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uContentMap is a plugin that shows a more hierarchical structure of your content. You are able to go into the different levels of your content structure, view important details about a node and you can add, modify and remove nodes directly.



  • View nodes of a certain level / node
  • Add / modify / delete nodes ( move them to the recycle bin )
  • Get notification when node is deleted



To install uContentMap just download the package and install it in your environment. The package contains an action that will add Content Map as a new tab in the Content area.

It will also install all the necessary files in the App_Plugins folder.

After the installation is completed go to the Content section and you will see the new added tab.



If you want to see uContentMap at work, checkout the <a href="" target="_blank">uContentMap video</a>.


Release notes


  • First release of the uContentMap package
Michaël Vanbrabandt Fri, 26 Aug 2016 10:49:32 +00:00
MemberLogin Member Login for Umbraco 7

Member Login is a simple package that allows you to directly login into your frontend website as a Member from your Members section.




  • Setup a default page where you will be redirected to after the login ( using a content picker on the Data Type MemberLogin )
  • If no page is selected you will be redirected to the root '/' page



Release notes



  • First release of the MemberLogin package



Michaël Vanbrabandt Mon, 22 Aug 2016 14:08:12 +00:00
Input Character Limit Char Limit Property Editor

Umbraco 7.4.3+

  • Creates a textbox or textarea based on character limit (textbox for less than 100, and textarea for over 100 characters) that counts the number of characters and blocks further typing of limit is reached. Based off the Char Limit Demo from Nibble but more visually rich.
  • Support en-US and pt-BR

Feedback is appreciated Carlos Casalicchio

Carlos Casalicchio Wed, 17 Aug 2016 22:28:23 +00:00
Default Value Default Value Property Editor for Umbraco 7.4.3+

  • Creates a Data Type with a Default Value (used for properties that cannot be modified)

This was useful for a project that implements the types, so each page (article, news, foto) has a default value (Article, newsArticle, Photograph) that may be overridden by another object type, but if the user does not override anything, the default is used. Therefore, the default cannot be changed.

There can be plenty of other reasons to add a "cannot be modified" property to a document, so the package is now public.

Carlos Casalicchio Wed, 17 Aug 2016 22:16:33 +00:00
YouTube Video Property Editor A simple YouTube property editor that has a preview box for the video.

You may insert the Id of any YouTube video and below the video box will display the preview. 

Saves as JSON so it can be easily accessed. 

Create a new Data Type using YouTube.Editor, then add it as a property to your document.

Currently it has english and portuguese localizations

Carlos Casalicchio Tue, 02 Aug 2016 20:11:41 +00:00
MapBuilder MapBuilder is an umbraco package for easily generating Google Maps based on umbraco nodes. Perfect for generating a map with physical stores. Made by your friends at Novicell.

MapBuilder features

  • Generate maps based off coordinates on doctypes
  • Map marker clusters 
  • Based on Google Maps
  • Settings for zoomlevels, clusters and all things google maps related
  • Add your own map JS providers (Open Street maps for instance)
  • Custom section map data source setup and a bunch of other goodies.
  • Map the world 


Table of content

  • Quick start
  • Notice
  • Public methods
  • Requirements
  • Found a bug?
  • Improvements?

Quick start

Download the package.

Go to your backoffice > Developer > Packages > Install local package, and install it as usual. Accept when you're told that the package contain binary files.

After the installation completes. Go to the new custom section, and setup a datasource. After you've created a datasource, create a new map, and set the datasource to the newly created one.

Go to the map and copy the alias. We need this for the next part.

When you're all set in the custom section, go to the view where you wish for the map to be showed. Use @Html.RenderMap(MAPALIAS), and that's it.


The package adds two custom tables to the database for storing information for maps and datasources.

We really want to use a filebased system using json files, but with the option for choosing to use tables doing installation of the package. Because of this, we consider this as being a BETA, but with all other functionality ready.

Public methods

The methods available for use is:

public static MvcHtmlString RenderMap(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper, string mapAlias)
public static MvcHtmlString RenderMap(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper, string mapAlias, List<int> nodeIds)
public static MvcHtmlString RenderMap(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper, string mapAlias, List<int> nodeIds, string titleProperty, string coordsProperty)

Each of the methods has inline summaries of what is expected from them.


Umbraco 7.4+

It MAY work in earlier versions, but this has not been tested.

Found a bug?

You're more than welcome to fork the project and fix any bug you may find. Submit a pull request, and we will review it as quickly as possible, and merge it when approved.

If you just want to tell us you found a bug, you can do so here:


If you have an improvement for the project, please fork the project and create a pull request with the change. We will review it as quickly as possible, and merge it when approved.


Adam Peter Nielsen Tue, 02 Aug 2016 12:27:06 +00:00
uSplit uSplit is a package that removes all technical obstacles to A/B testing. Plug in your Google Analytics account and create your first experiment in two clicks!

PM> Install-Package Endzone.uSplit


For more infromation about uSplit check out the product page at


Installation notes are available at
Ondrej Pialek Thu, 28 Jul 2016 19:06:19 +00:00
CustomFontIconPicker A font icon picker for custom fonts in Umbraco. This Umbraco plugin serves to optimize your icons with custom icon fonts while still allowing your non-technical content editors to choose what icons they want.


  1. Download plugin 
  2. Drop folder into your Umbraco "App_Plugins" directory or add via Umbraco Developer tab
  3. Create a DataType using the property editor
  4. Write your custom CSS selector prefix
  5. If your font is not already loaded, you can add the stylesheet URL.
  6. Open the file CustomFontIconPicker/js/iconList.json and add each of your custom icons, replacing the example code.
  1. "twitter": {            //name of icon, for your references
        "name": "Twitter",  //name the end user (content editor) will see
        "class": "twitter"  //class that the font icon uses to call in CSS
Shayna Dunn Wed, 27 Jul 2016 14:40:54 +00:00
Read-only Json Property An editor for storing read-only json values. Like the Label, just with JSON, and a possibility to display the value.

Søren Kottal Fri, 15 Jul 2016 21:31:10 +00:00
NuGet Package Dashboard A backoffice plugin which allows users to view any NuGet packages installed on an Umbraco instance.

The packages adds a simple data table to a dashboard view in the Developer section of the backoffice. The data table is currently powered by the packages.config at the root of the website. If this is unavailable then data will not be shown and the user will be presented with an error message instead.

Backoffice users with access to Developer will be able to filter the table with the follow:

  • Partial match on package ID or Version (eg. "Our.Umbraco" or "beta")
  • Full match on package Target Framework (eg. "net451")

This package is built against Umbraco v7.3.0 but is compatible with any newer versions.

If you have any issues please raise a ticket over on the Github repo issue tracker.


NuGet installation

You can also install this project via NuGet using the following command in Package Manager Console:

Install-Package Our.Umbraco.NuGetPackageDashboard -pre


Release History

v0.3.3 (Beta)

  • Fixed nuget package logo url


v0.3.2 (Beta)

First beta release.

Adds in:

  • Error handling
  • Refactored logo: #1

Includes functionality of unreleased:

  • v0.1.0 (Standard API & data presentation)
  • v0.2.0 (Filtering data)


Jamie Pollock Tue, 12 Jul 2016 15:44:29 +00:00
Skybrud.IconPicker Skybrud.IconPicker is a small package that adds a single property editor to Umbraco 7 that makes editors select between your own custom svg-icons.

René Pjengaard Tue, 12 Jul 2016 13:26:50 +00:00
Output Cache Cleaner Donut Output Cache Cleaner

Provides a new section to allow content managers to refresh the site's output cache.

Requires DevTrends - Donut Output Cache










André Santos Tue, 05 Jul 2016 18:16:28 +00:00
Gavlar50.KeepOut Sometimes for sites with a large number of members, it can be simpler to specify those roles which can't access content, rather than the Umbraco default of all those who can. KeepOut allows you to deny access to areas of content based on role membership.

To implement:
1. Create your No Access page somewhere in the content tree and note it's page id
2. Edit your web.config and set the KeepOut.NoAccessPageId value to this id
3. Create a KeepOut Security node as a sibling of the nodes you need to secure, then specify the role names that will be denied access (comma separate for multiple roles). All pages that are siblings and their descendants will inherit the security. Repeat across your content wherever security is required.
4. To audit access attempts in the UmbracoTraceLog, set the KeepOut.LogWhenGranted and/or KeepOut.LogWhenDenied attributed in the web.config.

Gavlar50 Mon, 04 Jul 2016 21:14:20 +00:00
On-Off Button Creates a Data Type of On.Off.Button.

Simple CSS implementation of an on-off switch for checkboxes, based on

Very simple, but helps conveying image statuses to backoffice users, instead of using a dull checkbox

Currently it has english and portuguese localizations

Carlos Casalicchio Thu, 30 Jun 2016 17:12:05 +00:00
Visit Counter Page Visit Counter

Umbraco 7.4.3+

Is a statistics counter for individual pages

Has a simple label property editor that shows how many times the page has been visited.

It creates a macro, macro partial view, and a data type.

Add the data type to your document type, add the macro to the template, and start counting

Feedback is appreciated

This package saves the node everytime it is visited, to increase the counter, so, per Sebastiaan Janssen's suggestion:

 "please only use this package on very low traffic websites which you don't expect to grow above a few dozen visits a day"

Currently it has english and portuguese localizations

Carlos Casalicchio Tue, 28 Jun 2016 20:00:59 +00:00
Duplicate content This is a simple App plugin that adds a context menu item to content nodes which will allow you to duplicate that node (up to 20 times) within the current parent node. I created it as I find when setting up sites I dummy populate by creating 1 fully populated page and then copying it, however the Umbraco copy function requires a lot of clicks. This package will also let you over ride the default copy name with a Lorem Ipsum alternative.

I have tested this project on some local builds and all it does is add a .dll to your bin and a plugin folder to your App_Plugins, however I would always err on the site of caution and test this package out prior to releasing onto a live site.

You can install via Nuget:

Install-Package CP.UmbracoDuplicateContent

Lachlann Mon, 27 Jun 2016 19:21:21 +00:00
Char Limit 7.4 7.4 upgrade to Tim Geyssens Char Limit package.

This is a very basic package,  it’s just a new datatype (Char limit 7.4), a textarea with a limit on the characters.

The character limit can be set on the edit datatype page.

So you get feedback on the amount of characters left when you are typing and it will stop characters exceeding the limit.

All code available in App_Plugins/TextAreaCharacterLimit



MarcC Mon, 27 Jun 2016 15:15:13 +00:00
uIncrement Get statistics on your nodes super easy with uIncrement.

What do I get?
uIncrement comes with a data type that will list how many times your node have been visited. Today, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 3 months, Last 6 months and Last 12 months. It also comes with a service class so you can access your data with your c# code.


How does it work?
You decide where and when your counter should increment. We have provide you two different increment functions, one will increment at once and the other one will create a session for the user to prevent multiple incrementation by the same user. Each node will get a maximum of 365 rows in the database. Any rows older than a year will be deleted.


Download and install uIncrement in the developer section. Add the datatype uIncrement to the documenttype you'd like to show your statistics on.


Show me the code!
// Namespace
@using uIncrement.Core.Services

// Increment

// Increment with session

// Get number of views the last 7 days with Razor
@CounterService.GetValue(Model.Content.Id, 7)

// Get number of views between two dates
@CounterService.GetValueBetween(Model.Content.Id, DateTime.Parse("2016-06-01"), DateTime.Parse("2016-06-30"))


PS. Check out my other packages at

Cimplex Sun, 26 Jun 2016 17:53:06 +00:00
Styled Textarea Styled Textarea is a simple customizable textarea editor for Umbraco. With Styled Textarea, you can define three attributes on the textarea element in your editor. You can define how many rows you want the editor to span, you can add classes for styling, and you can add inline styles.

All for the benefit of your editors.


How to use

Pick Styled Textarea as the editor, when creating a new datatype. Fill in the blanks, and voila.

Søren Kottal Tue, 21 Jun 2016 20:10:08 +00:00
Bootstrap Accordion An editor for grid document types that allows for easy creation of collapsible bootstrap panels and accordions.

If you wish to incorporate this package into your project via nuget, please visit the nuget page:

More details can be found on the github page here:

1.1.04 - Updated package to match source control and fix installer.

Mike Michaels Mon, 20 Jun 2016 20:41:01 +00:00