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Config Tree Install package

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Tim Geyssens
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This project is compaitible with Version 7.2.x, Version 7.1.x and 3 other versions.
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26 June 2009
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This package will add a tree to the developer section called "Config Files". It will list all of the *.config files in your ~/config folder.  These can all be modified in the editor provided.

Also available on Nuget

Install-Package Nibble.Umbraco.ConfigTree

Version information

For Umbraco v4.8+ (including up to v6.x and beyond) use the latest version - currently v3.1!

For Umbraco v4.5.x (legacy) please use v2.0. This version introduced editing the Web.config file!

A note when editing your Web.config file - any modifications may potentially break your website. As a back-up measure, the editor will make a copy when you save (this is timestamped in the filename) - just in case you need to revert it!

For Umbraco v4.0.x (legacy), please use the previous version (