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Umbraco 4.7 Razor Feature Walkthrough (Gareth Evans)

Part 1

  • Why the new functionality?
  • IEnumerable handling, we can do better
  • Simplistic IEnumerable method support

Part 2

  • Macro Parameters
  • DynamicNode Constructors [string | int | object]
  • DynamicMedia vs Media Properties
  • DynamicMedia ctor string,int,object)
  • DynamicNode .NodeById & .MediaById

Part 3

  • AncestorOrSelf
  • Ancestors
  • Type Safety
  • XML Properties
  • Custom Extension Methods
  • XPath helper

Part 4

  • Where with lambda-like syntax
  • OrderBy
  • Extention method

Part 5

  • DateTime property support
  • IsProtected & HasAccess
  • Better tree navigation
  • Contains & ContainsAny
  • MediaById & NodeById new overloads
  • DynamicNull
  • IHtmlString

Part 6

  • DateTime property support 
  • DynamicXml fixes and changes
  • New methods on DynamicNode

  • - HasProperty

  • - Index (or Position)

  • Pluck | Select

Part 7

  • DynamicNode.Where
  • [I]RazorDataTypeModel - Datatype Developers Property Data / Model interface
  • IsHelper
  • IsFirstIsNotFirstIsLastIsNotLastIsPosition, IsNotPositionIsModZero, IsNotModZeroIsEven, IsOddIsEqualIsDescendant,IsDescendantOrSelf,IsAncestor,IsAncestorOrSelf

Part 8

  • @Library introduction
  • @Library Mix-Ins/Extensions - Add your own
  • Coalesce, Concatenate and Join
  • NodeById, NodesById
  • @Library.If
  • @Library.ToDynamicXml
  • @Library.Truncate

Community resources

Umbraco Razor - Intellisense and Debugging (video by Douglas Robar)

External Razor resources

Great libraries that gives your Umbraco Razor a boost

uQuery comes with the uComponents package. Just install it and you are ready to go.

uQL is a query DSL/Framework for umbraco. It uses the same design pattens as LINQ to query over umbraco's in-memory xml cache. (UQL = umbraco query language)

nQuery is a DynamicNode query helper bringing several time saving methods to get your content, and best of all you can use it in standard usercontrols as well as razor.

Community blogs about Razor

How to Add Razor Syntax in Umbraco 4.6.1? is the community mothership for Umbraco, the open source cms. With a friendly forum for all your questions, a comprehensive documentation and a ton of packages from the community. This site is running Umbraco version 7.5.2