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    Worked at first...

    Sean started this topic July 12, 2011 @ 03:03, Go directly to the topic solution

    Great feature, which worked at first. Now, I don't see the login pop-up when I am inactive for a while, it just reverts back to the login screen. Then, once I'm logged in again, the left content nodes are gone and only the right content is showing on the browser.

    Any ideas what this could be?


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    Stuart Burrows posted this reply July 14, 2011 @ 11:40

    So, from what I can see, the package comments out the polling function which tells you when you are about to be logged out. It doesn't seem to affect whether you get logged out or not.

    The reason you are losing parts of the screen when you log back in is just because of how the javascript that controls the backoffice. You request a certain screen which updates your url - this would normally be handled by javascript but since you're technically logged out it isn't. Then when you log back in it sends you to that url - i.e. your home page. 

    It's even weirder when you try to create a node after this period - took me a minute to recognise the resultant screen!

    I'm currently not using this package, instead I've modified the feepAlive function in my umbraco/umbraco.aspx file. Now it automatically renews my session every 15 minutes. Since I'm only using this on me dev environment it's nice and simple to swap out the file later.

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    Lee Kelleher posted this reply July 14, 2011 @ 12:03

    Hi Sean,

    As Stuart says, all the package does is literally comment out the "keepAlive" JavaScript call ... so that it doesn't do any AJAX polling back to the server.

    I did take a look at trying to disable the timeout completely, but it got a little trick to do programmatically (or I didn't have/spend enough time looking into it!?)  The package itself was a quick-n-dirty hack to solve my annoyance with 4.7.0

    I'd recommend bumping up the value of "umbracoTimeOutInMinutes" (in your Web.config) to some ridicous value - say "10080" (a week)? Then revert it back on the live/production site.

    As always, if you have an idea how to disable the timeout completely ... the source-code is avaliable, feel free to fork & push - I'll add it to the package!

    Cheers, Lee.

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    Sean posted this reply July 14, 2011 @ 08:52

    Guys, thanks for the feedback and input! I will modify the web.config for now and maybe write my own code in the near future . :-)

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