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Custom backoffice welcome screen for your Umbraco editors. It’s important to stay “top of mind” with your clients if you are bui...

version 7.40-7.30
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UmbracoSocialPluginAdapters adds Facebook and Twitter adapters for the jQuery Social Stream Plugin to your site! The excellent jQuery Social Strea...

version 7.40-7.00
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Tabulate manages instances where content authors are maintaining large, generally well-structured data sets in the Umbraco back office. Getting st...

version 7.40-7.10
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An Umbraco v7 property editor for handling opening hours

version 7.4+
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BootEasy - Client Bundling

This is a addon for the BootEasy for Umbraco framework ( that will allow easy bundling a...

version 7.40-7.30
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Whodunit adds a changelog as a new dashboard. You can export the changes to CSV. It tracks both content and media changes.

version 7.4+
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Styled Textbox

Simple styled textbox property editor to let you apply a little flare to the standard text boxes.Great for things like Page Titles and headings and...

version 7.4+
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Insert Ipsum

A simple package for inserting Lorem Ipusm using the NLipsum Library for the .NET Framework: Insert th...

version 7.40-7.00
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BootEasy is a small framework to help hooking in to the Umbraco startup events. Instead of implementing a class that inherits from Umbraco.Core.Ap...

version 7.40-7.30
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Export Umbraco Members to Word Documents, OpenDocument, PDF and Image formats using Aspose.Words

Export Umbraco Members to Word Documents, OpenDocument, PDF and Image formats using Aspose.Words Export Members to Word is an Add-on for Umbraco...

version 7.40-7.00
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CM Umbraco Tools

This package contains a set of tools for the developer and the administrator of an Umbraco site. Nuget install

version 7.40-7.30
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Terabyte CSS Picker

A Visual CSS Picker for Umbraco 7 Setup Download the zip file from github, copy Terabyte.CssPicker folder to your App_Plugins folder. We would like...

version n/a
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Group Label

This is a simplest DataType Editor, readonly, like Label datatype. It allow to create a separator between two groups of properties.It is usef...

version 7.40-7.20
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This project makes clearing your Cloudflare cache within Umbraco possible. A new section is added to Umbraco which contains several dashboards that...

version 7.40-7.30
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Umbraco Forms Cache Refreshers for Flexible Load Balancing

About If you have Umbraco Forms set up in a flexible load balanced environment (e.g. Azure web apps), you may have noticed that changes to your Fo...

version 7.4+
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1-1 multilingual example

An example project on how you can do 1-1 multilingual in Umbraco where a single node can have different URLs per language. It uses Vorto and N...

version 7.40-7.30
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MemberForms Workflow

A custom Workflow for Umbraco Forms that creates a Umbraco Member when a Form is submitted. Member properties are set based on provided field value...

version 7.40-7.00
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Loadbalancing Information Dashboard

After installing this package you get a new dashboard in the developer section that displays your loadbalancing setup type and the registered serve...

version 7.40-7.30
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QR Code Property Editor

This is the first version of a QR Code Property Editor.  The Editor can be used on a ContentType to show a QR Code in the backend for the URL...

version 7.40-7.30
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uSync Snapshots works with uSync to allow you to create moment in time changesets of your umbraco installations.   Normal usync will track ch...

version 7.4+
132 12