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Umbraco 7 TypeScript Definitions

This package provides access to the TypeScript definitions for the backoffice of Umbraco.  It should assist development of property editors, d...

version 7.2+
16 4

Color Palettes

Color Palettes is a simple property editor that let you define different color palettes and present them to the editor as a list of radio butt...

version 7.20-7.10
28 6


MdEdit is a mark-down editor   The default editor for Velstand  

version 7.20-7.00
21 0


ExamineTools is a collection of enhancements for the default Examine content indexing. It's still a beta! Note that this package is still in beta...

version 7.20-7.10
39 3

User Group Permissions

Overview User Group Permissions allows permissions to be set on content nodes by user type rather than by individual users.   Updated f...

version 7.2+
58 5

Attackmonkey Grid Locker

Installing this packages will make ALL grids on your site locked down for everyone apart from Administrators. What does this mean? All non-admin u...

version 7.20-7.00
30 1

PieMan Analytics

NOTE: If you've installed an earlier version of PieMan, thanks. Best bet now though is to move to v0.4.0 - it fixes some stability issues and resto...

version 7.20-7.00
123 9

V7 Editors Manual - Bookshelf Edition

This is an editable Markdown version of the documentation done by Matt Wootton and CAB Studios. (

version 7.2+
207 7

uHateoas - Umbraco Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State

Umbraco REST Hypermedia API. We all love using Umbraco to build our websites, web & mobile apps, but not everyone has C# skills. Umbraco...

version 7.20-7.10
139 8

Pugpig for Umbraco v7

Starterkit package with which you can create pug pig publications.  Install instructions Install the package.  Move the newly create p...

version n/a
90 4

GNU Pratchett

This is a simple package that inserts the X-Clacks-Overhead HTTP header to your site, containing the name of the author Terry Pratchett. This is to...

version n/a
64 3

The Dashboard

This is a magic dashboard for Umbraco 7, it's accualy "The dashboard". It will show editors a summery of the latest activites on the website combin...

version 7.20-7.00
340 15


uCop is an Umbraco CMS plugin that helps with website maintenance. The initial version shows breakdown of document types defined in a site together...

version 7.20-7.00
152 2

Speedy Image

Camera to Web. Open Source, Resize, Watermark, Optimize, Cache, Automatic. 1. Install SpeedyImage 2.XX Package 2. Edit your template, where body...

version 7.20-4.10
145 1

Pure Grid Layout

This package contains 2 grid layout data types and partial views for the Pure CSS framework. The GitHub repository contains an example project tha...

version 7.2+
152 1


Every website concludes with the tedious task of producing documentation for content editors. Documento makes this a little bit easier.  Assu...

version 7.20-7.10
126 0

LINQ To Examine

What is Umbraco.Examine.Linq? This project allows you to query the Lucene indexes using LINQ based on your own classes. This project comes with...

version 7.20-6.00
182 11

Mr N Picker

Mr N Picker is a Multi-Root Node Picker for Umbraco 7, built as a part of Project Yoxo. Why would I want multiple root nodes in a MNTP? This pack...

version 7.20-7.00
126 14


Add page-state icons to content nodes in the backoffice. v2.0 - Adds full support for icon packages (Belle / FontAwesome / Google Material) a...

version 7.20-7.00
180 6


GridMaps for Umbraco GridMaps is a simple grid editor for google maps to help you visualize google maps in the grid.   Installation: Install th...

version 7.2+
240 1