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Harald Ulriksen started this project on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 it's current version is 1.0.3 .

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Harald Ulriksen

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Harald Ulriksen
Tuesday, June 23, 2009
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OpenId for Umbraco

OpenId for Umbraco adds OpenId authentication capabilities to Umbraco sites, allowing users to create new accounts based on an OpenId Identifier or attach an OpenId Identifier to an existing Umbraco Accounts.

2010-11-19 Updated DotNetOpenAuth to 3.4.5 and made some changes to the installer.
2010-11-13 Package has been updated and supports both and 4.5.x

Install fresh v4 with Runway and top navigation. Install package. Done. Package can also be installed without Runway.


The current package contains a user control for OpenId login with signup and a profile control for displaying current members associated openIds.

When installing the package it will also install DotNetOpenAuth dll and create a new table in the database, nuMemberOpenId as well as creating a delete trigger on cmsMember which will delete a members openid's when deleting the member.

The installer will create a member type and member group, if the member section of the web.config has not been modified it will also set the default member type to OpenIdMemberType which is created during installation. 

A stylesheet, template and some macros will be created as well, the Runway textpage document type will be assigned the newly create template. Two content pages will be installed, one with login and one which displays associated OpenId's once logged in. This page will also be protected. 

You should be able to install a fresh Umbraco v4, add Runway with top navigation, install the package, navigate to the newly created site and login with your OpenId. 

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