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    Suggestions on how to categoriese packages

    Per Ploug started this topic June 30, 2009 @ 02:54, Go directly to the topic solution

    This place has been bombarded with packages which is apsolutely fantastic, but how should we move forward in categorizing these items?

    My suggestion is that site admins move the packages into the proper categories after they get created. This way we know items will be placed correctly and in case we decided to create sub categories we can easy move items around without involving the package authors.

    This ofcourse will result in changing urls for the different packages, but as brilliantly suggested by warren buckley, we could allow package authors to have vanity urls for their packages. So instead of: /packages/wesite-starterkits/Creative-Website-Wizard-By-Warren-Buckley , it could be /packages/cws


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    Darren Ferguson posted this reply June 30, 2009 @ 03:05

    Per, we had a discussion at cg09 around the three repositories (our.umbraco, store and traditional package repository) and I do believe that Tim G was actioned to come up with some categories that would be used across all three to maintain consistency...

    See: http://our.umbraco.org/wiki/codegarden-2009/open-space-minutes/integrating-the-3-package-repositories



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    Jesper Ordrup posted this reply July 1, 2009 @ 12:53

    Breaking it down into a structure of categories would be ok. Allowing project owners to tag their projects would imo be better and more along with the nature of the site. Tag cloud could filter out noicy tags (tags used less than x times).

    I also think there's a need to be able to browse/filter packages on the following properties:

    - Umbraco version:
    - NET Framework:
    - Other requirements: (like runway)
    - Stable: beta/production?
    - Type of project (package)
    - Is docs avail
    - Can be installed by: webmaster, developer, ...

    I can easily imagine clicking on "starter webs" and then filter for Umbraco version and stable=production.


  • Warren Buckley posted this reply July 2, 2009 @ 09:17

    I think a mixture of the above will work perfectly.

    1. our.umbraco.org site admins create main categories and move the packages into the categories
    2. Add some more meta data fields to a project, such as Jesper's suggestions
    3. Vanity URLs such as cws.packages.umbraco.org or whatever domain/format

    With these combined I think it will work great.

    Warren :)

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