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Gecko Uploadify Install package

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.NET Version: 4.0
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19 July 2010
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Gecko Uploadify is a multiple file uploader for Umbraco using the Uploadify ( jQuery Plugin.

Included with this package is an installer (thanks to the Noerd guys) that adds a tab called "upload" to each folder in the media library from which multiple files can be added.

Also included is a macro that can be placed on the front-end of your site, allowing Multiple files to be uploaded by users of the site where appropriate.

The uploadify Macro comes with the following options - these are not required to be set for use in the media section.

Media Folder
Specifies the ID of the media library folder that files should be uploaded to

Input Field Id  (Optional)
This allows uploadify to be attached to a particular input field on the frontend and is optional.  If omitted, an ID will be attached

Button Text
Allows setting the text used on the button

Comma-separated list of allowed file extensions

Javascript to be executed when a file has been uploaded

Javascript to be executed when all files have been uploaded

Size Limit (MB)
Size limit in MB - note this cannot be set higher than your web.config maxrequestlength


Written by Emanuel Gaspar ( and Gecko New Media.

Update 03/09/2010
Version 1.3:  Works with .NET 3.5 and tested in umbraco 4.0 and 4.5

Update 22/09/2010
Version 1.4:  Fixed bug with max file size

Update 29/11/2011
Version 1.5:  Compatible with umbraco 4.7 (previous version doesn't work, the data type isn't installed)

Update 09/07/2013
Version 1.6:  The media ID is now returned instead of 1.