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  • Kris Janssen 207 posts 564 karma points
    4 days ago
    Kris Janssen

    Umbraco Cloud hidden costs?


    I am happily running a minor project in Umbraco Cloud: no heavy development is needed so the 'Starter' arrangement with a single Live environment is more than adequate and just about affordable.

    Checking in just now I learned that an update to 7.7.2 will require addition of a Dev environment at a whopping 20/month.

    That nearly doubles the costs, for the mere privilege of staying up-to-date.

    I cannot help but feel that this is a bit misleading ... any thoughts?

  • Sebastiaan Janssen 4459 posts 12338 karma points admin mvp hq
    4 days ago
    Sebastiaan Janssen

    The addition of an extra environment is only required for minor version upgrades (remember, a version is: major.minor.patch).

    We require this so that you can properly test the upgrade which includes breaking changes, we do not want to break your live site.

    Yes, you will be charged for the extra environment but as soon as the upgrade is finished you can remove the additional environment again, so it's a one-time charge.

    I'll ask the team if we can make this experience a bit better and not charge for a temporary upgrade environement.

  • Sebastiaan Janssen 4459 posts 12338 karma points admin mvp hq
    4 days ago
    Sebastiaan Janssen


    I didn't think of this but as was pointed out to me: paying a few euros/dollars/milli-bitcoin is an absolute bargain. Imagine having to do that whole upgrade manually, without help!

    You'd need to figure out which files to update, which exact config changes to make, which config changes not to make, etc. We have thought about all of that for you and it would be a challenge to do that whole upgrade on 2 environments, tested for you in a safe environment for less than the amount of money you'd pay us.

    Sometimes we as developers can get a bit blindsided by the "why would I pay for it if I can do it myself, for free?" - I know I did that in my earlier reply. But I keep forgetting that time is money.

    So when it comes to upgrading to a significant new version of Umbraco, it seems well worth it to spend the money of a few fancy coffees, sitting back and watching the magic happen!

    I very much understand your initial post, I'm Dutch and as all Belgian people know: we're really cheap and don't like to spend money at all!
    But I happily spend money for a good cause or when it makes my life better. And not having to think about big upgrades... that would make my life a LOT better! What about yours?

  • Nik 476 posts 1847 karma points
    4 days ago

    From my perspective, I don't see an issue with having to spin up a second environment to do the big upgrades. However, it would probably be helpful if this was just flagged at the point of signing up to Umbraco Cloud when you are choosing a single environment set up. Just a warning message or something to say

    "In order to perform minor/major version updates you will be required to spin up a second environment. This does incur a small cost but once the update is complete you can remove it and go back to normal".

    This would then mean the cost isn't "hidden" per say :-) Just a thought?

  • Martin Wülser Larsen 1 post 72 karma points hq
    11 hours ago
    Martin W├╝lser Larsen

    Fair point, it should at least be visible on the pricing page. I've updated the pricing page with a bit more text in the first paragraph, explaining that an extra environment is required.

    You can, in fact, upgrade manually by cloning down the project to your local machine and do the upgrade there.

    I've spoken to Sofie about this, and she will update the documentation regarding this tomorrow.

    Thank you for pointing it out :-)

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