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The How-tos section contains useful guides how to use specific functionality within Umbraco.

Quick Tips


How to show the Trace window

Append umbDebugShowTrace=true to the URL as a query string parameter like so:


You can also use this following bookmarklet (drag the link to your bookmarks bar to use it).

Bookmarklet source:

javascript:var;var r=/(?:\?|&)umbDebugShowTrace=true/;if(r.test(s)){s=s.replace(r,"").replace(/^&/,'?');}else{s=s+(s.length>0?'&':'?')+'umbDebugShowTrace=true';};

How to find the problem of a non-rendering .NET Macro

Navigate to the Umbraco backend (/umbraco/) and then locate the macro (Developer -> Macros -> Macro Name).

Click on the Browse Properties button, this popup window will show the stack trace which is causing the error.

How to add info lines to the trace

Add the following line in your razor file to add an extra info row to the trace - useful for performance issues and debugging with live data.

HttpContext.Current.Trace.Write("some info");


Note: Trace does not work in Umbraco 6.1 is the community mothership for Umbraco, the open source cms. With a friendly forum for all your questions, a comprehensive documentation and a ton of packages from the community. This site is running Umbraco version 7.5.2