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Multinode Treepicker Extended

A simple extension of Umbraco's Multinode Treepicker that allows you to define children document types that will dictate if the chosen document typ...

version n/a
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Ucommerce is an e-commerce offering fully integrated with Umbraco for building online stores. With Ucommerce and Umbraco you create unique and powe...

version 6.1.0 - 7.7.0
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A time range picker data type. Returns Start Time and End Time as DateTime.. 

version 7.5.0 - 7.7.0
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A days of week picker data type. Property value is of type IEnumerable<DayOfWeek>.

version 7.5.0 - 7.7.0
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A country picker data type. Property value is ISO2 code

version 7.5.0 - 7.7.0
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# README #   ### Purpose ### Map datatype for Umbraco V7    ### Why? ### Wish to give your content editors or grid editors eas...

version 7.5.0 - 7.7.0
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Slack Health Check Notification

This package adds a Health Check Slack Notification Method to Umbraco v7.7+ so that the status of Health Checks can be posted to a specific Slack C...

version 7.5.0 - 7.7.0
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F.A.L.M. Housekeeping

The new version of our cleaning tool is now in a custom section and has been completely rewritten to take advantage of AngularJS ATTENTION! To vie...

version 7.5.0 - 7.7.0
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Provides a property value converter that creates a strongly typed model of the Umbraco grid and its controls/editors. The base package (Our.Umbrac...

version 7.7.0 - 7.7.0
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If you want to reduce the file size of images uploaded to your Umbraco website, then this is the package for you. You can set a maximum width and h...

version 7.5.0 - 7.7.0
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Keep your umbraco settings in sync - uSync in an umbraco package that takes the bits of umbraco that are stored in a database and moves them to...

version 7.4.0 - 7.7.0
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This plugin tracks the usage of images from the media tree by examining content as it is published. You can select an image to view where it is use...

version 7.7.0 - 7.7.0
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51Degrees - Mobile Device Detection and Redirection

Project Description This project, called "Foundation", is just one of 51Degrees components for mobile web development. It’s provided as a .N...

version n/a
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Siteimprove Plugins – Your Insights Always Within Reach The Siteimprove plugin bridges the gap between Umbraco and the Siteimprove Intellige...

version 7.1.0 - 7.7.0
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An Azure Blob Storage IFileSystem provider for Umbraco. Used to offload static files in the media section to the cloud. Designed to...

version 7.7.0 - 7.7.0
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An Umbraco Data Type that allows you to search and pick from YouTube and Vimeo videos. It can also be configured to search and pick from your own...

version 7.5.0 - 7.7.0
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Highly configurable icon picker for Umbraco. With Iconic you will be able to create a property editor that can use virtually any font package out...

version 7.5.0 - 7.7.0
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Umbraco Courier

Umbraco Courier 3 redefines the Umbraco deployment process giving you the power to deploy your website changes using only a right click. Courier 3...

version 7.7.0 - 7.7.0
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FABRIC8 - Rackspace Cloud Files With Umbraco

Rackspace Cloud Files With Umbraco is a plugin that will allow Umbraco sites to utilise Rackspace cloud files over a CDN.   This plugin can...

version 7.6.0 - 7.6.0
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Plumber - Workflow for Umbraco

NOTE: from v0.2.0 onwards, this package will only support v7.7+, to take advantage of the UI improvements around user management, which tran...

version 7.5.0 - 7.7.0
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