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Seth Niemuth started this project on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 it's current version is 1.0 .

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Seth Niemuth

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Seth Niemuth
Tuesday, January 26, 2010
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change password email any user 

My Info - Change User Password and Email

This project contains a macro with a usercontrol which can be added to any page to allow any logged in user the ability to change their password and/or email address. You can add a success message on the macro as well as a redirect URL on successful change. This has only been tested on 4.0.3. I created it as a macro rather than as an extra section in the backend so that the new section does not have to be added for all users.

Note on the final screenshot:

If you want to add a button on the backend next to the about button you can do this (Backup files before you edit them):

Edit the /umbraco/umbraco.aspx and find the  <div class="topBarButtons">

Inside of it, add this button and image (with '/MyInfo.aspx' being the URL to your web page with the control:

 <button onclick="window.open('/MyInfo.aspx','help','width=750,height=500,scrollbars=auto,resizable=1;'); return false;" class="topBarButton">


                    <img src="images/newStar.gif" alt="about" /><span><%=umbraco.ui.Text("general", "myprofile")%></span></button> 

Then, you will need to add text for 'myprofile' in the general area of your language file.

Language files are in /umbraco/lang/

My en.xml file now has 


  <key alias="myprofile">My Profile</key>

Inside <area alias="general">




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