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Daniel Wed, 23 May 2018 16:59:14 +00:00
EventCalendar EventCalendar for Umbraco 7

EventCalendar for Umbraco is a package that lets you create and manage calendar, locations, organiser and events. You can create one-time, recurring or anniversary events. Locations and Organiser can be reused from different events. It has it's own security settings to let you define which of your users are allowed to edit specific entities.

Version 3.0.0-RC and above can be used for free on localhost with a trial license.

A license can be purchased via website



You can either download the package here or install it via nuget. The package comes with multiple document types. It is necessary that the detail pages are placed under the calendar node for the package to work right. Also, activate the newly created section for the users that should have access to it. The URLs for event/location/organiser details are build by convention and can be redirected using URL rewriting.



  • Since version 3.1.0 the package needs an update of the Newtonsoft.Json library to version 7.0.1!
  • For version 3.5.0 the permissions for user are now managed through user groups. You have to set them again.
  • Data imported from json file has to be allowed for users to appear in the trees. There is currently no automatic mapping.



If you find any bugs report them on the forums below, on the issue tracker or write me at bugs at


Version 3.5.1:


  • Fixed issue with time handling for recurring events
  • Moved permission system to user groups
  • Added custom tours
  • Added backoffice search for data from the package
  • Added methods to export all data as json file and import them again


Version 3.4.1:

  • Fixed issue with map selection shown even if no map key is present
  • Fixed issue with migration running by using not the correct min version
  • Fixed issue with creating location/organiser directly from event dashboard

Version 3.4.0:

  • Updated to umbraco 7.6.0 for better handling of dependencies like Newtonsoft.Json
  • Added macros for calendar, event, location and organiser rendering
  • Updated detail url handler to use custom routes instead of UrlRewriting
  • Updated package installer - nuget installs are now shown under installed packages
  • Updated dashboard - added possibility to send feedback via dashboard
  • Create new documentation

Version 3.3.0:

  • Fixed wrong columns in list view for anniversary events
  • Added color options for events
  • Added option to allow recurring events only in special year
  • Added new configuration file under App_Plugins\EventCalendar for setting google maps api key and default map location
  • Added phone number to organiser
  • Switched view selection for calendar to a dropdown and added more view modes

Version 3.2.4:

  • Fixed issue with location editing causing to create a new location
  • Fixed automatic package build

Version 3.2.3:

  • Fixed bug when saving user sometimes causing a timeout
  • Added missing DLL file

Version 3.2.2:

  • Fixed bug when editing user settings 
  • Fixed wrong sequence of events when using upcoming events macro
  • Changed naming of one backend resource to be more project specific
  • Fixed calendar property editor not updating with created/deleted calendar

Version 3.2.1:

  • Fixed bug for calendar/location creation causing created calendar/locations not to appear in the tree

Version 3.2.0:

  • Fixed bug for calendar view with categories
  • Updated libraries for ICS file generation
  • Added memory cache for queries which gets busted when en entity is created/updated/deleted

Version 3.1.7:

  • Fixed bug with colors not used when using google calendar
  • Fixed bug with date exceptions not used for recurring events
  • Fixed bug with pagination on overview views in backend
  • Fixed bug with validation not working correctly
  • Fixed bug where calendar color options not showing correctly in backend

Version 3.1.6:

  • fixed bug where the start and end date on normal events were always equal

Version 3.1.5:

  • fixed normal events creating recurrence pattern in DB
  • fixed error within single events caused calendar view to show no events at all
  • removed yearly frequency from the select box as it causes problems with recurring events
  • set weekly frequency as default for recurring events
  • added more NullRef checks

Version 3.1.4:

  • fixed NullRefException for calendar view
  • fixed culture was not used correctly in the calendar view

Version 3.1.3:

  • fixed error on event details view where descriptions weren't rendered
  • fixed install issue where the installer is running multiple times

Version 3.1.2:

  • fixed missing macro partial views
  • fixed user edit screen not able to be saved

Version 3.1.1:

  • fixed critical bug during table generation in database caused by duplicate primary key naming

Version 3.1.0:

  • added details view for google events
  • updated backend UI to be more like umbraco
  • updated backend UI for descriptions
  • lots of bugfixes

Version 3.0.1:

  • fixed wrong build of package

Version 3.0.0:

  • Refactored code base (now uses NPoco, DI and CQRS for core feaures
  • Refactored backend for better ui error handling
  • Introduced organiser as entity
  • Reusing umbraco data types for UI
  • Using GridEditor instead of RTE for descriptions
  • Introduced detail pages for locations and organiser


David Brendel Wed, 10 Apr 2013 09:59:39 +00:00
Qvision Poll-It Umbraco package that enables you to create and manage polls.

After installation there will be a new section, 'Poll It'. Whitin this section, you can create and manage polls.

This package includes dutch and english translations.


Jan van Helvoort Fri, 07 Jul 2017 11:17:31 +00:00
MBran Content Module MBran Content Module

This package will let developers create a clean code and reusable modules rather than a template-based page rendering. It aims to set a coding standard for module content, minimize hard-coded partial view paths and provide an easier and cleaner way to write business logic on the controller than on the views. 


1. Auto-wiring of IPublished content to view paths, models and controller. 

2. Ability to override module view per rendering doc type (page)

3. Ability to override the default module view on a different folder

4. Render page composition as a module

See for more details...


Mark Gil Libres Tue, 22 May 2018 00:51:58 +00:00
MBran Content Module MBran Content Module

This package will let developers create a clean code and reusable modules rather than a template-based page rendering. It aims to set a coding standard for module content, minimize hard-coded partial view paths and provide an easier and cleaner way to write business logic on the controller than on the views. 


1. Auto-wiring of IPublished content to view paths, models and controller. 

2. Ability to override module view per rendering doc type (page)

3. Ability to override the default module view on a different folder

4. Render page composition as a module

See for more details...

Mark Gil Libres Tue, 22 May 2018 01:35:36 +00:00
uCommerce Ucommerce is an e-commerce offering fully integrated with Umbraco for building online stores. With Ucommerce and Umbraco you create unique and powerful e-commerce webshops fully customized to your client's requirements.

Building an ecommerce solution with Ucommerce is a snap with the many out of the box features including built-in integration with popular payment gateways like PayPal, SagePay, RBS WorldPay, DIBS, ePay, PayEx, and

Ucommerce is deployed in more than 15 countries worldwide and powers many production sites today, which makes it a safe bet as the foundation for your store or ecommerce project.

Hit the Ground Running with Avenue Clothing

Avenue Clothing is a full online store built with Razor and MVC that you can download for free and customize to your heart's content. It's got everything you need to get a full store up and running and includes best practices for Ucommerce specifically and e-commerce in general as well.

Responsive design makes it ready for the mobile web.

Visit Avenue Clothing at

Ucommerce Is FREE!

We're super excited about Ucommerce Free Edition, which enables you to deploy enterprise class software for your clients at no cost at all. The Free Edition has everything you need to get an online store up and running and headroom for growth when the business requirement expand.

Familiar Tools

Ucommerce lets you use familiar tools to develop your store: Leverage Razor, MVC, .NET, or a combination to build the pages of your store.

Ucommerce App Platform

Want more out of Ucommerce like automatic product relations, personalized product recommendations, new payment providers, more reports, or something else? Check out available apps on Ucommerce Market at

Change Any Aspect

Can't find an app that does what you need? Ucommerce is fully pluggable and based on "Framework First" principles, which enable you to override any component or add new functionality to the platform.

Want a different price- or tax calculation? Swap out the default price engine with your own. Need a new UI in the backend? Add a new tab where you need it. Want a different URL scheme for your store? Well, you get the idea. Just go ahead and change it.

Integrate Ucommerce with other Systems

Uconnector is our integration platform, which enables Ucommerce to interoperate with other systems like ERP, WMS, CRM, POS. Uconnector will happily receive information from existing systems in any format, transform the data, and pass it onto the appropriate system.

Using a code first approach your integratios are developed using an elegant fluent API.

Oh, and did we mention that Uconnector comes with Ucommerce out of the box? Ready to use.

Search Foundation

Faceted search lets customers quickly filter products based on available information in catalogs. Quickly find relevant product based on size, color, or any custom information set up. Need a new facet? Simply add a new field to your product and promote it to act as a facet.

The search engine is fully multilingual making facets appear with the proper names and values based on the selected language of the customer, e.g. a range of colors will appear with their native name.

Faceted fields are easily promoted and maintained in the backend. No XML config involved :)

Catalog Foundation

Having rich catalog capabilities as part of the online store is essential for its success selling products on the internet. Ucommerce Catalog Foundation handles all your needs for publishing products in to the store. From supporting multiple stores right down to products with variations such as size and color Ucommerce has it all.

For advanced pricing scenarios our price groups support most scenarios found in online stores. Not satisfied with what's the box? As a developer you can roll your own, which fits the specific requirements your client has.

  • Multiple stores with different styling and checkout flow
  • Micro branding sites
  • Multiple catalogs for separating product ranges
  • Arbitrary number of categories
  • Products live in multiple stores, catalogs, and categories
  • Products with variations to help the customer select the right product
  • Multilingual product information. Have the catalog shown in as many languages as you care to support
  • Related Products will help increase conversion rates by relating product to each other thus helping potential customers find the products they want. You can define a number of relation ship kinds, which are used to relate products to each other, e.g. Cross Sell, Up Sell, Accessory. Ucommerce gives you complete control over which kinds of related products you wish to maintain.
  • Sort products as you like, e.g. have the newest products show up at the top of lists
  • Sort categories as you like, e.g. have most popular category displayed first
  • Multiple images per product maintained as part of the media library
  • Flexible pricing for multi-currency and differentiated product pricing
  • Product definitions enable you to store information that you care about on the products themselves, complete freedom to set them up however you like
  • Rich text editing capabilities let you present your products the way you want. Don't waste time messing around with raw HTML
  • Backend product search lets you find the product you need, quickly

Marketing Foundation

Everybody loves a great deal. Advertise and give discounts by targeting product groups, products, customer segments, or even individual customers with ads and discounts to stimulate the customer to buy. Send out coupon codes to attract new customers and retain existing ones for repeat business.

  • Time limited marketing campaigns.
  • Site ads based on Umbraco content.
  • Multilinugal site ads.
  • Prioritize order of evaluation of campaign items.
  • Targeted ads and content based on the customer's context.
  • Targeted discounts based on the customer's context.
  • Percentage off shipping fee (Free shipping discounts).
  • Unit price discount (percentage off).
  • Order total discount (amount and percentage off).
  • Order line discount (amount and percentage off).
  • Product bundle discount (amount and percentage off).
  • Buy 2 get 1 free discount.
  • Free shipping vouchers/promocodes.
  • Personal, single use vouchers.
  • Generic, multiuse vouchers.
  • Product vouchers/promocodes.
  • Product group vouchers/promocodes.
  • Store specific vouchers/promocodes.
  • Voucher/promocode export to third party systems.
  • Configurable rules for multiple awards per customer behavior.

Customer Service Center

Manage orders in the back-end, update, add products to existing orders. Place new orders. Handleorder split scenarios.

Transaction Foundation

Once the customer has decided to buy by adding a product to her basket and then proceed to checkout the Ucommerce Transaction Foundation takes over and manages persistant baskets for the customer and the entire checkout flow. Subsequent order processing handed over to the Ucommerce back office right in Umbraco where you can configure the order flow and track order through the flow.

Persistent baskets increase conversion rates by letting the customer carry on shopping where she left off

  • Persistent baskets increase conversion rates by letting the customer carry on shopping where she left off
  • Checkout processing
  • Full framework for integration with any payment gateway
  • Payment providers for RBS WorldPay, SagePay, PayEx, Payer, PayPal, DIBS, and ePay including support for authorization, acquire, cancel, and refund as part of the order flow
  • Support for multiple payment methods per order
  • Multiple shipments per order - have parts of your order shipping to the office and home 
  • Order history available for customers
  • Multiple shipping methods and complete control over shipping pricing
  • Order Search in back office
  • View and edit order details in back office
  • Fully extendable pipeline system for full control over checkout and order processing
  • Customizable order flow in back office, e.g. send e-mail to customers when order processing begins, capture payment when order is shipped, orders for approval
  • Dynamic Order Properties is a way for the developer to add new properties to baskets, orders, and even order lines. Any information you wish to capture during browse or checkout can be added to the basket or order for later use - be it reporting, fulfillment, or something else altogether
  • Full audit trail on orders in the backend
  • Ability to add audit messages to orders to keep track of additional information

Ucommerce is completely integrated with the Umbraco membership system. Configure whether you want customers created during checkout for login to review ordering history and more.

  • Use the Umbraco membership to stay in touch with with past customers.
  • Create profiles for your customers automatically when they buy
  • Segment customers using groups
  • View customer profiles in back office
  • Store additional information about your customer on their profile such as sign ups for newsletters
  • Search for customer profiles
  • Maintain e-mail templates with rich text editing capabilities
  • Control who can maintain your store

Security Foundation

Control permissions on everything in the administrative interfaces of Ucommerce. Set up permissions on a per user basis to determine who can see what and perform which actions.

Have dedicated catalog editors? Set up permissions to only allow them to see specific catalogs in specific stores.

Need to support multiple order processing locations or departments? Assign permission to employees in individual fulfillment centers to only allow them to see and process orders assigned to their location or department.

  • Individual user permissions
  • Store management permissions
  • Catalog management permissions
  • Price management permissions
  • Language management permissions
  • Order management permissions
  • Global settings permissions

Analytics Foundation

With users converting to customers in the store an overview of what is going on is needed. Ucommerce Analytics Foundation provides you with an opportunity to create rich reporting using familiar techniques like user controls and stored procedures. Ucommerce comes with a couple of reports out of the box and you can easily add your own in minutes.

Foundation API

Leverage your .NET skills for ultimate control and flexibility over the Ucommerce Foundation. The Foundation API is a highly flexible modular design, which allows you as a .NET developer to plug into the low level Ucommerce APIs to modify existing behavior or even replace what comes in the box.

Do you want to build specialized UIs to manage aspects of the store? Use the Foundation API to leverage the functionality already in Ucommerce to your own needs.

The Foundation APIs are fully LINQ enabled, which enable you to create rich functionality quickly.

Søren Spelling Lund Mon, 22 Feb 2010 11:04:16 +00:00
SEO Checker SEO checker helps you find common SEO issues on your website such as missing  meta tags, broken links etc. SEO checker allows you to fix issues on the page before publishing the page.

Validate pages against Google recommendations
Every page that has a template assigned can be validated. All validations are based on the "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide" document from Google  check the documentation rules for a full list of all validations.

Snippet preview
SEO checker allows you to preview the Google search result snippet when editing content  and will give feedback about keyword usage in content and meta information.

Social preview
SEO Checker allows you to preview your page as it would look on Facebook and Twitter.

Report inbound link issues
SEO checker will report any inbound link that is broken and will automatically redirect to the correct page when a link pointing to your website uses the wrong extension, php instead of aspx for example. SEO checker comes will also check for broken links on a page.

Manage Redirects
Manage redirects from a simple overview or use the datatype to manage all redirects for a single content or media node. The redirect manager allows you to import redirects also. Ideal for site migrations.

Easy url rewriting
SEO checker will also automatically redirect to the correct page when an editor renames or moves a document,the url changes and a visitor is requesting the old url.

SEO checker allows you to generate meta data based on existing content on the page and  can automatically generate robot.txt and sitemap.xml files for you. 

SEO checker will also automatically solve most canonical issues using its own URL Rewrite module.

 A license can be purchased via our company website

SEO checker requires IIS7+ and is compatible with Umbraco version 4.8 (use 1.9.4 version) and up to 7.x.
SEO checker is compatible with SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 (Express), SQL CE 4  and Mysql databases.

Fully-functional trial:

SEO checker is a commercial package.Here you can download the trial version which is fully functional on localhost (bulk validation is missing and validation using SEO Checker datatype reports keyword issues only). On your live server you need a license file.

A license file can be purchased via our website

Prices are:

    € 149,00  for a domain license
    € 449,00 for a server license
    € 699,00 unlimited license

Release notes:

V2 Major release

  • Removed legacy webforms code
  • Better UX by re-using Umbraco components
  • Social media support
  • External url redirect support
  • Botfilter for inbound link errors
  • Permission management
  • Improved performance
  • Breaking changes:
    • Requires Umbraco 7.7+
    • No more XSLT and webforms support

1.10.4 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Create redirects on page change
  • Fixed: Create redirects on media item change
  • Fixed: Clear cache on redirect/inbound link save to avoid false 404 issues.

1.10.3 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Save Icon is missing.
  • Fixed: SEOChecker reports Google Snippet is missing but Tag manager is present.
  • Fixed: Typefinder throws exception on configiration issues in some cases

1.10.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Auto assign loggedin user on Umbraco 7.7+
  • Fixed localization for US language
  • Added whatsapp:// to the ignorelist for broken links

1.10.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed SQLCE query parsing error
  • Fixed Installer on SQLCE
  • Fixed ncorrect syntax near '}' error in redirect manager

1.10 Update release

  • Breaking change! Minimum required Umbraco version is v7.5!
  • Fixed SEO Checker throws "BrokenLinks" error when crawling linked in page
  • Fixed: Compatible with Umbraco 7.6+
  • Updated: Uses Umbraco services instead of legacy classes
  • Updated: Uses Umbraco redirect table to track page name changes, improves performance. Bugfix release

  • Added Disable 404 tracking when using SEOCheckerIgnore404Request header.
  • Fixed Install fails on v7.5.2 using the package installer.
  • Fixed SVG in HTML causes multiple title tag errors.
  • Fixed Dependencyhandler.axd should not be validated.
  • Fixed BodyTextFocusKeywordNotFound exception when H1 is missing in bodytext

1.9.4 Bugfix release

  • Doctype folders in Umbraco 7.4 are not displayed in SEOChecker config.
  • Space in referer breaks redirect overview.
  • Metadata breaks when text is longer than 160 chars without any spaces.
  • Remove install language files on every app start.
  • Apostroph encoding issue.
  • Null reference exception in sitemap.xml when configured domain is in recyle bin.
  • Anonymous protocol url's are broken for media validation.

1.9.3 Bugfix release

  • Fix context issue on Umbraco 7.3.
  • Error loading document with id 0 in logs in preview mode.
  • Save not always trigerring validation.
  • Use HtmlDecode on Title field length check.
  • Id url redirect appends http://
  • Remove http and https from domain settings.
  • Applicationtree doesn't register correctly on Umbraco 6.2.5.

1.9.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Nuget file missing redirects folder
  • Fixed / gets encoded and therefore some redirects don't work
  • Fixed + sign gets replaced with space
  • Fixed Hostname could not be resolved when using a portnumber in url

1.9.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed installation issue with package actions.
  • Using brackets in focus keyword breaks datatype on V4/V6

1.9 Update release

  • Added support for Nuget.
  • Added translations for Germany and the Netherlands
  • Added option to set license file location
  • Improved logic for committing redirect statistics to the database.
  • Removed Scripts and css disallow for robots.txt file for mobile optimization
  • Fixed When template section is not set in Umbracosettings.config a ysod is thrown
  • Fixed Redirect to unpublished page should result in 404
  • Fixed When forcuskeyword has unicode chars keyword validation fails

1.8.1 Update release

  • Added Redirect import id can also be used as target
  • Update Display alias instead of name in document settings
  • Removed license check on sitemap and robots
  • Removed non relevant options from Redirect datatype
  • Fixed UrlHistory doesn't work on root outside of website
  • Fixed Redirect statistics can cause errors in rare situations
  • Fixed Redirect to unpublished pages should throw 404
  • Fixed Couldn't find any page with nodeId=-1 in logs
  • Fixed redirect issues when using ImageGen
  • Fixed error in broken link validator when https connection can't be made

1.8 Update release

  • Added support for UrlTracker redirect import
  • Update latest PackageGarden Licensing dll
  • Added warnings when Validation and/or url modules are not running
  • Fixed asp urls don't get redirected when directoryurls is false
  • Fixed Rootnode page name change causes error in the log
  • Fixed V7 property editor css files don't end up in the package
  • Fixed System.UriFormatException YSOD in redirect overview when referer is set

V1.7 Update release

  • Logging is now a provider, no more log obsolete messages
  • Fixed No more thread abort exceptions in the log
  • Added Umbraco_client and App_plugins folder to the global ignore list
  • 404 page in a multi domain setup showed the wrong version.

V1.6.2 BugFix release

  • Fixed SEOChecker urlmodule exceptions when in VS debug mode
  • Fixed When rootdomain is unpublished but has a published version it's not listed as rootnode in domain settings
  • Fixed When saving a redirect that is also stored as broken link it gets inserted twice
  • Fixed Domain name is empty in domainsettingstree when hostname is assigned and umbracoUrlName is empty
  • Fixed Include content/media options are not persistent after applying a bulk action
  • Fixed Preview throws 404 for unpublished pages when in combination with SEOChecker datatype
  • Update ignore remote.axd when validating links
  • Fixed Positive messages are not shown when errors on page
  • Update Support new Google Analytics tag in the validator
  • Fixed Huge base64 string as image breaks validation queue

V1.6.1 BugFix release

  • Fixed Single domain with path assigned causes rewrite issue
  • FixedWhen metadata methods are used on a document without SEOChecker datatype a ysod is thrown
  • Fixed 404 and 500 cannot be used as a pagename
  • Fixed Protected pages doesn't get validated but all keyword issues are green
  • Added Make forceHTTPS property also possible for canonical url
  • Added make status code 410 possible in inbound link issues overview
  • Added Delete data files after import
  • FixedSQL is not Azure compliant
  • FixedInclude query string in redirect search
  • Fixed Focus keyword not highlighted in preview when having comma after
  • Fixed Self signed SSL certificate - Error during validation of document
  • Fixed SEO Checker datatype - horizontal scrollbar
  • Fixed Alias and Name properties get mixed up   
  • Fixed Sitemap shows YSOD in Umbraco 7.1.5

V1.6 Update release

  • Added Always redirect top page option
  • Added wildcard/catch all support for redirects
  • Updated Usergroup admin needs to have access to settings
  • Updated V7 application icon to chart-curve instead of black and white SEO Checker logo
  • Fixed virtual folder issues
  • Fixed Multid domain page change issues didn't get triggered
  • Fixed umbracoFile property of type Image cropper breaks redirect in V7
  • Fixed MySQL installation issue
  • Fixed rare 403 issues in validation process
  • Fixed unicode support for snippet preview in Umbraco v7
  • Fixed styling issue of SEO Checker data type in Umbraco V7
  • Fixed Metadata.Current also works for mapped properties in data type

V1.5.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Item already exists error in snippet preview datatype on Umbraco V7.1.2
  • Fixed: Picker in V7 can only pick content items
  • Fixed: Made PropertyEditor converter V7 compatible
  • Fixed: redirect doesn;t respect domain and querystring parameters
  • Fixed: Even when there is no not found page configured, 404 in UmbracoSettings.config gets ignored
  • Fixed Ysod when media item is deleted and event wasn't triggered.
  • Added support for virtual directories 
  • Added option to disable Not found functionality
  • Added config key to move configuration to a different folder
  • Added option to force HTTPS scheme in sitemap.xml

V1.5.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Snippet preview Javascript error on chrome and IE for Umbraco V7
  • Fixed: Google analytics check is case sensitive
  • Fixed: When renaming a page only the first child gets redirected correctly

V1.5 Update release

  • Support for Umbraco V7 (requires at least 7.0.3)
  • Improved Paging
  • Added search option for inbound link error overview
  • Improved Google Analytics check to support Google Tagmanager
  • Fixed: Hidden in sitemap property only works when exclude navihide is set  
  • Fixed: Deleted references of child nodes also on a single delete operation

V1.4.1 Update release

  • Added positive keyword usage feedback on datatype
  • Added configuration option to check for missing ALT attributes on images in templates
  • Added property to exclude validation for certain pages
  • Improved caching for redirects module
  • Improved, automatically generated meta descriptions will be truncated at 160 characters
  • Fixed minor Sitemap namespace issue
  • Fixed email exception for notifications in some situations

V1.4 Update release

  • Redirect functionality also works for Media
  • Redirect Import/export functionality
  • Fix Robots.txt is not updated when rootnode settings are not specified
  • Fix Ignore AngularJS databinding markup for broken links

V1.3 Update release

  • Added redirect manager
  • Added datatype for redirects
  • Added option to specify a canonical page
  • Fixed sitemap.xml doesn't respect https

V1.2 Update release

  • Added option to specify a not found page per site(rootnode) and language(s). This will work with aspx pages and non aspx pages such as .php extensions
  • Added option to specify the canonical domain per site(rootnode)
  • Added option to edit robots.txt file per site(rootnode)
  • Added support for umbracoUrlName in the redirect module
  • Added support for more than one default property to generate a default Meta title and Meta description
  • Added support for seoXmlSiteMapHide property to exclude pages from the generated sitemap
  • Added Property Editor converter for SEO Checker datatype to get a type safe version of Meta Data
  • Updated style for SEO Checker datatype

1.1.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Don't use canonical redirects in case of HTTP Post
  • Fixed Automatically redirect for non aspx extension doesn't work when root has no template assigned
  • Fixed tel: in href causes broken link
  • Fixed Unicode characters in focus keyword don't get recognized
  • Fixed Validator counts Escaped unicode characters as 5 characters
  • Fixed Change keyword selection tool location to new keyword planner
  • Fixed Error column in validation table is too small

1.1.1 Bugfix release

  • Added paging to overviews
  • Fixed layout issues
  • Fixed callto: in href causes broken link
  • Fixed Setting 404 explicit in template cause redirect loop

1.1 Update release

  • Added bulk select and update operations on every issue overview.
  • Added Scheduled validation
  • Added User notifications.
  • Added datatypes to override the document settings for Robots and XML sitemap
  • XML Sitemap will automatically generate an index file after 10000 items. Each sitemap will contain max 10000 items.

1.0.5 bugfix release

  • Fixed MySql installer issues
  • Fixed Title gets encoded
  • Fixed Anonymous protocol url's are broken
  • Fixed replace CRLF concats two words together in Preview
  • Updated Link check algoritm. When a HEAD request fails, SEOChecker retries with GET first before reporting the link broken.

1.0.4 Update release

  • Added new licensing dll to support both Deli as our own licensing system
  • Removed multiple H1 check
  • Fixed metadata master template issue

1.0.3 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Illegal characters in url causing redirect loops
  • Fixed Deleted documents are visible in the queue
  • Fixed Unpublished parent is causing validation issues for published child documents
  • Fixed not existing page url's with non aspx extension will not redirect correctly
  • Fixed Assigning domains can cause issues during validation process
  • Fixed Only a part of the sitemap is rendered on large XML sitemaps
  • Fixed Template validation reports small amount of comments
  • Fixed Extra spaces in focus keyword causes snippet preview to output HTML
  • Fixed casing of focus keyword is used in snippet preview instead of title/description/url casing
  • Fixed SEO Checker reports keyword not found when keyword is in the url but not in a single part of the url
  • Fixed License error message is shown after uploading a valid license
  • Fixed Assigned domain on a second or more level in V6 has rootnode in url when mapped via inbound link issues

1.0.2 Compatibilty release:

  • Fixed Umbraco V 6.0.1 compatibility issues

1.0.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed issues with port numbers in url's. SEO Checker now works on webmatrix
  • Added *.axd to robots.txt
  • Remove double slash from url wehn redirecting from .php url's
  • Fixed issue in document type configuration where parent got updated also when editing child document type.
  • Multiple H1 message is less strict

More information:

If you want more information about SEO checker, watch the screencasts, or read the blog postsabout some of the features SEO checker offers.

 Software Upgrade policy: 

  • Free lifetime updates for domain licenses
  • Free updates of server and unlimited licenses for a major release within one year of purchase.
  • Free updates for all minor releases within a major release.  For example, if you purchased a server, or unlimited 1.0 version of SEO Checker, you get free updates of all 1.x versions.
  • Price for an upgrade will be 40% of the original package price.


If you have any questions please use the support forum or drop us an email,


Richard Soeteman Mon, 12 Nov 2012 05:27:18 +00:00
W3S Google Custom Search This project was started since Google has announced that they will discontinue their Site Search service as of april 2018. As an alternative this plugin for Umbraco utilizes the Google Custom Search API to retrieve search results and display them on a page.

After installation make sure to follow the readme that's available via the GCS section navigation.


  • File type filter to search through specific file types such as PDF or .docx.
  • Restrict search results to be shown only after a given date.
  • Exclude nodes from the node tree from the results.
  • 3 loader types: button, pagination, infinite scroll.
  • Customize number of results per page.
  • Statistics page with top queries, spelling corrections, clicks by a given period.
This plugin-in is also suitable for multi domain umbraco installations.
W3S Tue, 15 May 2018 12:30:09 +00:00
Plumber - Workflow for Umbraco A workflow solution for Umbraco. Plumber adds a heap of useful bits and pieces to Umbraco, to allow multi-staged workflow approval for publish/unpublish actions.
NOTE: from v0.2.0 onwards, this package will only support v7.7+
After installing, the newly added Workflow section includes a documentation tab, which offers more explanation of features and processes.
Bug reports are encouraged.
Features (including, not limited to)
 - Group-driven workflow
 - Document-based workflow
 - Document-type-based workflow
 - Workflow inheritance based on the content tree structure
 - Exclude sections of the content tree from the workflow model
 - Email notifications as tasks progress through workflows
 - User dashboard, showing pending submissions and tasks
 - Admin dashboard, showing all active tasks, charting, data overview
 - Extends Umbraco's existing permissions model
 - Customised action buttons (replaces default save/save and publish options)
 - Workflow history (document-based and global)
 - Export and import all config for easy deployment across environments
 - Explicit/Implicit approvals - should the original editor be included in the workflow?
Nathan Woulfe Thu, 17 Aug 2017 23:48:25 +00:00
Umbraco Forms Everyone deserves a form creator that's as easy to use as Umbraco, so we built just that. Whether it's a simple contact form or an advanced multi-step questionaire that integrates with 3rd party services - it'll be a breeze.


Creating forms is as easy as editing content in Umbraco and it's a seamlessly integrated experience. You can select from a range of well known input types, select validation rules, and even conditions - for instance "only show this field if the visitor answered 'Yes'". All through an intuitive and robust user interface.


While it's nice to gather data, it's even better when it's put to use. That's why Umbraco Forms lets you setup advanced workflows that can send e-mails, update webservices, save in CRM systems, and much more.


Once your visitors have filled out forms, you can easily browse and search through the data using the built-in reporting tool or download the data for more advanced processing in Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Version info:

  • Forms Version 7.x supports Umbraco versions 7.9+
  • Forms Version 6.x supports Umbraco versions 7.6+
  • Forms Version 4.x supports Umbraco versions 7.1 -> 7.5.x


7.0.3 (15 May 2018)

6.0.8 (15 May 2018)

4.4.7 (15 May 2018)

7.0.2 (24 April 2018)

  • CON-1523 — Upgrading Umbraco while there is also a Forms upgrade pending leads to loads of app pool restarts

7.0.1 (27 March 2018)

  • CON-941 — Google reCaptcha 2
  • CON-1252 — SendEmail Workflow don't find uploaded file to attach in Azure Storage

7.0.0 (27 Feb 2018)

  • CON-1496 — Form fields can be marked as sensitive
  • CON-1483 — Option of not storing the submitted data on the form in the Forms data store
  • CON-1490 — Hide sensitive data based on security and from exported data

6.0.7 (27 Feb 2018)

  • CON-1199 — Render scripts in the bottom
  • CON-1268 — "Send Mail" Workflow not active, but e-mail is still sent.
  • CON-1339 — Support for SQL Based Session State
  • CON-1452 — UI Overlay bug after installing Forms
  • CON-1472 — Buy Forms, call to action button is grey
  • CON-1473 — TLC for configure license screen
  • CON-1476 — Static value not restored when updating 'Save as content node' workflow
  • CON-1480 — Magic string as static value for 'Save as content node' workflow doesn't work.

6.0.6 (9 Jan 2018)

  • CON-1418 — RecordStorage.UpdateRecord - Does not regenerate JSON for RecordData for entries viewerCON-1456 — Infinite restart loop when using virtual App_Data

6.0.5 (23 Oct 2017)

This release is a patch release containing a few bug fixes due to regression issues found with the 6.0.4 release, if you are using 6.0.4 you should upgrade to 6.0.5 as you will be affected by a couple of issues.

To see the full list of changes check this list on the tracker:

6.0.4 (13 Oct 2017)

This release is a patch release containing several bug fixes and a new feature allowing you to pre-populate form fields using a new c# event and a new Form picker for the Grid.

To see the full list of changes check this list on the tracker:

6.0.3 (19 September 2017)

This release contains no changes whatsoever. We had to create this release so we could make a new NuGet version that was less restrictive. 6.0.2 could not be installed in Umbraco 7.7.0 due to this restriction. So the only change in 6.0.3 is that the NuGet package no longer has this restriction.

6.0.2 (27th June 2017)

This is a patch release version, fixing a few bugs, and extending some of helper methods that makes it easier to load client side assets and methods for easier working with settings.

The full list of changes for this release can be viewed here:

6.0.1 (4th May 2017)

This is a patch release, as unfortunately version 6.0.0 shipped with an older internal build of a DLL, as this was missing a fix containing to help ensure upgrades go smoothly, ap[art from this it contains no other changes.

6.0.0 (2nd May 2017)

What happened to version 5? ... naturally we'll always skip a v5 :)

This is a major version release because it has a new minimum Umbraco CMS version dependency on Umbraco 7.6.0 and there are a couple of breaking changes. If you are using Umbraco 7.6+ you will need a minimum of Umbraco Forms v6.0.0. If you are using < Umbraco 7.6 you cannot use Forms 6.0.0 and you will need to continue to use 4.x

Here are the specific upgrade instructions provided for upgrading from 4.x to 6.0.0

Here is the list of breaking changes

This version includes two new shiny features:
Themes - Which allow for a much easier way to style & customise your Forms

HTML Email Templates using Razor - Say goodbye to XSLT & hello to Razor to build & customise your emails post form submissions

The full list of changes in this release can be viewed here:

4.4.6 (9 Jan 2018)

  • CON-1418 — RecordStorage.UpdateRecord - Does not regenerate JSON for RecordData for entries viewer

4.4.5 (23rd Oct 2017)

This release is a patch release containing bug fixes

To see the full list of changes check this list on the tracker:

4.4.4 (17th Oct 2017)

This release is a patch release containing bug fixes

To see the full list of changes check this list on the tracker:

4.4.3 (27th June 2017)

This release is a patch release, containing all the backportable patches done in version 6, and fixes quite a few ones found in version 4.4.x.

To see the full list of changes check this list on the tracker:


Security Release - 4.4.2 (1st March 2017)

High priority security upgrade. All versions of Umbraco Forms are affected and you should upgrade immediately. 


4.4.0 (30th November 2016)

This release has been a long time coming but it includes lots of bug fixes that the lovely community has reported to us, along with a new feature of an IFileSystem to store your Umbraco form JSON files. Used in combination with the community Azure Blob Storage Provider to have all your forms stored in the cloud for example.

For more details on the Forms IFileSystem provider you can read about it here in the doucmentation -


Want to know what is in this release, well wonder no more:


Security Release - 4.3.3, 4.2.2 & 4.1.6 (13th October 2016)

High priority security upgrade. All versions of Umbraco Forms are affected and you should upgrade immediately.


4.3.2 (8th June 2016)

Hey wait a minute, didn't you guys just release a patch literally yesterday. Yes we did & unfortunately we make mistakes, a couple of minor issues effecting only certain customers was effected & slipt through the net for the 4.3.1 patch from yesterday.

Want to know what is in this patch, well wonder no more:


Breaking Change Note in 4.3.2

Unfortunately we have introduced a breaking change with issue CON-1085. The new xPAth selector shortcuts $site and $current work however has broken legacy selectors such as


and for the time being should use


To follow the progress of this issue you can see CON-1098


4.3.1 (7th June 2016)

Unfortunately we experienced a few hiccups with the 4.3.0 release and this minor release fixes up the issues that some users may be experiencing.

For the full list of changes in this release see here



4.3.0 (2nd June 2016)

The beta of Forms 4.3.0 was successful with minor bug fixes, fixed up by the reporters on the issue tracker. So thank you for logging the issue you have found.

Since the beta release we have fixed a further 14 issues, to make this one fantastic release of Umbraco Forms.

For the changes since the Beta see here

For the full list of changes in this release see here


4.3.0 Beta (20th May 2016)

New UI overhaul inline with Umbraco 7.4 - Form Designer, Workflow Designer & Entries viewer have recieved UI & UX improvements when used in Umbraco sites higher than 7.4.

This release includes alot of behind the scenes improvements & bug fixes.

For a full list of changes in 4.3.0-beta see the issue tracker change log here



4.2.1 (4th March 2016)

This release includes changes to the DB Schema that is automatically installed when the app restarts only once and will not re-check, this is done by checking for a presence a simple marker file in the location /App_Data/TEMP/formsupdate after the install is run, it removes this marker file. This may be problematic when deploying to further environments if the marker file has been removed by the install process. To rectify this simply create the marker file in the location /App_Data/TEMP/formsupdate 

To verify the update process worked correctly, verify the following tables have been created in your database:

  • UFUserFormSecurity
  • UFUserSecurity


For a full list of changes in 4.2.1 see the issue tracker change log here


4.2.0 (2nd March 2016)
*Note: Unreleased due to bug in upgrade code - use version 4.2.1

This version includes the first large set of bug fixes and brings the ability to copy forms and reintroduce a feature that was in Contour; Form Security allowing you to control who has access to edit forms.

For a full list of changes in 4.2.0 see the issue tracker change log here


4.1.5 (26th Jan, 2016)

High priority security upgrade
All versions of Umbraco Forms are affected and you should upgrade immediately.

Warren Buckley Sun, 21 Mar 2010 19:57:05 +00:00
Simple Media Upload This package contains a user control and macro which combine to allow direct file uploads to a pre-defined media folder from the web site front-end.

The user control itself is a simple wrapping of a (hidden) ASP.NET FileUpload control within an HTML form, with a CSS styleable label acting as the visual upload button. Clicking on the latter item triggers the FileUpload control, which in itself causes a form submit when a file has been selected. The back-end creates a new media item from the uploaded file at the correct location in the media tree, and also creates a jpg thumbnail image where appropriate.

This control was developed to offer an alternative to the excellent Gecko Uploadify control in scenarios where Flash is unavailable (i.e. iOS devices) and builds upon great forum examples given by Nik Wahlberg and Paul Sterling.

The macro comes with the following options:



Comma separated list of file extensions allowed by the control.



The prompt text to the left of the upload button.



The text which appears to the right of the upload button after a successful upload has occurred.



The text which appears to the right of the upload button after an unsuccessful upload has occurred.



The target media folder ID where the uploaded file will be logically stored by Umbraco.



The pop-up alert message which appears after an unsuccessful upload.



The pop-up alert message which appears after an invalid file type has been selected.



The pop-up alert message which appears after a successful upload.

Scott Meikle Tue, 23 Sep 2014 12:01:08 +00:00
Form Storage V7 Form Storage V7 is an Umbraco version 7 compatible re-working of Kevin Giszewski's original Form Storage package.

As per the original, the new package offers a simple way to take user submitted data and store it into your database,  perfect for use with MVC Surface Controller forms.

This package comes with a datatype that you can place on any document to search the data.


On install, this package will add three tables to your database.  You will need to remove these tables manually on uninstall (this prevents unintended data destruction).

You will need to add a few AppSettings keys to your web config.

Use one key to setup each form with it's fields like so:

<add key="FormStorage:ContactUs" value="name,address,email,phone,comments"/>

This adds the "ContactUs" form with the fields name, address, etc.  You may house as many forms as you wish.



You can optionally provide some configuration of how your fields are displayed when form submissions are listed in your back-office. The first example shows how to provide some more human-friendly names for your fields:

<add key="FormStorage:Translation:name" value="Name"/>

<add key="FormStorage:Translation:email" value="Email Address"/>

<add key="FormStorage:Translation:phone" value="Phone"/>

<add key="FormStorage:Translation:address" value="Address"/>

<add key="FormStorage:Translation:comments" value="Comments"/>

<add key="FormStorage:Translation:company" value="Company"/>

It is recommended that you create very simple field names that resemble the data closely.  The more human friendly names can change without any consequences to the data. N.B. these field name translations are used across all of your forms.

The V7 package offers some further configuration options:

1. The width of a field (in pixels) can be set (default is 100):

<add key="FormStorage:YourFormAlias:YourFieldName:width" value="150"/> ​

2. The horizontal alignment of a field can be set to left, right or center (default is center):

<add key="FormStorage:YourFormAlias:YourFieldName:align" value="left"/>

3. The visibility of a field can be set to true or false (default is true):

<add key="FormStorage:YourFormAlias:YourFieldName:visible" value="false"/>


Wire up your form:

In your MVC Surface Controller, add something like this to save submissions:

using FormStorage;


new Dictionary<string, string> {

        { "name", m.Name },

        { "email", m.Email },

        { "address", m.Address},

        { "company", m.Company},

        { "phone", m.Phone},

        { "comments", m.Comments}



Search the Results:

Create a datatype instance using "Form Storage", set the prevalue to your form alias and then drop the datatype onto a doctype of your choosing.

A sample datatype has been included with the install.

Many thanks again to Kevin for his excellent original!

Scott Meikle Fri, 14 Jul 2017 20:48:10 +00:00
Terratype # README #


### Purpose ###

Map datatype for Umbraco V7 


### Why? ###

Wish to give your content editors or grid editors easy Maps to set real world locations. 


### Usage ###

1. Install Terratype framework package via Nuget


2. Install the Map Providers you would like to use


3. Create a new data type based off this the newly added Terratype property Editor. You may need to obtain any API Keys that are necessary 


4. Add this new data type to a document type


5. Create new content based off this document type


### Reference ###



### Render ###


@using Terratype;


@Html.Terratype(Options, Map, @<text>Label</text>)



### Log ###



Removed Minifier dependancy



Fixed error converting old properties (

Fixed no click event for some markers in JS client library 

Fixed rendering issue in IE11 for Bing and Leaflet maps

Fixed loading Generic providers

Added distance calculation for positions using Haversine formula

Minified & bundle js files



Fixed custom icons in GMaps when rendering

Custom Position setting for map fixed when rendering



Updated markercluster for GMaps

Fixed error converting model when using ModelsBuilder

Added 3 more Google map styles

Added Javascript event library

Added AutoFit, AutoShowLabel & AutoRecenterAfterRefresh to options



Updated GMaps versions

Fixed custom icon error (ronaldbarendse)



Terratype model now includes height

Extra handling for GMaps when resize doesn't call idle event afterwards

Improved code to detect when Rendered map is being shown

Now with jQuery monitoring




All providers use .NET Framework 4.5

Added Icon to Options, to be able to render custom icons 

Fixed label issue for multiple Rendered GMaps 




Fix for when providers are missing their default values

Fixed Minor spelling mistakes

Leaflet Map Icon is now static when rendered in razor



Render error with map height and zoom in option 





Added Bing Maps

Leaflet not displaying

Switching between providers in config now smoother





Fixed option error in FireFox




@Html.Terratype() now handles dynamic values

Added Leaflet Provider

Remove labels from frontend when no label is present

Improved provider loading




Error when creating Google Maps without an API Key present




Added native Grid editor to allow terratype maps to be added/edited and rendered inside grids (With no coding required)

Added native Datum values to each Coordinate System




Fixed error with Null types in assemblies

Fixed error with map height for IE in Umbraco backend only

Added content editable Labels to maps





Error checking for providers fixed





Removed reliance on terratype map provider having to be same version as terratype




Removed hardcoded /umbraco/ references





Complete rewrite based from AngularGoogleMaps.



### Future development ###


Current Roadmap


Include stylised maps for Leaflet, using own Tile Servers (Likely to be free or paid for service depending on your data usage)


Adding an ArcGIS and CartoDB providers - likely to charge for these providers, to recupe development and cover maintance costs (My thinking is better to have working providers for money, than broken providers for free)

### Source code ###

Download the source code, it should work for Visual Studio 2013 & 2015. If you set **Terratype.TestSite** as your **Set as Startup project** this should execute the test Umbraco website, where you can test maps under different scenarios. Once running, surf to http://localhost:60389/umbraco and at the login type admin for user and password for password.


Jonathan Richards Tue, 07 Feb 2017 01:09:36 +00:00
uWhiteLabel Easily add your brand to your Umbraco backoffice


  • Add your logo to the Umbraco login screen
  • Custom backoffice welcome screen for your Umbraco editors.


It’s important to stay “top of mind” with your clients if you are building long term business relationships.

This little package allows anyone to quickly and easily create a completely custom welcome screen that is shown when content editors log into the Umbraco backoffice.

You can add any image & (optionally) override the default welcome message that Umbraco displays.

Something as simple as showing your company logo and a reminder of contact details can help to polish your professional image.

uWhiteLabel allows you to do this in minutes without having to waste time digging into the Umbraco internals.

More info:

v1.0.22: fixes issue with support for v7.3 Umbraco

v1.0.24: Bug fix

Barry Sat, 30 Apr 2016 23:12:38 +00:00
Uintra Uintra is an intranet framework based on popular social media conventions. It is built on Umbraco and offers a large number of customisation options. Uintra allows your organisation to communicate and organise information in an easy way.

The Uintra architecture has been implemented and tested with several big organisations in Denmark, and this is the foundation for the available functionality. By establishing what the common needs are in relation to an intranet and an extranet it was possible to create a basic package solution with all the basic necessities required to make a lightweight intranet fast.

Try our demo here (also from your mobile, and iPad, It is built as a responsive website)

For more information about Uintra go to or directly to releases info or the FAQ page



Uintra has a very interesting marketing model for small to medium size organisations. We aim for Uintra to grow and a fast way of achieving this is to offer the product for free. We hope that, as uIntra grows in popularity, so will the companies and organisations that using it. When the number of users in a company/organisation exceeds 30 members Uintra becomes a subscription based product.


What’s next?

Uintra is constantly developed and improved, and you will get monthly updates with bugfixes, new functionality, design changes and optimisations. Uintra is a fastmoving solution that evolves along with users' needs.

Vadym Matsukatov Tue, 15 Aug 2017 15:09:17 +00:00
Newsletter Studio The best and easiest way to send Newsletter email campaign's from Umbraco. By having the email campaign management in Umbraco editors can work with all content in one place.

Main features

- Send email newsletters to members or subscribers from the Umbraco backoffice
- Unlimited number of subscribers and newsletter send outs in full version
- Easy to create content using the same rich text editor as Umbraco
- Custom data type to send from the content section
- Can include dynamic content from Umbraco content nodes
- Nice analytics and charts on opens and clicks
- Built in support for skins and templates to control appearance
- Handles email bounces and lets you edit bounced subscribers
- Import subscribers from different file formats.
- Ships with Razor-templates to integrate into the website front end
- Supports multiple SMTP-servers and throttling
- Hooks to extend the rendering process of the mail
- Provider based model for receiving subscribers (can use sources like web shops, etc)

Watch the one minute teaser-video:

Trial version

The only limitation in the trial version is that you're only allowed to send newsletters to 20 subscribers/umbraco users. Try it today!

Full version

One domain license for Newsletter Studio only costs €119 + VAT. More info at our website


Documentation and information can be found at our support-portal: If you want to see examples on how to implement custom Render Tasks and Subscription Providers please have a look in the contrib-repository at Github:


Technical requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • MS SQL Server, SQL CE, MySQL.
  • SMTP Server
  • POP3-account to collect bounces (optional)


If you want to upgrade an existing installation of Newsletter Studio, just run the installer for the new version and it will perform the upgrade automatically.

Be aware! If you are using MySQL on Umbraco 4, you need to download and follow the instructions in "Newsletter Studio MySQL kit" before installing Newsletter Studio.

Markus Johansson Wed, 21 Dec 2011 10:23:22 +00:00
DocType Grid Editor: Reusable Content Extension IMPORTANT: This package relies on having the DocType Grid Editor installed. If you do not already have it, go here: Doc Type Grid Editor swapped from using the old dialog panels to the newer overlays in v0.5. As a result, DTGERCE v1.0 is not compatible with any version of DTGE from that version onward. An update is in the works that is compatible with the newer DTGE.

Using the grid is one of the best content experiences an editor can have, but there's still some frustrations. Copying and pasting content for use on multiple pages is one that we want to eliminate. We've added a few features to Matt & Lee's already exceptional package to take this up a notch. With the DTGERCE (check out that acronym!), you can:

  • Save content from the grid directly to a new node for reuse later
  • Import content from a node into the grid and edit it to your heart's content
  • Link a content node into the grid to pull the content from that node instead of the DTGE content
  • Toggle inbetween any of these three options at will


Setup Instructions

There are a few modifications you need to make to your existing DocTypes and code to use this extension, but they're small!

  1. DocType Change: Add a LABEL property with a property alias of "dtgeLinkedId" to all the DocTypes allowed for use by the DocType Grid Editor.
  2. Permissions Change: Make sure you allow your DocType Grid Editor DocTypes as children of whatever node you want to store them under so they'll save properly.
  3. Code Change: You will need to make a small modification to your existing DocType Grid Editor partial views to call either the content from the node or the content from the grid, depending on what's selected. Further instructions in this gist:
Offroadcode Thu, 08 Jun 2017 19:52:26 +00:00
Notely Notely is a backoffice extensions plugin for Umbraco 7. You can see it like the Trello for Umbraco. At one side Notely is a new property editor which you can use in different ways:

  • You can wrap Notely around your existing property editors
  • You can define a Notely type without an existing property editor



One thing I would like to mention is, don't wrap Notely around all your properties of all your content nodes. Instead, create Notely as a seperated property and apply it on each tab or create a composition of it which contains Notely as a seperated tab.

What is it?

The meaning of Notely is to have the ability to add notes to properties. It can be verry usefull if you want to add for example:

  • an info note to inform other users about the purpose or cautions of a property
  • a note which contains a task which you can assign to an user


If you install this plugin you get some pre-installed note types that you can use or change.

How to install it?

You can just install Notely by going to the Developer section in Umbraco and search for Notely. You can also download it from the Projects section in

The installation will install:

  • all necessary plugin files
  • add a new dashboard item in the dashboard.config file
  • add a new key to the language file en.xml


After the installation you only need to grant permissions to the users that may use this plugin section. You just go to the Users section, click on the user to grant permission, click on the Notely section and hit save.

Now you need to re-login to make this affective.

How to use it?

To start using Notely you need to add a new Data Type in the developer section. Click on add a new Data Type, choose Notely and then you can choose an existing Data Type that needs to be wrapped into Notely. You also have the possibility to add a limit of notes for each created Notely data type.

After that you can add this new Data Type to your Document Types. Then go to the Content section and you will now have the possibility to add / edit / remove notes for each added Notely property.

You can also do the same in the new added Notely section.

There you can see All notes of all content properties, you can see My Tasks which contains only the notes which are assigned to you, you can view the settings of Notely to manage note types and you can cleanup unused notes.

After deleting a content node, all notes will automatically be removed from the database.

For each note which can be assigned to an user, has a extra state field which you can edit. You start with the Open state but you can change this into Approved, Pending and Done.

Notely is also successfully tested with Vorto and Nested Content.

Watch the introduction video of Notely:

Release notes


  • First release of Notely


  • Fix issue header title backoffice All notes and My tasks
  • Edit button name Cleanup folder to Cleanup notes
  • Fix issue cleanup notes, not all notes where removed
  • Add default message when no notes are added into notely on All notes and My Tasks


  • Fix some minor issues
  • Add the ability to apply comments on task notes
  • Apply a priority to task notes
  • Make the UI more userfriendly


Michaël Vanbrabandt Sat, 10 Sep 2016 14:15:43 +00:00
uMunge uMunge masks personal information from a development copy of a live database.

Designed to help your business be compliant with recent EU law  - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by reducing the risk of production information "leaking" from development environments.

Data held in content properties, node names, users and members is munged into similar looking safe alternatives, using a set of configuration rules and extensible munge methods.  Configuration can be stored in source control for team development and workflow.  uMunge also deletes old versions of content and potentially sensitive log files - helping to shrink the size of development databases.

All actions are logged within the database to provide visibility to management or customers that data has been cleansed.

This is a beta version, available for free but with some usage restrictions, please see the license for details.

We would love to have your feedback in the package forums. If you have specific requirements for your workflow or business please get in contact via

Please note: versions 1.1.2 and later fix reported compatibility problems - please report your experiences good or bad.

Alan Mitchell Fri, 08 Sep 2017 08:50:22 +00:00
Translation Manager Extended translation tools for Umbraco.

Translation manager makes handling translations simple, giving you a clear and concise way to create, manage and publish your translated content.

Translation Manager lets you handle all of the steps of the translation process from within Umbraco.

Translate complex content

Translation Manager can handle the complexities of managing content in Umbraco. It strips away all configuration data from the content, and just presents the words that need to be translated.

Translation Manager works with all of the core Umbraco properties out-of-the-box and includes support for many of the popular extra content tools, such as Nested Content, Archetype and Vorto.

Translator view

Translation Manager also comes with Translator Dashboard, a quick and easy way for translators to handle content translations directly in Umbraco.

Translator Dashboard gives translators a simple and clean interface to translate your content without needing direct edit access to your site.

Translate Dictionary Items (new in v1.1.2)

Now alongside content, you can also send dictionary items to be translated from the settings menu! visit the Translation Manager Settings in the settings section and follow the steps under the dictionary option.


Unlicensed Translation Manager is limited to one target language (so a site with two languages).

A Translation Manager licence allows you to translate multiple languages across your site. Licences are per domain, but work for all sub-domains of your site (so an licence will work on,, etc).


Recommended installation via Nuget

PM> Install-Package JumooTranslate

or Install via the package file below.

Upgrade to 1.1.x 

When upgrading it is advised that you ensure any existing translation jobs are complete before you upgrade

Kevin Jump Tue, 22 Aug 2017 08:43:20 +00:00