

    Content Section Dashboards

    In the above screenshot you can see, the default set of dashboards for the content section, which for most users will be: 'Get Started' and 'Redirect Url Management', and below for the Developer section you will have 'Get Started', 'Examine Management', 'Models Builder' and 'Health Check'.

    Developer Section Dashboards

    So different sections, different dashboards - the configuration for which dashboards appear for which section and in what order, and for which particular set of users, is configured in the /config/dashboards.config file.

    Configuration Example

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
    <dashBoard> <!-- Root of the dashboard XML tree -->
       <section>  <!-- Defines a dashboard layout for a group of sections -->
            <areas> <!-- Declares which sections (i.e. content,media,users,[your own]-->
                <area>[area name]</area> <!-- A section to apply this to eg 'content' -->
            <tab caption="[caption]"> <!-- Creates a tab in the Dashboard with the assigned caption -->
    			<access><!-- control which umbraco roles can see the tab -->
                <control>[path]</control> <!-- path AngularJS View (v7) to load into the tab -->

    More on Configuring Dashboards

    Custom Dashboards

    Additionally You can create your own custom dashboards, for extending Umbraco with single page AngularJS applications, or to support your site implementation - it is for example considered 'good practice' to create a custom Welcome Dashboard for your Umbraco implementation to support the day-to-day activities of editors on hte site with 'quick links' and 'site statistics/information'.

    Example Custom Welcome Dashboard

    Check out our Creating a Custom Dashboard tutorial

    Package Dashboards

    There are lots of packages listed on our umbraco that provide custom dashboard functionality.

    For example, the snappily titled 'The Dashboard' provides great information for editorial teams on what has been editied recently and by whom.

    'The Dashboard' Dashboard Package