The documentation project is open source and hosted on Github. If you have any corrections or additions to the documentation clone the project and make a pull request. Guidelines on how to contribute to the documentation.


We are currently in the process of moving the documentation into the new structure you can see above. Below is the old documentation structure. It is here to preserve links in forum and blog posts and for users who are familiar with the old structure.


Describes how Umbraco is installed, using either WebMatrix, Microsoft Platform Installer, or from a zip-file.

Using Umbraco

Describes Umbraco terminology, configuration files/settings & step by step guides on how to approach the different areas in Umbraco.

Developers' Reference

Templating, querying, searching and other Umbraco APIs.


Cheatsheets for easy overview of different areas like the Razor API and Views syntax.

Umbraco Add-on documentation

Documentation for the Umbraco add-ons 'Forms' and 'Courier'

Extending Umbraco

Documentation on how to extend umbraco with your own editors, trees, sections, and how to distribute those extensions as packages. (coming soon)

Development Guidelines

How to work with the Umbraco codebase.