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uSplit is a package that removes all technical obstacles to A/B testing. Plug in your Google Analytics account and create your first experiment in...

version 7.40-7.00
5 1


A font icon picker for custom fonts in Umbraco. This Umbraco plugin serves to optimize your icons with custom icon fonts while still allowing your...

version 7.3+
5 0

AJAX Button Caller

This is an simple datatype for Umbraco 7, that calles an specificated URL when the button is clicked.

version 7.4+
1 0

Read-only Json Property

An editor for storing read-only json values. Like the Label, just with JSON, and a possibility to display the value.

version 7.40-7.10
24 0

NuGet Package Dashboard

A backoffice plugin which allows users to view any NuGet packages installed on an Umbraco instance. The packages adds a simple data table to a das...

version 7.40-7.30
22 4


Skybrud.IconPicker is a small package that adds a single property editor to Umbraco 7 that makes editors select between your own custom svg-icons.

version 7.40-7.00
24 1

Output Cache Cleaner

Donut Output Cache Cleaner Provides a new section to allow content managers to refresh the site's output cache. Requires DevTrends - Donut Output...

version 7.4+
48 1


Sometimes for sites with a large number of members, it can be simpler to specify those roles which can't access content, rather than the Umbraco de...

version 7.40-6.10
18 0

On-Off Button

Creates a Data Type of On.Off.Button. Simple CSS implementation of an on-off switch for checkboxes, based on Ve...

version 7.4+
36 1

Visit Counter

Page Visit Counter Umbraco 7.4.3+ Is a statistics counter for individual pages Has a simple label property editor that shows how many times the...

version 7.4+
66 2

Duplicate content

This is a simple App plugin that adds a context menu item to content nodes which will allow you to duplicate that node (up to 20 times) within the...

version 7.40-7.00
28 3

Char Limit 7.4

7.4 upgrade to Tim Geyssens Char Limit package. This is a very basic package,...

version 7.4+
49 5


Get statistics on your nodes super easy with uIncrement. What do I get?uIncrement comes with a data type that will list how many times your node h...

version 7.4+
35 4

Styled Textarea

Styled Textarea is a simple customizable textarea editor for Umbraco. With Styled Textarea, you can define three attributes on the textarea element...

version 7.40-7.00
45 5

Bootstrap Accordion

An editor for grid document types that allows for easy creation of collapsible bootstrap panels and accordions. If you wish to incorporate this pa...

version 7.4+
62 1

Umbraco Forms SharePoint Provider

This provider adds a workflow to Umbraco Forms, letting you push form results to any SharePoint instance. FEATURES* New workflow for pushing form...

version 7.40-7.00
36 1


Not using strongly-typed models for your Umbraco views / templates / macros but still need Intellisense? If so, then just copy those templates in y...

version 7.4+
23 1

PUND - Prevent Used Node Deletion

This will stop nodes being deleted if they are used through out the site within a Content Picker, Multi Node Tree Picker, Link Picker and Multi Url...

version 7.4+
54 8

Migrations Viewer

A backoffice plugin which allows users to view any migrations installed on an Umbraco instance. This is useful for any Umbraco admins wh...

version 7.40-7.30
52 3

Diplo God Mode

Diplo God Mode makes Umbraco 7 developers invincible! This custom tree for the Developer section of Umbraco allows you to browse, query and search...

version 7.4+
66 10