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Warren Buckley started this project on Friday, August 2, 2013 it's current version is 0.0.4 Alpha .

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Warren Buckley

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Project owner:
Warren Buckley
Friday, August 2, 2013
Current version
0.0.4 Alpha
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CWS Start

This is a reboot of the old CWS Starter Website project, rebuilt from scratch for Umbraco 6 MVC mode, so you can pull it apart and learn how an Umbraco MVC is built.

Source Code Available

This package is not closed source and will never ever will be. The whole purpose of this project is for people to learn how the website site was built, so any compiled code is easily available by downloading the source code from the project on GitHub

Built on BootStrap

Due to it's popularity and the vast number of themes, jQuery plugins, CSS WebFonts and the such it was a decision to use Bootstrap to build the CWS Start project on it. Rather than having to learn a new framework or a priopitery one that I would have written.

Built for all to learn

This website package starter kit is designed for a vast number of audiences from the absolute novice to Umbraco to the more vetran Umbraco user who may want to pick up a trick or two. So why not take a look through the well documented & commented code and pick up something new today.


- Login
- Logout
- Register
- Verify Email (Used to verify & grant access)
- Forgotten Email (Unique timestamp GUID for a 15min reset window)
- Reset Password
- Edit Profile
- View public profile - site.co.uk/user/warrenbuckley
Contact Form
- Uses PetaPoco for custom DB table to store logs of form entries
- Custom dashboard in Content section to view log entries
General Textpages

Issues, Feature Requests?

Got any issues, bugs, feature requests or anything else about the project please post it over on the GitHub project page here please - https://github.com/warrenbuckley/CWS-Start/issues


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