Describes how to set up a macro, use macro parameters & configuring caching. Defines the different types of macros and provides details on the different macro engine APIs and their usage

    What is a macro?

    A macro is a reusable piece of functionality that you can re-use throughout your site. Macros can be configured with parameters and be inserted into a Rich Text Editor. You can define what macros are available for your editors to insert in to the rich text editor. When an editor inserts a macro into the rich text editor it will prompt them to fill out any of the defined parameters for the macro.

    Rendering Macros

    Here's a basic method to render macros:


    Overloaded Methods

    Macro types

    All macro types will work in either MVC or WebForms templating engines

    Partial View Macros

    This is the recommended macro type to use, it uses the exact same syntax and objects as MVC views.

    Xslt macros

    Information, examples and best practices according to readability and performance in your XSLT/XPath snippets.