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  • Nico 2 posts 93 karma points
    Nov 17, 2015 @ 10:07

    Web api - GetGridHtml not working

    LeBlender is crashing when GetGridHtml is called in WebAPI.


       int nodeId = 1300;
        UmbracoHelper helper = new UmbracoHelper(UmbracoContext.Current);
        IPublishedContent samplecontent= helper.TypedContent(nodeId);

    The crash is because of HttpContext.Current.Request["id"] does not exist in LeBlenderHelper.cs. (Line 234)

    When for example


    is called the code crashed and no value is returned.

    I found a simple workaround, but don't know if this is the right solution.

    Changed the code in LeBlenderHelper.cs. (Line 222 till 245)

     internal static PublishedContentType GetTargetContentType()
                if (UmbracoContext.Current.IsFrontEndUmbracoRequest)
                    return GetUmbracoHelper().AssignedContentItem.ContentType;
                else if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(HttpContext.Current.Request["doctype"]))
                    return PublishedContentType.Get(PublishedItemType.Content, HttpContext.Current.Request["doctype"]);
                else if(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(HttpContext.Current.Request["id"]))
                    int contenId = int.Parse(HttpContext.Current.Request["id"]);
                    return (PublishedContentType)ApplicationContext.Current.ApplicationCache.RuntimeCache.GetCacheItem(
                        "LeBlender_GetTargetContentType_" + contenId,
                        () =>
                            var services = ApplicationContext.Current.Services;
                            var contentType = PublishedContentType.Get(PublishedItemType.Content, services.ContentService.GetById(contenId).ContentType.Alias);
                            return contentType;
                return null;

    Can this be fixed in next version?

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