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    Using Umbraco 5 with SQL Server 2000

    Robert Crichton started this topic March 23, 2012 @ 02:03

    Hi, I'm a software developer evaluating Umbraco 5 for our purposes.

    My first hiccup is that our server architecture is built with SQL Server 2000 and Umbraco 5 does not support that version by default.  As I understand it however the Umbraco uses NHibernate for a mapping layer and is pluggable. Could it therefore potentially have this layer replaced with a SQL 2000 compatible version?

    Before anyone mentions it, I know that this is a very old SQL version that is going out of MS support soon but it is what we have for the moment.  And in any case SQL 2005 users must be hitting the same issues.

    If it can't be done then we may just have to push the SQL upgrade through because we are quite keen on Umbraco 5. But if this can be avoided in the short term then all the better.  What about SQL 2012 is Umbraco compatible with that?

    Many thanks,


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    Grant Thomas posted this reply March 23, 2012 @ 03:07

    Proper support for MSSQL 2000 isn't just 'ending soon', it practically ended back in 2007, with only limited technical support until 2013. This is also pretty much applicable to MSSQL 2005 in the same sense, too (so already has the same issues!). And the on-demand technical support is nonsense anyway, they will just forward you to the community.

    We're actually just in the process of getting a new server since our previous machines running MSSQL 2005, although still fully function (for the time being), are well over the hill in terms of hardware, warranty, etc. I think this will be reflected in many, many environments these days: with such old versions of one thing, everything else is probably about as old (in relative, technical terms).

    None of this really answers your questions, I know, but I'm just expressing information and my opinion that, if you're going to hack this to be backwards-compatible, you're in for a world of hurt when you do upgrade due a natural lack of forwards-comatibility - drawfing any 'short term' benefits.

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