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Tea Commerce Install package

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Anders Burla Johansen
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This project is compaitible with Version 7.7.x, Version 7.6.x and 2 other versions.
.NET Version: 4.0
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10 November 2010
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Tea Commerce is a strong lightweight e-commerce system for Umbraco – it’s easy to implement and ships with a simple admin interface for the shop owner. Tea Commerce allows you to implement an Umbraco ecommerce solution using only Razor/XSLT, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No .NET experience needed.

Go to and try Tea Commerce - both the front-end and the back-office.

Powerful APIs
Commerce comes with a complete stack of APIs - JavaScript, Razor, XSLT, .NET and HTML. There should be an API for all coding flavor - they have almost the same functionality, so use the one that you like! It's that easy to implement an Umbraco ecommerce solution.

Build on top of Umbraco
Tea Commerce
use Umbraco's content section to manage product categories, products, variants etc.. This allows you to build the entire Umbraco ecommerce solution via content nodes, document types, views, partials, CSS etc., and when you're ready, install Tea Commerce and you can implement the shopping cart, order flow, payment with credit cards, etc. Thats it!

Use existing Umbraco packages
Tea Commerce is build using the Umbraco API and
therefore 100% compatible with other Umbraco packages. With all the packages already available for Umbraco, you can extend your Umbraco ecommerce solution indefinitely and create entirely new functionality never before seen in a webshop.

Highlighted features

  • Multiple stores - e.g. B2C/B2B store or multiple brand stores
  • Marketing - time limited campaigns, discount codes, unit price discount, free shipping etc.
  • Unlimited product categories, products, variants, related products etc.
  • Support for multilingual e-commerce solutions
  • Flexible pricing for multi-currency and advanced pricing structures
  • Country and country regions/states supported along with differentiated VAT/tax
  • Membership integration to the Umbraco members
  • 20+ payment gateways supported - Authorize.Net, ePay, Netaxept, Ogone, Klarna, PayPal, WorldPay etc.
  • International shipping
  • Easy order management
  • Email templates to communicate with the customer
  • Customizable price calculations - for orders, shipping, payment etc.

Need more info? See

Tea Commerce supports Umbraco 6+ and MS SQL, SQL CE, MySQL and Azure SQL

Updating Tea Commerce
Important - You can't upgrade a Tea Commerce 1.x to 2
Updating is as simple as re-installing the package.
Always check the revision history before updating.

Tea Commerce Starter Kit
The starter kit makes it really simple to try Tea Commerce or show it off to a client. It's a fully functional webshop that is ready to use.

Useful links
Documentation -
Feature list -
Revision history -