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Contour Install package

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Warren Buckley
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This project is compaitible with Version 7.2.x, Version 7.1.x and 3 other versions.
.NET Version: 4.0
Supports Medium Trust: No
12 July 2010
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Umbraco Commercial License

Contour makes creating contact forms, entry forms and questionnaires just as easy as using Word. You won’t need to write a single line of code. Instead, you can create, edit and administer your form via a user interface that is a fully integrated part of Umbraco.
Check out the product page for more details.

To install on Umbraco 6/7 latest

Either install directly from the umbraco repository, or install the as a local package under developer / packages in the umbraco backoffice

To install on Umbraco 4 latest

install the Contour as a local package under developer / packages in the umbraco backoffice

For older version use the following rule

For version lower then 4.7 use 1.1.9 for version between 4.7 and 4.10 use 3.0.6 for everything else just use the latest stable

To Upgrade

Download the and unzip its contents in the root of your website, installation guid is available as a pdf below

Upgrading from 1.x to 3.x

Since there are some schema changes between version 1 and 3 your db will also need to be updated, you can execute the upgrade script by requesting the page after requesting that page your schema will be updated and you'll have a new insert form macro in the developer section.

If that fails you can also run the sql manually, the scripts can be found on the source code tab below


Most recent docs can be found here (includes install/upgrade, editor, dev docs).

Older developer docs are available below as a pdf.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Is available on



27/10/16 - 3.0.31
This includes a fix for exporting entires where browsers are getting auto-updated. Further details here -

25/10/16 - 3.0.30
This includes a fix  for jQuery Upgrade in Umbraco Core 7.5+ breaking UI & functionality of Contour. Further details here -

28/4/16 - 3.0.29
Fix from a Gold Partner support ticket - Fixes when editing values for a record via the backoffice that values stored in a dropdown & datepicker show the correct values rather than blank values

Overview of the different versions and changes can be found here:


Details on coming versions and know issues can be found on the issue tracker at