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  • higgsy 65 posts 92 karma points
    Jan 18, 2014 @ 19:18

    A modelling problem....


    I'm using uSiteBuilder and I'm coming slightly unstuck with my model, and the class inheritence. As I understand it, uSiteBuilder only supports classes and not interfaces.

    I have 3 document types:

    • Home (Title, RightColumnWidgets)
    • StandardContent (Title, RightColumnWidgets, HeaderTitle, HeaderIntro)
    • Listing (Title, HeaderTitle, HeaderInfo)

    A few observations:

    • Home and StandardContent share Title and RightColumnWidgets
    • Home, StandardContent and Listing all share Title
    • StandardContent and Listing share Title, HeaderTitle and HeaderIntro

    My attempts at the models were:

    Model 1

               - Content (Title)
                          - PageHeader (HeaderTitle, HeaderIntro)      
                                     - BaseTwoColumn (RightColumnWidgets)
                                                - StandardContent (CORRECT)
                                                - Home (INCORRECT AS Home should have no HeaderTitle or HeaderIntro properties)
                                     - Listing (CORRECT)

    Model 2

               - Content (Title)
                          - BaseTwoColumn (RightColumnWidgets)
                                     - PageHeader (HeaderTitle, HeaderIntro)
                                                - StandardContent (CORRECT)
                                     - Home (CORRECT)
                          - BaseOneColumn
                                     - Listing (INCORRECT because HeaderTitle and HeaderIntro are missing, but BaseOneColumn cannot inherit from PageHeader otherwise properties from BaseTwoColumn will also be inherited)        

    Perhaps I haven't been able to solve this because the model is incorrectly designed? Perhaps this is a limitation of uSiteBuilder because I can't use interfaces?

    Could anyone provide any pointers or alternative solutions? I'd be most grateful for any help.

    Many thanks


  • higgsy 65 posts 92 karma points
    Jan 21, 2014 @ 10:48

    Any thoughts anyone?

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