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    Here's a wild idea...

    Sebastiaan Janssen started this topic May 17, 2010 @ 08:26

    I've been thinking about this for a while, actually since the new forum was launched last year: We could actually move the forum to a StackExchange site...

    I know, I said it was a wild idea! ;-)

    The StackExchange (StackOverflow) model has been very succesful and I think Umbraco would make a perfect candidate for the new structure that they've recently proposed.

    The benifits are very clear to me:  It's a well thought-out, well-tested, mature system for asking and answering questions. Let's face it, this forum was modeled after it but lacks a few of the key components like editing posts, there is a lot of duplicate questions, search doesn't work great, the rating system isn't very transparent. Most of all, why would the Umbraco core team spend valueable time (that could be spent on Umbraco's core itself) creating and maintaining something that's already out there.

    Let's discuss this.

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    Lee Kelleher posted this reply May 17, 2010 @ 09:14

    Good suggestion Sebastiaan, I'm also interested where a discussion could lead.  Personally I'm not sure if it would work - the commercial element of StackExchange hasn't been fully revealed yet ... Do we want banner ads? Would this impact negatively on an open-source community?

  • Sebastiaan Janssen posted this reply May 17, 2010 @ 09:23

    Sure, there might be ads, but I'm also sure that you would be able to pay to have them removed. And who doesn't use an adblocker these days. ;-)

    All kidding aside..

    One thing that we'd be missing out on is the integration with the packages, wiki (although arguably, StackExchange questions do could turn into a wiki) and events. But, I do believe the StackExchange team is open to customizations and you might be able to get access to an API so that you can still ad reputation (karma) for package upvotes and so on.

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    Morten Bock posted this reply May 17, 2010 @ 10:40

    I just heard about this in a podcast the other day, and considered that also. But I don't know if I am too fond of the idea. It's a classic dilemma between control/freedom vs. easy boxed software.

    StackExchange sites are very focused on Q&A as far as I can tell. Our is more of a community site combining all the different parts of a community such as finding members or as you mention, publish/discuss packages.

    If Our didn't already exist, I think it could be a good idea, but I would not do the switch when this site already exists (and works pretty well).

  • Sebastiaan Janssen posted this reply May 17, 2010 @ 11:09

    Well, we've moved forums before, so it shouldn't be too hard to do it again (except for now having two read-only forums..). 

    Now, I know that you and other have spent a lot of time and effort on this, and you did a great job, but we really could use some extra functionality in here (especially editting!) and it seems like a waste to develop something all over again that already exists and actually works better (once it launches that is).

    And yes, SE sites are only Q&A, we still need all of the other parts and I have good hopes that they still can be integrated rather seemlessly once an SE API is available (not sure if there was one in the beta).

  • Niels Hartvig posted this reply May 17, 2010 @ 02:10

    As tempting as it is it would never happen. The whole idea of spending resources on Our *is* the enormours freedom we get to customize. SE seems brilliant for launching things fast (I'd have loved to have it in the beginning of the Umbraco days instead of the Yahoo Mailinglist or the old YAF forum).

    The benefits of this freedom should be pretty clear at CodeGarden 10! Our is much more than just a forum and a wiki. If that was the vision there would have been a ton of out of the box software we could have customized instead.

    And in any case we don't need SE, but Sebastiaan needs to work on his posting skills so he won't complain about editing in the future ;-)

  • Sebastiaan Janssen posted this reply May 17, 2010 @ 02:52

    Haha, just for this comment I will make a speling mistake! :-)

    You guys were asking for suggestions earlier this week and all of the suggestions that I could think of were already implemented in SE, so I thought I'd bundle them together... Seriously though, no editing in the forum, no images in the wiki? For almost a year? I'm disappointed that some seemingly simple and obvious things are still not implemented on the forum and wiki. 

    Of course Our is more than just those two, but the forum is the single thing that I think we all value the most. And I for one, would love for the forum experience to be much more excellent.

  • Niels Hartvig posted this reply May 17, 2010 @ 03:54

    You focus too much on whats missing in Our and too little on what's missing in SE for a project like Our Umbraco (and how do you even count on a non-existing product (it haven't launched!) and an even more non revealed SE API. You must have drunk the Spolsky AId ;-))

    Personally I think that editing features on forums are overrated. Just as much as I agree that it sucks there's no easy way to insert images.

    But things will happen. If you've been pissed about this for a year, you should have gotten in touch with us. We can't read your thoughts, Sir!

  • Sebastiaan Janssen posted this reply May 17, 2010 @ 04:48

    Obviously my understanding of what SE will be is completely based on what StackOverflow (and sister sites) already offer. And yes, that is definately based on the Spolsky's comments as well.

    LOL! I haven't been pissed, not to worry. These things have been suggested multiple times both here and on Twitter. I can't read your backlog, sir! ;-)

  • Niels Hartvig posted this reply May 17, 2010 @ 08:37

    If you look at the meta site of Stack Exchange there's a feast of what's not to like about the current SE ideas. So I wouldn't hold my breath (on anything else than projects that DO need to get a site up and running quickly).

    As much as I am a Stack Overflow fan I think it rocks because it *is* Stack Overflow and nothing else...

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    Lee Kelleher posted this reply May 18, 2010 @ 10:55

    Out of curiosity, who is the dev team for Our Umbraco? (Same as uForum?) I know Morten is leading it, but who else?


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