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The Page Comments Plugin developed by Gaja Digital Agency is an effective, easy and must-have Umbraco Plug-in that will allow visitors to comment safely on any page or blog of your website as per your requirement. 

Download here our plugin for free

Currently, several Umbraco sites rely on third party plugins for enabling comments sections on their websites as well as managing the overwhelming number of comments from the internet. This arrangement allows third party vendors an unchecked access to the email database of the commenters on your website, greatly compromising their privacy. This poses serious security and data misuse concerns. With the Page Comments Plugin integrated with your website, you ensure a secure and trustworthy interaction for your website visitors, without any compromise on information. The incorporation of Google reCAPTCHA 2.0 system keeps spam at bay.

The Page Comments Plugin also allows you to manage effortlessly the backend of the comments section. It offers a quick shortcut that enables you to approve comments as bulk instead of struggling under a deluge of internet responses. Moderating your comments – accepting, rejecting, flagging or removing pending comments while managing comment users was probably never so easy before. You will have an easy-to-navigate overview that will prove valuable as your website grows in popularity and the interactions with users multiply. Admins can receive emails with page information when new comments are added. They can even opt to use the ‘Auto Approval’ feature, which allows comments to be reflected on the website as soon as they are added without any approval, making life that much simpler!


 Plugin Features

·        Users can comment on any page or blog

·        Auto approval of comments

·        Manage comments as bulk with convenient page overviews

·        Receive comment details on email

·        Greater security against spam with google CAPTCHA

·        Ensured privacy of commenters

·        No misuse of data by third party

·        Multi-lingual comment forms and labels

·        Time-saving and effective 



Compatible with Umbraco Version 7+  

For Installation and configuration instructions click here



Manjunatha Govindappa Thu, 03 Nov 2016 08:49:53 +00:00
Bookshelf Umbraco Bookshelf allows users to create, display and share Umbraco learning resources quickly by providing some basic markdown functionality via a custom section.

Bookshelf works by reading markdown files from the UmbracoBookshelf folder of your website.

Install a Book

Books are available via the Bookshelf dashboard or in the packages section. Install like you would any other Umbraco Package. 

For instance Archetype has a manual than can be put on your bookshelf:

Editing a Book

To edit a book, simply click Edit on an .md file page. If the book is hosted on GitHub, please consider sending revisions and additional content.

Creating a Book

Books are just .md files that live in the UmbracoBookshelf folder of your webroot. So to create a book, just create a sub-folder next to your other books (like this one). By default when a user clicks the folder in the tree to the left, the file is loaded for the user.

Books should be written in Markdown and Bookshelf recognizes Github Flavored Markdown. Please use the following resources when learning Markdown:

Please refrain from using HTML directly when possible. Some things like embedding videos are unavoidable.

Consider Contributing Your Time

If you like Bookshelf, please consider helping by adding features or creating books for others to use.

Install Notes

Be sure to visit the Users section after install to add the section to any users you would like.

You can also install via NuGet (recommended):

Bookshelf Directory

By default the books will be stored on your webroot at "~/UmbracoBookshelf".  You can change that to another directory by changing the following app setting:

    <add key="UmbracoBookshelf:customFolder" value="~/somewhere else" />

Combine with virtual directories and you can keep books in a separate directory under separate source control.



For 7.2.8 and below use v0.10.4

For 7.3+ use v0.10.5+

For 7.6.3 use v.0.11.0+

Kevin Giszewski Thu, 05 Mar 2015 18:16:40 +00:00
Grid Settings Grid Settings is a backoffice extension that adds in additional property editors to make adding such settings as; background color, background size, background repeat, etc less of a chore for content authors. This is achieved by using easy to understand property editors. These editors are typically used to apply style settings to grid rows & columns rather than add items within the grid.

In addition this package also includes HTML Helpers for rendering & resolving attributes. These features are really easy to extend so give them a try!

We're always looking for the best ways to improve the authoring experience for our users so if you feel something is missing head over to the github project page and create a ticket. Or if you're feeling daring submit a PR and we can look into adding the feature in!

Note: v0.2.0+ requires Umbraco v7.5.4 minimum.

Documentation & Releases

Yes, we have a documentation! :) The most up to date documentation & release information can always be found over on Github. Check it out! 


The original idea is inspired by and credited to @andersburla & the Tea Solutions team.

Jamie Pollock Thu, 23 Mar 2017 17:50:09 +00:00
Rss Feed Url A custom property editor to assist editors in validating the URL of a particular RSS Feed and previewing the content of the feed in the umbraco back office before publishing to the outside world. (see screenshots)





Accompanied by a PropertyValueConverter to make the retrieval of the feed content straightforward in your razor views and surface controllers.


V0.2 Release Notes


Fix for preview panel to show raw content of summary of feed items

Add UserAgent to request to feed url (some rss feeds block requests if no UserAgent present)


marc goodson Mon, 03 Apr 2017 21:48:50 +00:00
EventCalendar EventCalendar for Umbraco 7

EventCalendar for Umbraco is a package that lets you create and manage calendar, locations, organiser and events. You can create one-time, recurring or anniversary events. Locations and Organiser can be reused from different events. It has it's own security settings to let you define which of your users are allowed to edit specific entities.

Version 3.0.0-RC and above can be used for free on localhost with a trial license.

A license can be purchased via website

Since version 3.1.0 the package needs an update of the Newtonsoft.Json library to version 7.0.1!


You can either download the package here or install it via nuget. The package comes with multiple document types. It is necessary that the detail pages are placed under the calendar node for the package to work right. Also, activate the newly created section for the users that should have access to it. The URLs for event/location/organiser details are build by convention and can be redirected using URL rewriting.

Demo Screenr


If you find any bugs report them on the forums below, on the issue tracker or write me at bugs at

Version 3.3.0:


  • Fixed wrong columns in list view for anniversary events
  • Added color options for events
  • Added option to allow recurring events only in special year
  • Added new configuration file under App_Plugins\EventCalendar for setting google maps api key and default map location
  • Added phone number to organiser
  • Switched view selection for calendar to a dropdown and added more view modes


Version 3.2.4:

  • Fixed issue with location editing causing to create a new location
  • Fixed automatic package build

Version 3.2.3:

  • Fixed bug when saving user sometimes causing a timeout
  • Added missing DLL file

Version 3.2.2:

  • Fixed bug when editing user settings 
  • Fixed wrong sequence of events when using upcoming events macro
  • Changed naming of one backend resource to be more project specific
  • Fixed calendar property editor not updating with created/deleted calendar

Version 3.2.1:

  • Fixed bug for calendar/location creation causing created calendar/locations not to appear in the tree

Version 3.2.0:

  • Fixed bug for calendar view with categories
  • Updated libraries for ICS file generation
  • Added memory cache for queries which gets busted when en entity is created/updated/deleted

Version 3.1.7:

  • Fixed bug with colors not used when using google calendar
  • Fixed bug with date exceptions not used for recurring events
  • Fixed bug with pagination on overview views in backend
  • Fixed bug with validation not working correctly
  • Fixed bug where calendar color options not showing correctly in backend

Version 3.1.6:

  • fixed bug where the start and end date on normal events were always equal

Version 3.1.5:

  • fixed normal events creating recurrence pattern in DB
  • fixed error within single events caused calendar view to show no events at all
  • removed yearly frequency from the select box as it causes problems with recurring events
  • set weekly frequency as default for recurring events
  • added more NullRef checks

Version 3.1.4:

  • fixed NullRefException for calendar view
  • fixed culture was not used correctly in the calendar view

Version 3.1.3:

  • fixed error on event details view where descriptions weren't rendered
  • fixed install issue where the installer is running multiple times

Version 3.1.2:

  • fixed missing macro partial views
  • fixed user edit screen not able to be saved

Version 3.1.1:

  • fixed critical bug during table generation in database caused by duplicate primary key naming

Version 3.1.0:

  • added details view for google events
  • updated backend UI to be more like umbraco
  • updated backend UI for descriptions
  • lots of bugfixes

Version 3.0.1:

  • fixed wrong build of package

Version 3.0.0:

  • Refactored code base (now uses NPoco, DI and CQRS for core feaures
  • Refactored backend for better ui error handling
  • Introduced organiser as entity
  • Reusing umbraco data types for UI
  • Using GridEditor instead of RTE for descriptions
  • Introduced detail pages for locations and organiser


David Brendel Wed, 10 Apr 2013 09:59:39 +00:00
Umbraco 7.6+ Starter Kit The upcoming default starter kit for Umbraco 7.6. It's only compatible with Umbraco 7.6.4 and newer and won't install or work on other versions.

Niels Hartvig Sun, 04 Jun 2017 13:47:20 +00:00
CMSImport CMSImport PRO helps you import content or members from any datasource into Umbraco. The following datasources are supported by default : 

  • Access Database
  • BlogML
  • CSV
  • Excel File
  • JSON Feed (v7)
  • MySql database
  • RSS Feed
  • SQL Server
  • Umbraco
  • WordPress
  • XML

 A license can be purchased via our company website

You can also create your own custom Data provider.  Check out the workspace for screencasts to see the power of CMSImport.

CMSImport PRO allows you to save wizard steps so you can run the import later or even schedule it for a certain date and time. When you re-run an import already existing records will be updated and  only new records will be added. When media is imported references in content or member data will be updated automatically.

And best of all with CMSImport Pro it’s possible to import complete content structures also! This allows you to import a complete product catalog (Categories and Products), blogposts + comments, or any structure you want to import.

CMSImport PRO is optimized for uBlogsyBlog4Umbraco, TeaCommerce and Uwebshop.

You can download the free version of CMSImport which is limited to import 500 records and limited in functionality.

Or you can purchase the commercial PRO version which can import more than 500 records, maintain parent/child structureupdate content, can import content related media ,can save your import steps for later use  and even schedule imports for a certain time and day.

 A license file can be purchased via our company website

Prices are:

    € 129,00  for a domain license
    € 399,00 for a server license
    € 649,00 unlimited license

CMSImport is compatible with Umbraco versions 6 and 7. Support for older versions can be found at archived files.

Release notes:

3.7.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed mediapicker2 UDI issue
  • Added message on use membership provider when 7.6+ is used
  • Fixed Umbraco import provider media import has issues when import path is in /media

3.7.1 Bugfix release

  • Added support for ContentPicker2 and Mediapicker2 (Umbraco 7.6+) property editors
  • Fixed Dropdownlist uses alias of prevalue instead of text
  • Fixed Scheduled task doesn't run for creating documents
  • Fixed Make Merchello provider compatible with Merchello 2.5 (requires Merchello import provider)

3.7 Update release

  • Added Merchello provider
  • Added Membership import provider
  • Fixed Media item can't be imported from cropped image field
  • Fixed Make alias protected on Data and import provider

3.6 Update release

  •     Added Log import result in the Umbraco Logfile.
  •     Added CancelMessage to recordimporting event.

3.5.3 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Cropper JSON in Image source of Rich text editor.
  • Fixed CustomId column is missing on SQL CE database fix not deployed in 3.5.2

3.5.2 Bugfix release

  • Added Xpath Dropdownlist support in Umbraco Dataprovider.
  • Added option to import selected parent umbraco node also.
  • Fixed Image cropper bug.
  • Fixed CustomId error during import on SQLCe database.
  • Fixed JArray gives error in JSON Dataprovider.

3.5.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed relation error in content import.
  • Updated license dll.

3.5 Update release

  • Added Merchello support (Requires separate dataprovider).
  • Added Additional separator option to cmsimport config.
  • Added Media support for Umbraco.ImageCropper.
  • Added import feedback message on Import Dashboard.
  • Fixed Can't use https url in filepicker of dataprovider.
  • Fixed MySql dataprovider Connection closed during import.
  • Fixed Remove cropper dimensions from url during import to avoid duplicates.
  • Fixed Url is missing when updating media item from rich text field.
  • Improved relation for structured content in Umbraco data provider.

3.4 Update release

  • Added JSON Dataprovider (v7 only).
  • Added NuPicker support (v7 only).
  • Fixed validate media location for advanced settings of rich text editor.
  • Fixed duplicate media items get inserted when using umbraco importer.
  • Fixed created content node for new records needs to be deleted when in error state.
  • Fixed Hide file upload field in Import dahboard for urls.
  • Fixed Missing properties due doctype change in wizard should not block validation.

3.3.1 Bugfix release

  • Added Decimal support for Umbraco V7.4 +
  • Updated license dll
  • Fixed CheckboxList Umbraco provider doesn't return all values
  • Fixed Duplicate tags get inserted (Umbraco 7.3+)
  • Fixed PropertyRepository throws error when ContentType alias is also a membertype alias
  • Fixed PropertyRepository throws error when retrieving properties Umbraco 7.4+
  • Fixed Media import error in scheduled task
  • Added additional MySql dataprovider (Separate download)

3.3 Update release

  • Updated Url picker to connect to authenticated data sources.
  • Added support for Memberpicker in Umbraco dataprovider.
  • Fixed Tree not synced correctly.
  • Fixed FieldLength error when importing Members using the Umbraco dataprovider.
  • Fixed Dictionary import fails when Parent column is not mapped.
  • Fixed Increase timeout on sqlserver import helper.
  • Fixed MediaResolver doesn't work for memberimport.
  • Fixed deleted media references in old umbraco site breaks media import.
  • Fixed Dashboard upload zip doesn't respect folder structure.

3.2 Update release

  • Breaking change. add a Break option to FieldProvideroptions, once set import should stop processing other Fieldproviders. Only breaking for custom field providers. All CMSImport Fieldproviders are updated.
  • Fixed. Copy option should not be visible for new definitions.
  • Fixed. Install trees correctly on 6.2.x+.
  • Fixed. $site is not working in xpath.
  • Improved. Remember contenttype settings in Umbraco dataprovider when changing datasource (Umbraco Dataprovider).
  • Improved. Finding relations (Umbraco Dataprovider).

3.1.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Advanced settings are missing for date controls in V7.
  • Fixed: Advanced settings not available for boolean fields.
  • Fixed: Deleted old aspx files in packages.
  • Fixed: Delete old records doesn't work when skip is selected.
  • Fixed: Media can't be imported from rich text with query parameter appended.
  • Fixed: Media items can't be resolved from old Umbraco environment (Umbraco dataprovider).
  • Fixed: Link to old Umbraco node could not be resolved (Umbraco dataprovider).

V3.1.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Nuget package was missing CMSImportScheduler.config
  • Fixed.Createdate gets reset after publish.

V3.1 Update release

  • Added MySQL Support.
  • Added SQL CE Support.
  • Added NUGet Support.
  • Added publish and expire data to content import(Umbraco provider).
  • Fixed Password not stored correctly on Umbraco V6.2.x.
  • Fixed Update on empty fields are not updated.
  • Fixed Invalid column name 'controlId' error when import from Umbraco 7.2.1 (Umbraco provider).

V3.0.1 BugFix release

  • Fixed Scheduler throws exception on long running imports.
  • Fixed MNTP Advanced setting is not recognized in V7.
  • Fixed Sometimes duplicate column exception when import from Umbraco Content DataSource.
  • Added providers for Teacommerce and uWebshop import

V3 Major release

  • Architecture update.
  • Much faster imports.
  • Showing progress messages during import.
  • More consistent layout.
  • Umbraco V7 is not using the old icons anymore.
  • More robust scheduled tasks.
  • Support for dictionary import.
  • Support for importing Umbraco data from a different environment.
  • Added option to automatically delete records that are no longer in the data source.
  • Breaking change dropped support for Umbraco version 4.
  • Breaking change removed Umbraco.licensing.dll (Deli).
  • Breaking API change event signature change.
  • Breaking API change DataAdapter is now Data Provider and structure changed.
  • Breaking API change Field providers signature change.
  • Breaking change Additional providers need to be updated.
  • Map Media file types in settings.
  • Check if property is changed before save during import.
  • Added option to store passwords as clear text.
  • Fixed Create date is working again.
  • Fixed Delete button on content picker throws error in Umbraco V7.

2.5.3 Bugfix release

  • Added support for uTagsy in V7.
  • Fixed MNTP media doesn't work in V7.
  • Fixed LoginName string is used when creating a member.
  • Fixed MNTP xmpath doesn't work.
  • Fixed images don't get picker up when not starting with /.

2.5.2 BugFix release

  • yes/no support for boolean columns
  • Support for MNTP in Umbraco V7
  • xls instead of xlsx file extensionthrows invalid signature error.

2.5.1 BugFix release

  • Added Support for V7 content picker
  • Fixed HTMLAgilityPack conflict on Umbraco V7
  • FixedCan't change member type
  • Fixed install script on Azure
  • Fixed Wordpress categopries and tags could be recognized
  • Fixed Image thumbs don't get generated when extension is in uppercase

2.5 Update release

  • Umbraco V7 compatibility
  • Replaced FieldAdpaters with FieldProviders, Old field adapters will still work
  • Removed data type selection from configuration screen
  • Removed Import here option from content node.

2.4 Update release

  • Improved field validation for Umbraco V6.x
  • Multi node picker lookup support for content
  • Import and assign media folders support.
  • Support for uBlogsy V3
  • Added extra Wordpress and BlogML Data adapters (before update install the additional Data adapters packages if you used them in previous versions). Wordpress pages are supported also.
  • References to files and content are removed when you add items to recylce bin instead of deleting items from recylce bin
  • Removed create date mapping for Umbraco V6 since that will be ignored by the API.
  • Introduced BulkImport events in the API

2.3.3 Update release

  • Added new licensing dll to support both Deli as our own licensing system

2.3.2 Update release

  • Fix Recursive import doesn't work on a child import definition
  • Fix Value from Tags datatype doesn't get assigned
  • Fix Null Values throw errors in Umbraco V6
  • Fix Autopublish causing weird update behaviours in Umbraco V6
  • Fix Rss feed needs file upload in Dashboard for editors
  • Fix URL option doesn't work with wordpress and BlogML
  • Add option XML DataAdapter can determine if child nodes need to be imported as Text or xml

2.3.1 Update release

  • Fixed Umbraco V6 compatibility issues

2.3 Update release:

  • Added HTML decode option on rich text editor.
  • Added refresh option on every tree node.
  • Better error messages in case of duplicate column headers on Excel and Csv files.
  • When updating an Import definition with a different Worksheet name in the Excel file a normal error message is shown.
  • When a record fails to import, the title of the document, or loginname will be reported also.
  • Details about skipped records are logged in the UmbracoLog table.
  • Fixed YSOD is shown when media rootfolder of advanced setting is deleted.
  • Fixed publishDate property isn't updated in content import.

2.2.1 Update Release:

  • Added support for 4.8.0
  • Fixed Scheduled task doesn't run when mapped as different user
  • Tree gets automatically refreshed when logging in after install
  • Updated Umbraco License dll

2.2 Update Release

  • Added a new Excel component that doesn't require anything installed on the server 
  • Added support for uBlogsy
  • Fixed concat of large text elements in Excel
  • Wordpress v1.1 and above export format not recognized
  • Parents of structured import don't get published
  • Media zip gives validation error in Import dashboard


2.1.1 Update Release

  • Added support for Digibiz Advanced Media Picker V2 (only when DAMP is configured for the default Umbraco Image and File mediatypes)

2.1 Update Release

  • Added import dashboard for use on the content section
  • Added media import support for Ucomponents Multi Node Tree Picker
  • Added instructions for media import
  • Added warning message when changing document type.
  • Added CMSImport Icon (Thanks to Arnold Visser @aim24)
  • Fixed installer didn't use dbo prefix to install tables
  • Fixed assign null values in some cases didn't work
  • Fixed upload fieldadapter not working in 2.0.

2.0.1Bugfix Release

  • Added support for Open Calais datatype
  • Updated save method, only save when all data is mapped to avoid state issues
  • Fixed Autopublish on recursive imported documents
  • Fixed Passord mapping for members always returned empty string
  • Fixed Can't assign date values from sql server
  • Fixed Can't assign boolean values from sqlserver
  • Fixed:Default values work on Date datatype also

2.0 Major release

  • Breaking change. FieldAdapters doesn't support media options anymore. Fieldadaptersettings for media are  replaced with the Advanced Field settings.
  • Added support for structured import of content
  • Added support for advanced field settings
  • Added support for Teacommerce and Uwebshop out of the box
  • Added support for MS access and MS Excel datasources (Requires a driver to be installed)
  • Added suport for BlogML, Rss and Wordpress Datasources
  • Added support for attributes on an Xml File
  • Added optional enable/disable DataAdapters
  • Added Tab and Alias info when mapping columns
  • Added Last run info screen for Scheduled tasks
  • Added FamFamFam Icons by Mark James (
  • Added copy datasource to child import if it's using the same datasource
  • Fixed Days persistence error on scheduled task screen
  • Fixed update option is disabled by default when starting cmsimport from the content node
  • Fixed Codearea used for settings screen
  • Fixed When related image can't be found exception is thrown

1.2 Service release

  • Added support for Umbraco 4.6
  • Added membername mapping for memberpickers
  • Fixed CSV Comment issue
  • Fixed breaking on memberlogins that contains null
  • Fixed fieldadapters on fixed properties never got hit
  • Fixed Scheduler not always runs on the scheduled date/time

1.1 Update release

  • Added support for FieldAdapters to modify data during import
  • Added support for Content related media import
  • Added Pre Save event
  • Added CMSImport.Extensions DLL
  • Added option to ignore update options
  • Fixed Several CSV options
  • Fixed save path of cmsimport.config file
  • Fixed errormessages for dataadapters
  • Fixed rendering tree titles when switching sections in V4.5
  • Fixed Validate state onload for saved options

1.0 Initial release

Update instructions:

Update V1.x by reinstalling the latest package

Update v2.0 by replacing the Dll's in your bin folder of the website with the dll's from the package zip file

Richard Soeteman Sun, 28 Jun 2009 22:08:25 +00:00
SEO Checker SEO checker helps you find common SEO issues on your website such as missing  meta tags, broken links etc. SEO checker allows you to fix issues on the page before publishing the page.

Validate pages against Google recommendations
Every page that has a template assigned can be validated. All validations are based on the "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide" document from Google  check the documentation rules for a full list of all validations.

Snippet preview
SEO checker allows you to preview the Google search result snippet when editing content  and will give feedback about keyword usage in content and meta information.

Report inbound link issues
SEO checker will report any inbound link that is broken and will automatically redirect to the correct page when a link pointing to your website uses the wrong extension, php instead of aspx for example. SEO checker comes will also check for broken links on a page.

Manage Redirects
Manage redirects from a simple overview or use the datatype to manage all redirects for a single content or media node. The redirect manager allows you to import redirects also. Ideal for site migrations.

Easy url rewriting
SEO checker will also automatically redirect to the correct page when an editor renames or moves a document,the url changes and a visitor is requesting the old url.

SEO checker allows you to generate meta data based on existing content on the page and  can automatically generate robot.txt and sitemap.xml files for you. 

SEO checker will also automatically solve most canonical issues using its own URL Rewrite module.

 A license can be purchased via our company website

SEO checker requires IIS7+ and is compatible with Umbraco version 4.8 (use 1.9.4 version) and up to 7.x.
SEO checker is compatible with SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 (Express), SQL CE 4  and Mysql databases.

Fully-functional trial:

SEO checker is a commercial package.Here you can download the trial version which is fully functional on localhost (bulk validation is missing and validation using SEO Checker datatype reports keyword issues only). On your live server you need a license file.

A license file can be purchased via our website

Prices are:

    € 129,00  for a domain license
    € 399,00 for a server license
    € 649,00 unlimited license

Release notes:

1.10.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed SQLCE query parsing error
  • Fixed Installer on SQLCE
  • Fixed ncorrect syntax near '}' error in redirect manager

1.10 Update release

  • Breaking change! Minimum required Umbraco version is v7.5!
  • Fixed SEO Checker throws "BrokenLinks" error when crawling linked in page
  • Fixed: Compatible with Umbraco 7.6+
  • Updated: Uses Umbraco services instead of legacy classes
  • Updated: Uses Umbraco redirect table to track page name changes, improves performance. Bugfix release

  • Added Disable 404 tracking when using SEOCheckerIgnore404Request header.
  • Fixed Install fails on v7.5.2 using the package installer.
  • Fixed SVG in HTML causes multiple title tag errors.
  • Fixed Dependencyhandler.axd should not be validated.
  • Fixed BodyTextFocusKeywordNotFound exception when H1 is missing in bodytext

1.9.4 Bugfix release

  • Doctype folders in Umbraco 7.4 are not displayed in SEOChecker config.
  • Space in referer breaks redirect overview.
  • Metadata breaks when text is longer than 160 chars without any spaces.
  • Remove install language files on every app start.
  • Apostroph encoding issue.
  • Null reference exception in sitemap.xml when configured domain is in recyle bin.
  • Anonymous protocol url's are broken for media validation.

1.9.3 Bugfix release

  • Fix context issue on Umbraco 7.3.
  • Error loading document with id 0 in logs in preview mode.
  • Save not always trigerring validation.
  • Use HtmlDecode on Title field length check.
  • Id url redirect appends http://
  • Remove http and https from domain settings.
  • Applicationtree doesn't register correctly on Umbraco 6.2.5.

1.9.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Nuget file missing redirects folder
  • Fixed / gets encoded and therefore some redirects don't work
  • Fixed + sign gets replaced with space
  • Fixed Hostname could not be resolved when using a portnumber in url

1.9.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed installation issue with package actions.
  • Using brackets in focus keyword breaks datatype on V4/V6

1.9 Update release

  • Added support for Nuget.
  • Added translations for Germany and the Netherlands
  • Added option to set license file location
  • Improved logic for committing redirect statistics to the database.
  • Removed Scripts and css disallow for robots.txt file for mobile optimization
  • Fixed When template section is not set in Umbracosettings.config a ysod is thrown
  • Fixed Redirect to unpublished page should result in 404
  • Fixed When forcuskeyword has unicode chars keyword validation fails

1.8.1 Update release

  • Added Redirect import id can also be used as target
  • Update Display alias instead of name in document settings
  • Removed license check on sitemap and robots
  • Removed non relevant options from Redirect datatype
  • Fixed UrlHistory doesn't work on root outside of website
  • Fixed Redirect statistics can cause errors in rare situations
  • Fixed Redirect to unpublished pages should throw 404
  • Fixed Couldn't find any page with nodeId=-1 in logs
  • Fixed redirect issues when using ImageGen
  • Fixed error in broken link validator when https connection can't be made

1.8 Update release

  • Added support for UrlTracker redirect import
  • Update latest PackageGarden Licensing dll
  • Added warnings when Validation and/or url modules are not running
  • Fixed asp urls don't get redirected when directoryurls is false
  • Fixed Rootnode page name change causes error in the log
  • Fixed V7 property editor css files don't end up in the package
  • Fixed System.UriFormatException YSOD in redirect overview when referer is set

V1.7 Update release

  • Logging is now a provider, no more log obsolete messages
  • Fixed No more thread abort exceptions in the log
  • Added Umbraco_client and App_plugins folder to the global ignore list
  • 404 page in a multi domain setup showed the wrong version.

V1.6.2 BugFix release

  • Fixed SEOChecker urlmodule exceptions when in VS debug mode
  • Fixed When rootdomain is unpublished but has a published version it's not listed as rootnode in domain settings
  • Fixed When saving a redirect that is also stored as broken link it gets inserted twice
  • Fixed Domain name is empty in domainsettingstree when hostname is assigned and umbracoUrlName is empty
  • Fixed Include content/media options are not persistent after applying a bulk action
  • Fixed Preview throws 404 for unpublished pages when in combination with SEOChecker datatype
  • Update ignore remote.axd when validating links
  • Fixed Positive messages are not shown when errors on page
  • Update Support new Google Analytics tag in the validator
  • Fixed Huge base64 string as image breaks validation queue

V1.6.1 BugFix release

  • Fixed Single domain with path assigned causes rewrite issue
  • FixedWhen metadata methods are used on a document without SEOChecker datatype a ysod is thrown
  • Fixed 404 and 500 cannot be used as a pagename
  • Fixed Protected pages doesn't get validated but all keyword issues are green
  • Added Make forceHTTPS property also possible for canonical url
  • Added make status code 410 possible in inbound link issues overview
  • Added Delete data files after import
  • FixedSQL is not Azure compliant
  • FixedInclude query string in redirect search
  • Fixed Focus keyword not highlighted in preview when having comma after
  • Fixed Self signed SSL certificate - Error during validation of document
  • Fixed SEO Checker datatype - horizontal scrollbar
  • Fixed Alias and Name properties get mixed up   
  • Fixed Sitemap shows YSOD in Umbraco 7.1.5

V1.6 Update release

  • Added Always redirect top page option
  • Added wildcard/catch all support for redirects
  • Updated Usergroup admin needs to have access to settings
  • Updated V7 application icon to chart-curve instead of black and white SEO Checker logo
  • Fixed virtual folder issues
  • Fixed Multid domain page change issues didn't get triggered
  • Fixed umbracoFile property of type Image cropper breaks redirect in V7
  • Fixed MySQL installation issue
  • Fixed rare 403 issues in validation process
  • Fixed unicode support for snippet preview in Umbraco v7
  • Fixed styling issue of SEO Checker data type in Umbraco V7
  • Fixed Metadata.Current also works for mapped properties in data type

V1.5.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Item already exists error in snippet preview datatype on Umbraco V7.1.2
  • Fixed: Picker in V7 can only pick content items
  • Fixed: Made PropertyEditor converter V7 compatible
  • Fixed: redirect doesn;t respect domain and querystring parameters
  • Fixed: Even when there is no not found page configured, 404 in UmbracoSettings.config gets ignored
  • Fixed Ysod when media item is deleted and event wasn't triggered.
  • Added support for virtual directories 
  • Added option to disable Not found functionality
  • Added config key to move configuration to a different folder
  • Added option to force HTTPS scheme in sitemap.xml

V1.5.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Snippet preview Javascript error on chrome and IE for Umbraco V7
  • Fixed: Google analytics check is case sensitive
  • Fixed: When renaming a page only the first child gets redirected correctly

V1.5 Update release

  • Support for Umbraco V7 (requires at least 7.0.3)
  • Improved Paging
  • Added search option for inbound link error overview
  • Improved Google Analytics check to support Google Tagmanager
  • Fixed: Hidden in sitemap property only works when exclude navihide is set  
  • Fixed: Deleted references of child nodes also on a single delete operation

V1.4.1 Update release

  • Added positive keyword usage feedback on datatype
  • Added configuration option to check for missing ALT attributes on images in templates
  • Added property to exclude validation for certain pages
  • Improved caching for redirects module
  • Improved, automatically generated meta descriptions will be truncated at 160 characters
  • Fixed minor Sitemap namespace issue
  • Fixed email exception for notifications in some situations

V1.4 Update release

  • Redirect functionality also works for Media
  • Redirect Import/export functionality
  • Fix Robots.txt is not updated when rootnode settings are not specified
  • Fix Ignore AngularJS databinding markup for broken links

V1.3 Update release

  • Added redirect manager
  • Added datatype for redirects
  • Added option to specify a canonical page
  • Fixed sitemap.xml doesn't respect https

V1.2 Update release

  • Added option to specify a not found page per site(rootnode) and language(s). This will work with aspx pages and non aspx pages such as .php extensions
  • Added option to specify the canonical domain per site(rootnode)
  • Added option to edit robots.txt file per site(rootnode)
  • Added support for umbracoUrlName in the redirect module
  • Added support for more than one default property to generate a default Meta title and Meta description
  • Added support for seoXmlSiteMapHide property to exclude pages from the generated sitemap
  • Added Property Editor converter for SEO Checker datatype to get a type safe version of Meta Data
  • Updated style for SEO Checker datatype

1.1.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Don't use canonical redirects in case of HTTP Post
  • Fixed Automatically redirect for non aspx extension doesn't work when root has no template assigned
  • Fixed tel: in href causes broken link
  • Fixed Unicode characters in focus keyword don't get recognized
  • Fixed Validator counts Escaped unicode characters as 5 characters
  • Fixed Change keyword selection tool location to new keyword planner
  • Fixed Error column in validation table is too small

1.1.1 Bugfix release

  • Added paging to overviews
  • Fixed layout issues
  • Fixed callto: in href causes broken link
  • Fixed Setting 404 explicit in template cause redirect loop

1.1 Update release

  • Added bulk select and update operations on every issue overview.
  • Added Scheduled validation
  • Added User notifications.
  • Added datatypes to override the document settings for Robots and XML sitemap
  • XML Sitemap will automatically generate an index file after 10000 items. Each sitemap will contain max 10000 items.

1.0.5 bugfix release

  • Fixed MySql installer issues
  • Fixed Title gets encoded
  • Fixed Anonymous protocol url's are broken
  • Fixed replace CRLF concats two words together in Preview
  • Updated Link check algoritm. When a HEAD request fails, SEOChecker retries with GET first before reporting the link broken.

1.0.4 Update release

  • Added new licensing dll to support both Deli as our own licensing system
  • Removed multiple H1 check
  • Fixed metadata master template issue

1.0.3 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Illegal characters in url causing redirect loops
  • Fixed Deleted documents are visible in the queue
  • Fixed Unpublished parent is causing validation issues for published child documents
  • Fixed not existing page url's with non aspx extension will not redirect correctly
  • Fixed Assigning domains can cause issues during validation process
  • Fixed Only a part of the sitemap is rendered on large XML sitemaps
  • Fixed Template validation reports small amount of comments
  • Fixed Extra spaces in focus keyword causes snippet preview to output HTML
  • Fixed casing of focus keyword is used in snippet preview instead of title/description/url casing
  • Fixed SEO Checker reports keyword not found when keyword is in the url but not in a single part of the url
  • Fixed License error message is shown after uploading a valid license
  • Fixed Assigned domain on a second or more level in V6 has rootnode in url when mapped via inbound link issues

1.0.2 Compatibilty release:

  • Fixed Umbraco V 6.0.1 compatibility issues

1.0.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed issues with port numbers in url's. SEO Checker now works on webmatrix
  • Added *.axd to robots.txt
  • Remove double slash from url wehn redirecting from .php url's
  • Fixed issue in document type configuration where parent got updated also when editing child document type.
  • Multiple H1 message is less strict

More information:

If you want more information about SEO checker, watch the screencasts, or read the blog postsabout some of the features SEO checker offers.

 Software Upgrade policy: 

  • Free lifetime updates for domain licenses
  • Free updates of server and unlimited licenses for a major release within one year of purchase.
  • Free updates for all minor releases within a major release.  For example, if you purchased a server, or unlimited 1.0 version of SEO Checker, you get free updates of all 1.x versions.
  • Price for an upgrade will be 40% of the original package price.


If you have any questions please use the support forum or drop us an email,


Richard Soeteman Mon, 12 Nov 2012 05:27:18 +00:00
uConfiguration Often, as a site developer, you need a place to store various site settings, a user friendly int]]>

Often, as a site developer, you need a place to store various site settings, a user friendly interface to manage them and API to access them from code.

Currently, the only possible options are to store them in separate tab in Homepage document, in special pages in tree, or in C# file.

However, uConfiguration was created to give another option. It adds a new tree node in the ‘Settings’ section called ‘Site Configuration’ and allows you to add useful, manageable sections such as the ability to add, move, edit, remove and sort.

In terms of accessing these, a simple API can be used to retrieve setting values in the code.

The plugin uses the same interface as ‘Document Type’ editor, with the difference that uConfiguration is a variant that is updated and improved.

The features of the plugin include:

  • Friendly interface
  • Supports all DataTypes in Umbraco
  • Supports third-party Data Types
  • Ability to create your own Converter
  • Transfer of configuration data between servers

At the moment, the plugin doesn't support following types: File upload, Grid layout, Image Cropper, Label and List view (as they did not provide much added value in this context).

More detailed documentation can be found here: Documentation

For Umbraco 7.5.10 and higher, please use the appropriate package.

Delete Fri, 16 Jun 2017 08:17:28 +00:00
Switcher Switcher is a simple property editor that works as an alternative to the core true/false datatype.

It can be used for different kinds of true/false values e.g. on/off, active/deactive or enabled/disabled and gives a more visual feedback to the content editor. Furthermore it is great for content editors, who edit content from tablets, where the switch-button is touch friendly.

For labels you can use static values or localized values. To use localized values you refer to keys in language files in /Umbraco/Config/Lang/. You can use existing keys or define a new area or place the keys under an existing area.


<area alias="switcher">
    <key alias="enabled">Enabled</key>
    <key alias="disabled">Disabled</key>



<area alias="switcher">
    <key alias="enabled">Aktiv</key>
    <key alias="disabled">Inaktiv</key>


In the configuration of the datatype you then enter this format {{area_key}}:

On-label text: {{switcher_enabled}} 

Off-label text: {{switcher_disabled}} 

Release notes:


  • New: Nuget package build
  • New: Updated colours and switch styles
  • New: Added option to show on/off icon in toggle button


  • Fix: Set form $dirty property to true, so the editor see the prompt warning about unsaved changes.


  • New: Localization support for labels
  • Fix: Switch class conflicted with class on datepicker in Umbraco 7.1.x


  • Initial release


Bjarne Fyrstenborg Fri, 23 Jan 2015 22:23:54 +00:00
Umbraco Courier Umbraco Courier 3 redefines the Umbraco deployment process giving you the power to deploy your website changes using only a right click.

Courier 3 compares and transfers your content, document types, templates, media, media types, macros, CSS, images, and scripts, without you having to lift more than one finger.

Right-click is all your need

Courier lets you deploy content directly from the context menu. All you need to do is right click the content you want to transfer and select "Transfer to Staging". Courier will validate all dependencies and package everything that is needed to make the transfer.

Detects all dependencies and resources

Without any configuration needed, Courier will automatically discover any dependencies associated

with your content such as document types, templates, data types, media, media types, macros and the associated files and transfers them without you needing to think about it. It even knows about any variations of the images you use and makes sure that the correct sizes and thumbnails are transferred.

Comprehensive API

The full version of Courier comes with an API that enables a developer to create their own custom data resolvers to handle any content that is not standard to Umbraco.   The deployment possibilities are endless.


To Install on Umbraco 7 (7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3+) Recommended

Either install directly from the Umbraco repository, or install the Courier.v*.zip as a local package under developer / packages in the umbraco backoffice.

To Install on earlier Umbraco versions

Use the most recent version from the Archives section.  Note that new installations of Courier for v4/v6 are not supported.

To Upgrade

Download the hotfix file corresponding to your Umbraco version (Courier.v* and make sure to unblock, then XCOPY all files to the corresponding location in your Umbraco instance - overwriting the older files. 

Upgrading from Courier v2 to v3 follows the same process. Courier v3 is completely backwards compatible with v2 so the upgrade will be nice and easy.
Note: for v3.0.0 and higher you might need to add some assembly bindings to your web.config following our update to a newer version of NHibernate.

Release notes

Changes in 3.1.2

  • COU-568 — Unpublish logic doesn't work with umbraco 7.6
  • COU-569 — Better error handling for SOAP connections
  • COU-573 — Given a courier file with a null for startNodeId, Courier creates a deploy-failed
  • COU-579 — LocalLinks are not set correctly when extracted
  • COU-578 — Fixing "optimizations" in LocalLinks resolver
  • COU-575 — Macros don't transfer (hash mismatch) due to unique id changes in courier 3.1 for Umbraco versions less than 7.6
  • COU-405 — When the report is generated for what is being sent - we need to limit this
  • COU-570 — Better memory handling when deserializing courier items from file

Changes in 3.1.1

  • COU-525 Exception: The underlying connection was closed

Changes in 3.1.0

  • COU-545 Courier 3 showing all items have changed even though they haven't
  • COU-542 Updates Courier to support 7.6 changes
  • COU-547 Courier doesn't refresh Relation Type caches when they are extracted
  • COU-551 When sorting on the source, then deploying the item and it's children, the children properties will be empty on the destination
  • COU-104 User Auth fails with LegacyEncoding = false in u6.2+
  • COU-531 Blank description can show up as difference

Changes in 3.0.8

Changes in 3.0.7

Changes in 3.0.6

  • COU-519 In some rare cases Courier seems to create cmsDocument entries that have duplicate newest/published flags

Changes in 3.0.5

  • COU-482 Better errors on OutOfMemory exception on transferring large files
  • COU-518 Following redirects not working anymore
  • COU-517 Log which path is too long when there's a PathTooLongException

Changes in 3.0.4

  • COU-497 Datatypes are restored with an incorrect path
  • COU-499 Unscheduled  Courier throws exceptions without the CacheHandler dll
  • COU-315 Courier token based authentication

Changes in 3.0.3

  • COU-480 When using Load balancing, Courier does not send the instructions to refresh media
  • COU-489 Allow a parent content type to have an empty tab for older Umbraco versions
  • COU-473 Courier v3 blanks out member property data in some occasions
  • COU-486 Restore dialog hangs - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-474 Some projects have duplicate Courier files - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-490 deploy markers not changing from deploy-progress - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-491 Battle of the Transactions

For more info, dig into the list of issues fixed for v3.0.3.

Changes in 3.0.2

  • COU-460 Courier doesn't follow redirects making calls to webservice fail
  • COU-458 Courier fails while restoring with a duplicate key exception - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-461 Error if mapGraph is true and ~/App_Data/courier/revision doesn't exist
  • COU-464 Very high CPU usage when resolving media items from RTE body content
  • COU-463 Request timeouts may occur when processing large batches (i.e. PackageBatch)
  • COU-359 Syncing document type with empty tab via revision does not delete target empty tab
  • COU-451 Pre-values aren't updated on restore - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-465 On Umbraco Cloud when extracting non-schema types (i.e. content and media) Courier will still extract all of the schema items which is unecessary - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-448 Allowed Doctypes are not stored in courier files when installing a package - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-468 When performing a content restore there is no filter applied to the graph to exclude all schema types - so they will also get processed - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-478 Add support for custom user creation rules in back office for Cloud Team Members - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-452 Restore dialog never closes - Umbraco Cloud

For more info, dig into the list of issues fixed for v3.0.2.

Changes in 3.0.1

  • COU-440 Courier CommitItem.aspx/GetTask 500 Error

Changes in 3.0.0

  • COU-363 Fix performance with NHibernate AutoFlush type
  • COU-406 Memory leak with resource transfers
  • COU-441 Media and Content pickers should not output integer/guid Ids that they cannot find
  • COU-364 Make Restore work by bulk packaging and downloading - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-437 Circular dependency causing problems during restore in Courier v3 - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-423 Tag data does not hash correctly/consistently
  • COU-365 Better handling of errors in the UI - both in back office and in the restore (nonodes) screen - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-378 On local restore of a site we need to clean up the default Umbraco data (content types) to ensure they are not in conflict with the courier data - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-368 Macro property sort order and editor alias is not persisted/updated/transferred
  • COU-425 Courier does not transfer property data by their Unique IDs (GUID) and instead transfers based on alias
  • COU-418 No document versions are created when transferring content unless it's brand new on the destination
  • COU-370 MemberGroup name is not updated
  • COU-374 When packaging a media item, the TransferContentTypesByUniqueIds config flag is ignored for media type dependencies
  • COU-387 Media Types dependencies are not packaged up with their GUIDs when TransferContentTypesByUniqueIds is true
  • COU-372 Antlr3 DLL Overwritten on Courier Package Install
  • COU-148 Use TypeFinder in Umbraco.Core instead of duplicating it
  • COU-382 Re-configure all NH models and mappings
  • COU-383 Global execution context timeout needs to be refreshed when there is ExecutionContext activity
  • COU-385 Fixes SOAP web service to return real entities instead of Base64 encoded serialized entities and save lots or memory/overhead
  • COU-408 Hashing is not hashing what it's supposed to be doing
  • COU-417 Fix hashing - large files, timestamps, userids, performance
  • COU-381 Default hashing of all entities should be in a smaller SHA1 hash
  • COU-432 Allowed doc type hashing should ignore sort order
  • COU-369 MemberGroup serializes, hashes and uses unnecessary values like User, Level and Sort Order
  • COU-433 Hashing for doc types and property types should ignore null whitespace values for Description + Validation fields
  • COU-362 Update NHibernate
  • COU-392 Fix GET requests on Deploy Controller that should be POST - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-390 The DeployController does not set the Session Id correctly and will result in improper session handling and session issues - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-391 Deploy dashboards will send multiple endpoint requests and open multiple sessions at once since the logic is flawed that based on polling events - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-428 The 'Deploy' button on the 'Save and Publish' drop-up button doesn't launch the dialog correctly - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-400 Retry button on dashboard doesn't work when there are data mismatches - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-449 Blocking changes details aren't shown - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-455 Check how there might be an Object Reference error in the ThrottledUiRunnerTask.Run - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-447 Rename "Umbraco as a Service" to "Umbraco Cloud" in dialogs - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-389 calling Umbraco.Courier.RepositoryProviders.Local.CloseSession doesn't set the _sessionOpen flag

For more info, dig into the list of issues fixed for v3.0.0.

Changes in 2.52.15

  • COU-428 The 'Deploy' button on the 'Save and Publish' drop-up button doesn't launch the dialog correctly
  • COU-422 When using Dependencies.ConvertIdentifier on a destination that doesn't have the entity an Exception is thrown
  • COU-419 RoutesCache is not refreshed when deploying
  • COU-401 When comparing pre-values they need to be sorted
  • COU-431 Courier Rebuild doesn't generate .courier files for datatypes located in subfolders
  • COU-402 Do not include empty properties in the hash
  • COU-403 File exist checks missing when clearing a revision
  • COU-404 When Access Rules in db cannot deploy a new document with a rule attached
  • COU-399 Data type pre-values do not get transfered correctly because the comparison in DataTypeItem.Persist item compares on Value not Alias
  • COU-412 Media Type Compositions are not resolved/extracted
  • COU-411 Add new environment, leaves a deploy-progress marker hanging - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-366 Authorization has been denied for this request - Umbraco Cloud
  • COU-413 Empty Image Editor in Grid prevents content deployment - Umbraco Cloud

Changes in 2.52.14

  • Performance update for data integrity check
  • Updates text and links for Deployment dashboard (Umbraco Cloud)
  • COU-394 Local deploy broken when creating a revision
  • COU-388 Update Courier to work with Umbraco 7.5 301 redirect data
  • COU-375 Changing a property alias does not get deployed.

Changes in 2.52.13

  • Deployment dashboard updates (Umbraco Cloud)

Changes in 2.52.12

  • Deployment dashboard updates (Umbraco Cloud)

Changes in 2.52.11

  • Fixes a problem on Umbraco Cloud where the first run would not succeed

Changes in 2.52.10

  • COU-349 RTE images do not get added as dependencies
  • COU-358 DropdownList with comma in the prevalues will not transfer
  • Deployment dashboard updates (Umbraco Cloud)

Changes in 2.52.9

  • COU-354 Ignoring the access.config courier file if it isn't used anyways
  • COU-340 Expose environment through Courier
  • Deployment dashboard updates (Umbraco Cloud)

Changes in 2.52.8

  • New deployment dashboard (Umbraco Cloud)
  • Fixes an issue where duplicate media nodes might have been created

Changes in 2.52.7

  • COU-341 Data loss when deploying changes to Member Types

Changes in 2.52.6

  • Fixed a small javascript bug (Umbraco Cloud)

Changes in 2.52.5

  • COU-327 Fixes XPath on MNTP are not been transferred (Umbraco Cloud)
  • COU-330 Get deploy overview UI headers from provider instead of it being hardcoded in the deploy files (Umbraco Cloud)
  • COU-324 Fixes Ids in macros not being resolved
  • COU-331 Ensure providers can be added to allowed providers (Umbraco Cloud)
  • COU-304 Fixes remaining issues with Compare UI (Umbraco Cloud)
  • COU-310 and COU-323 Fixes transfer of Public Access settings (Umbraco Cloud)
  • COU-321 DataTypes using string PreValues like dropdownlists doesn't transfer correctly
  • COU-319 Allowed DocType can be null

Changes in 2.52.4:

  • Fixes to the Courier UI dashboard
  • Fixed a bug causing memory issues on sites with large media libraries
  • Fixed a bug when packaging protected content with multiple member groups
  • Fixed a bug when renaming tabs on document types
  • Fixed a bug causing duplicate insert errors on persisting items
  • Added detailed compare messages for failed deployments
  • Changes to ease the development of external grid resolvers
  • Changes for flexibility on environments (Umbraco Cloud)
  • Improvements to failed restore process (Umbraco Cloud)  


Changes in 2.52.3:  

  • Adds functionality for upgrading (only affects Umbraco Cloud)


Changes in 2.52.1 and 2.52.2:

  • Fixes oversights in 2.52.0 that affected Umbraco Cloud


Changes in 2.52.0:

  • This release is compatible with 7.4 (also with all older versions, but specifically supports new 7.4 features)
  • Fixes an ObjectDisposedException


Changes in 2.51.5:  

  • Improved handling of items in the Grid (grid control settings and row/cell settings now get transferred and media items in the Grid are now transferred correctly)
  • Deleting documents, media and document types no longer gives a "Failed to retrieve data" error
  • Fixed transferring prevalues with the multi node tree picker datatype
  • Items that were seemingly deployed but only visible after recycling the app pool now will be shown without having to recycle the app pool


Changes in 2.51.4:

  • Fixed errors when inserting some document/media/member types, the error was "A duplicate value cannot be inserted into a unique index"
  • Fixed: Settings on Row and Cells in GridLayout were not transferred
  • Fixed problems with transferring updates to content that is created from nested/inherited document types - read the details about this here


Changes in 2.51.3:

  • Fixed problems with transferring member types and media types
  • Fixed media items not being transferred when they were included in the Grid
  • From now on Courier will verify that both source and target use the same version of Courier
  • Fixed issues where sometimes cells in the Grid didn't transfer items with an id
  • Fixed a problem where hostnames sometimes would make a transfer fail
  • Fixed a problem with the TypeFinder erroring on types in the App_Code folder


Changes in 2.51.2:

  • Courier has been updated to work with the updated API and database in Umbraco 7.3. It retains backwards compatibility with previous versions of Umbraco.
  • Bugs related to content packaging, transfer and restore tasks have been resolved.
  • Error handling has been improved to ensure more useful errors are displayed if something is not working.
  • Event bindings have been updated to work with the new events in 7.3+.
  • The whole packaging and comparison process of a deployment has been optimized to improve performance.


Per Ploug Fri, 27 May 2011 14:21:10 +00:00
Tribe Document Thumbnails This package adds thumbnails to create view, since the doctype description equals "module" .

Daniel Tue, 09 May 2017 15:14:34 +00:00
SiteLock A security package for Umbraco 7. Lock down an Umbraco website from viewers. Only users who are logged into the backoffice can see the public website.

What it is for?

There are often times when a staging or pre-production domain is publically available. This is problematic as the non-production site is not "locked down", and there might even be cases where Google indexes it. SiteLock solves this problem by only allowing authenticated users to view the website.


How it works

SiteLock is simply a module which is loaded dynamically at runtime. It inspects the domain of each request, and then either allows it, or throws a HttpException with a status code of 403.



After installing the package, you'll be able to lock any website via /config/SiteLock.config.


The Cogworks Wed, 14 Jun 2017 13:35:02 +00:00
Terratype # README #


### Purpose ###

Map datatype for Umbraco V7 


### Why? ###

Wish to give your content editors or grid editors easy Maps to set real world locations. 


### Usage ###

1. Install Terratype framework package via Nuget


2. Install the Map Providers you would like to use


3. Create a new data type based off this the newly added Terratype property Editor. You may need to obtain any API Keys that are necessary 


4. Add this new data type to a document type


5. Create new content based off this document type


### Reference ###



### Render ###


@using Terratype;


@Html.Terratype(Options, Map, @<text>Label</text>)



### Log ###



Terratype model now includes height

Extra handling for GMaps when resize doesn't call idle event afterwards

Improved code to detect when Rendered map is being shown

Now with jQuery monitoring




All providers use .NET Framework 4.5

Added Icon to Options, to be able to render custom icons 

Fixed label issue for multiple Rendered GMaps 




Fix for when providers are missing their default values

Fixed Minor spelling mistakes

Leaflet Map Icon is now static when rendered in razor



Render error with map height and zoom in option 





Added Bing Maps

Leaflet not displaying

Switching between providers in config now smoother





Fixed option error in FireFox




@Html.Terratype() now handles dynamic values

Added Leaflet Provider

Remove labels from frontend when no label is present

Improved provider loading




Error when creating Google Maps without an API Key present




Added native Grid editor to allow terratype maps to be added/edited and rendered inside grids (With no coding required)

Added native Datum values to each Coordinate System




Fixed error with Null types in assemblies

Fixed error with map height for IE in Umbraco backend only

Added content editable Labels to maps





Error checking for providers fixed





Removed reliance on terratype map provider having to be same version as terratype




Removed hardcoded /umbraco/ references





Complete rewrite based from AngularGoogleMaps.



### Future development ###


Current Roadmap


Allow rendered maps to work out their own zoom level depending on icons being displayed


Include client-side events when map is being rendered, so that your javascript code gets noticified when an icon is clicked (for example)


Include stylised maps for Leaflet, using own Tile Servers (Likely to be free or paid for service depending on your data usage)


Adding an ArcGIS and CartoDB providers - likely to charge for these providers, to recupe development and cover maintance costs (My thinking is better to have working providers for money, than broken providers for free)

### Source code ###

Download the source code, it should work for Visual Studio 2013 & 2015. If you set **Terratype.TestSite** as your **Set as Startup project** this should execute the test Umbraco website, where you can test maps under different scenarios. Once running, surf to http://localhost:60389/umbraco and at the login type admin for user and password for password.


Jonathan Richards Tue, 07 Feb 2017 01:09:36 +00:00
Spectrum Colour Picker

*** Umbraco 7 Property Editor Only ***

Creates an "unbound" colour picker based on the Spectrum jquery plugin. By unbound, we mean that colours aren't pre-defined, allowing the user to choose a color of their own.

For more information about Spectrum, go here:

If you want to customise the settings for Spectrum, see the file in


and set the Spectrum options in the directive.

Note: Currently you may need to force the website to restart by touching the web.config in order to see the new Property Editor.  When upgrading any package, it's also advisable to flush your browser cache otherwise you may not immediately see any difference in functionality due to javascript file caching.


Version 0.0.6:

  • Finally added support for Umbraco installed in virtual directories.

Version 0.0.5:

  • Added the option to specify a transparency when choosing the color.

Version 0.0.4a:

  • Fixed manifest file so that the plugin would work with the recent change to ClientDependency.

Version 0.0.4:

  • Color should now be properly initialising again.

Version 0.0.3:

  • Fixed problem where the color picker wouldn't be initiated correctly unless the site was refreshed

Version 0.0.2:

  • Cleaned and simplified up Controller and removed Directive to make it more reliable.
Robert Foster Tue, 07 Jan 2014 05:32:01 +00:00
Umbraco Forms on Perplex Steroids This package extends the default Umbraco Forms-package with some additional controls and copy-functionality, as well as the ability to organize forms in folders. Changelogs are included in the package itself and can be viewed before installation.

After installing the package you will get the following:

  • Five additional fieldtypes
  • Perplex File Upload: Select which file-extensions are allowed to upload, whether multiple files are allowed and the maximum size of the files.
  • Perplex Image Upload: Select which image-extensions are allowed to upload, whether multiple files are allowed and the maximum size of the images.
  • Perplex Text Field: Adds placeholder-functionality, maximum length-attributes and HTML5 input-type specification
  • Perplex Textarea Field: Adds placeholder and maximum length-attributes.
  • Perplex ReCaptcha: The Google ReCaptcha version 2
  • Copy-functionality: Allows you to copy your forms.

  • Folders: In the Forms section it is now possible to create folders (right-click > Create Folder). Folders can be created within other folders, and the sort-order of forms and folders can be altered (right-click > Sort). 
  • Form Picker datatype: A new form picker datatype is included which supports the folder structure.
  • Form Picker macro: Likewise, a new form picker macro is included which supports the folder structure.
  • Multiple (!) start Nodes in Forms: Similar to Start Node in the Content and Media sections, it is possible to set start nodes in forms. Unlike Content and Media, you can set multiple start nodes for forms. Using start nodes, you can control which users can edit / view / create forms in which folders. This does not currently affect the form pickers, users can still select any form, they just cannot edit them in the Forms section. The Start Nodes can be set in Users > Forms Security. A short video how it works is available here:
  • Configurationfile: To do some additional configuration on the default fields. The configuration file is located in App_Plugins/PerplexUmbracoForms/PerplexUmbracoForms.config

Also you'll get:

  • an additional workflow that allows you to delete the entry (and specific files) directly after submit. In cases where privacy is at risk it allows you to send the content of the form via a mail and directly delete the entry and uploaded files.

Known issues:

  • Upgrading from version 1.0 to any other version will result in a route config error, due to the DLL having been renamed from PerplexUmbraco.Forms.dll to Perplex.Umbraco.Forms.dll, so both are present after the upgrade. This can be resolved by manually removing the old DLL from your /bin folder (PerplexUmbraco.Forms.dll).
  • Version 1.55 and below do not work properly with Umbraco Forms 4.4, in particular the File Upload file types. Please use version 1.6 and up. Similarly, version 1.6 and higher may not work well with Umbraco Forms < 4.4, so use 1.55 or earlier for those versions.
  • Version 1.6 should be used with Forms 4.4
  • Version 1.7+ should be used with Forms 6.0 and up.
  • Installing the package in an installation with existing forms that use built-in fieldtypes which are hidden by our package will lead to errors. Using the configuration file to show those field types again will make the errors disappear. Thanks to Claus Hingebjerg for bringing this to our attention.


Full documentation is available and we love to receive your feedback via our website or email. The source code of the package is available on our Github page.

Note: Please make sure that you have installed Umbraco Forms before installing this package.

]]> Fri, 22 Jan 2016 12:12:21 +00:00
Full Text Search Full Text Search is a fast, powerful and easy to set up search solution for Umbraco web sites.

Yes, but why?
In working for clients, we found that XLST Search didnt handle content replacement and wasnt flexible enough.  The main alternative, Examine, required a fair amount of work and know-how to integrate into our sites.  So, we decided to write something that can index an entire web page, in the same way that Google does, and allow searching that index with minimal setup and no additional code.

OK, tell me more
Full Text Search indexes the full content of published Umbraco pages, including any macros or shared content.

Out of the box, it allows searching of this index using fuzzy matching, quoted queries, context highlighting and more - all without you having to write a single line of code.  Its intended to fill the gap between the ease of use of XSLT Search and the relative complexity of writing your own solution using Examine.

What are the specifics?

  • Indexing is approached in a fashion similar to a search engine crawler: the full HTML produced by a page is read after publishing, tag stripped and added to the index. There are options to allow common content (menus, footers etc) to be excluded from the index.
  • A Razor macro is used to format and display search results. This allows for easy modification of the display format of search results, again without having to touch any of the code.
  • For more advanced users, there are options to customise search through various configuration options, as well as to modify indexing and result retrieval behaviour from your own code.

As a result of using Full Text Search, search should be lightning quick, even on sites with large amounts of content.  This is because the package is essentially just an intelligent front end to Umbracos Examine/Lucene.

For full documentation, source, bugs, and everything else, please see our codeplex page.

Governor Technology Thu, 30 Jun 2011 16:27:28 +00:00

Also, it violates the terms for package listings on Our. Unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to delete a package from Our, so tough luck. Surely someday it will be possible, and Umport will be deleted. 


Tired of deploying your Umbraco configuration click by click?

Umport helps you automate the deployment of your Umbraco configuration between environments. Simply export the configuration of the source environment and import it on the target environment and you're good to go.

Umport also features an analyzer option, that lets you review the pending changes BEFORE you import them on the target environment.

Since Umport exports all settings as XML, it is also an excellent tool for version controlling your Umbraco configuration.

For Umbraco 7.1+ Umport supports automatic export of changed/updated/deleted configuration items. You can enable this in the Umport config file (/Config/Umport.config).

For Umbraco 7.2+ you can pick and choose what you want to import on the target environment.

For Umbraco 7.3+ Umport can integrate with your CI builds. See the ReadMe file for details.

Umport currently supports:

  • Document types
  • Media types
  • Data types
  • Macros
  • Templates
  • Member types
  • Member groups (optional)
  • Languages (7.1+ only)
  • Dictionary (7.1+ only)

For the time being there is no support for the datatype and content folders in 7.4. Umport won't work if you're using folders.

Note there are different packages for different versions of Umbraco. The minor version of the package refers to the supported Umbraco version(s):

  • Umport version x.600.x.x for Umbraco version 6.0 and 6.1
  • Umport version x.710.x.x for Umbraco version 7.1
  • Umport version x.720.x.x for Umbraco version 7.2
  • Umport version x.730.x.x for Umbraco version 7.3
  • Umport version x.740.x.x for Umbraco version 7.4


Please check the ReadMe file before using Umport.


Kenn Jacobsen Tue, 01 Apr 2014 11:36:01 +00:00
ExamineFileIndexer Custom Examine indexer to index any umbraco media nodes. Under the hood it makes use of Apache Tika to extract content and meta data from umbraco media files. Tika can handle the following formats. The package also supports VPP (Virtual path provider) so if your media files are in azure etc it will also index those.

Getting started

This package is supported on Umbraco 7.6.1+.


ExamineFileIndexer is available from Our Umbraco, NuGet, or as a manual download directly from GitHub.

Our Umbraco repository




After installation your ExamineIndex.config and ExamineSettings.config file will updated. The following entries will be added.


  <IndexSet SetName="MediaIndexSet" IndexPath="~/App_Data/TEMP/ExamineIndexes/MediaIndexSet">
      <add Name="id" />
      <add Name="nodeName" />
      <add Name="updateDate" />
      <add Name="writerName" />
      <add Name="path" />
      <add Name="nodeTypeAlias" />
      <add Name="parentID" />
      <add Name="File" />


Under ExamineIndexProviders/providers:

<add name="MediaIndexer" type="Cogworks.ExamineFileIndexer.UmbracoMediaFileIndexer, Cogworks.ExamineFileIndexer" 
umbracoFileProperty="umbracoFile" />

Under ExamineSearchProviders/providers:

<add name="MediaSearcher" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoExamineSearcher, UmbracoExamine" indexSet="MediaIndexSet" 
analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardAnalyzer, Lucene.Net" />

By default the following file types will be indexed: pdfdocx. To add other file types to index you need to update ExamineSettings.config:

<add name="MediaIndexer" type="Cogworks.ExamineFileIndexer.UmbracoMediaFileIndexer, Cogworks.ExamineFileIndexer" 
umbracoFileProperty="umbracoFile" />

Update the extensions attribute and add any other file types. They need to be separated by colons (,).

You can also add the image file types eg. .jpgPLEASE NOTE INDEXING IMAGES WILL ONLY ADD EXIF META DATA.

The Cogworks Wed, 14 Jun 2017 09:34:35 +00:00
Find and Replace A simple and intuitive package which allows editors to find and replace content in Umbraco 7.


  • After installing the package, you'll be able to search for phrase and replace it with new one.
  • To use it you have to right click on content tree node and choose "Find And Replace" option.
  • You are able to replace each occursion exclusively or replace all of those using "Replace all" button.


This package is currently supported on Umbraco 7.5+.

The Cogworks Thu, 16 Mar 2017 16:21:25 +00:00