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Follow these steps to install a package into your Umbraco website:

  1. Login to Umbraco
  2. Goto the Developer section
  3. From the tree expand the Packages folder
  4. From here there are two ways to install a package
    1. Select Install local package OR browse the Umbraco Package Respository
  5. If you install local package, you do not unzip the package but load the zip into Umbraco.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen

Feature request: it's rarely clear when upgrading a package (say upgrading uComponents from 5.3 to 5.4.1) whether to just install a new local package, or whether the original package should be uninstalled first. Often, installing the upgraded package adds a duplicate node in the "Installed packages" list, which gets confusing. If there was a way for Umbraco to do its own cleanup of installed packages so that upgrades simply replace the previous versions, would be awesome. is the community mothership for Umbraco, the open source cms. With a friendly forum for all your questions, a comprehensive documentation and a ton of packages from the community. This site is running Umbraco version 7.5.2