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Umbraco admin reset

Simple project that allows reset of the admin user(user 0) username and password by adding the UmbracoAdminReset.dll to the ~/bin folder of your...

version 7.3+
11 1

Umbraco Back Office Active Directory ASP.Net Provider

Umbraco 7.3.1+ compatible backoffice identity manager to work with AdAspNetProvider and Umbraco.IdentityExtensions.   To use this DLL, you m...

version 7.3+
10 2

OP10 Multiple Media Picker

OP10 Multiple Media Picker is a great extension to the normal Media Picker With this plugin you are allowed to change the media name within the co...

version 7.30-7.20
52 6

McTaggart - Auto-tagging for Umbraco

John McTaggart Ellis McTaggart (yes, double McTaggart) was an idealist metaphysician, concerned with the fundamental nature of being and the world...

version 7.3+
30 3

Remote Media Picker

Ever wanted to get an image from your clients partner website? Want to reduce the amount of videos and images hosted on your server? Need a Faceb...

version n/a
24 8

Simple 301

301 Redirect Manager for Umbraco Simple 301 Redirect Manager is a simple to use, yet extensible, Umbraco 7.3 Back-Office package that allows you...

version 7.3+
24 3


uTaxonomy – it's a property editor for Umbraco 7.x, allowing to select elements from pre-defined hierarchy (taxonomy). How to use: 1. Install pac...

version 7.30-7.20
38 4

Archetype Mapper

Archetype Mapper is an extension to Umbraco Mapper that helps you to map the content directly to your C# model, therefore you don’t need to d...

version 7.30-6.10
18 0


An Azure Blob Storage IFileSystem provider for Umbraco 6.25+. Used to offload static files in the media section to the cloud....

version 7.30-7.00
49 5


CodeMirror Editor for Umbraco OBS: THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS Adds CodeMirror Editor to Umbraco   Installation: DocumentType:  ...

version 7.3+
34 0

Aspose .NET Quote Generator for Umbraco

  Aspose .NET Quote Generator for Umbraco is an open source module from Aspose that enable users to generate Q...

version 6.10-6.00
41 0

Zippy Media Import

This package will add a menu action to the media library root and folder data type, that allows the user to upload and unpack a zip file as media i...

version 7.30-7.10
50 11

View in Browser

Adds a "View in Browser" menu item to the content tree. PM> Install-Package Umbraco.ViewInBrowser  

version 7.30-7.00
113 1


Auto generate an integrated crud UI in Umbraco for a db table based on a petapoco poco PM> Install-Package Nibble.Umbraco.UIOMatic...

version 7.30-7.00
86 11

Export Import Dictionary Items

This package allows you to easily export / import dictionary items. It allows you to export the entire dictionary tree or only individual keys. &...

version n/a
56 0

Url Task Scheduler For V7

An easy way to manage task that you want to run from your Umbraco website. With this section you can take your task that need to be repeated at...

version 7.2+
110 2

Links Picker

Simple Links Picker using standard Umbraco Link Picker dialog. With this DataType you will be able to select internal, external, and media files.H...

version 7.30-7.20
52 1


A code first approach for Umbraco 7+ uTransporter is a extension for Umbraco 7+. With a code first approach, it helps you kee...

version 7.30-7.00
75 6

Umbraco Page Not Found Manager

Easiliy manage your sites 404 page(s) from the content context menu. (For Umbraco 7.3 and higher) The page not found manager will extend...

version 7.3+
461 5