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Eric Herlitz started this project on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 it's current version is 1.1.1 .

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Eric Herlitz

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Eric Herlitz
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
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usercontrol  RSS  c# 

Bendsoft RSS Reader

This is a simple but ultrafast RSS Reader written in C# with a caching feature.

Why another RSS Reader? Well there are several fully featured RSS Readers available already, however they are mainly written in XSLT without caching features which makes them »very« slow. This component is built with one thing in mind, speed!


== To install into umbraco ==

The setup images are enclosed within the zip package.


  1. put the .ascx and ascx.cs files into the usercontrols directory
  2. go to the developer section in the admin panel and create a new macro and link the usercontrol (see Setup 1.png)
  3. add all parameters in the parameters tab (see Setup 2.png)
  4. save and add the macros to your preferred masterpages


<umbraco:Macro rssURL="http://blog.bendsoft.com/?feed=rss2" noWords="8" header="Official Blog" noPosts="5" updateInterval_Minutes="30" Alias="BendsoftRssReader" runat="server"></umbraco:Macro>

== Parameters ==


  • noWords: How many words to display before truncate
  • noPosts: How many posts to list
  • rssURL: Where to get the rss feed
  • header: What header
  • updateInterval_Minutes: How often to fetch an update of the Feed. The feed result is cached on the server for the selected period.


== Styling ==

I've added a few styling options, see the css file.

h2.rssHeader {}, h3.rssTitle {}, h3.rssTitle a {}, p.rssText {}, p.rssDate {}

== Changelog ==

* 1.1.1 (2011-03-26)

  •  Resolved a bug in the caching of the xml-file

 1.1 (2011-03-19)

  • added HttpWebRequest check to prevent fail if url cant be reached
  • added timeout tolerance level for requests

* 1.0 (2011-02-23)

  • added cache feature
  • added properties


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