Examine uses Lucene as its search and index engine. Searching using Examine with Lucene can be very powerful and fast and it can also be really simple to setup and use.

    What is Examine?

    Examine allows you to index and search data easily and wraps the Lucene.Net indexing/searching engine. Lucene is super fast and allows for very fast searching even on very large amounts of data. Examine is provider based so is very extensible and allows you to configure as many indexes as you like and each may be configured individually. Out of the box our UmbracoExamine library that is shipped with Umbraco gives you Umbraco based implementations for indexers and searchers to get started quickly.

    Quick start

    Get up and running with Examine quickly with this quick start guide


    Describes the different terms and objects used in Examine such as Indexers, Searchers, Index Set, etc...

    Overview & Explanation - "Examining Examine by Peter Gregory"

    A detailed overview from top to bottom of how to use Examine

    Full configuration markup example

    Shows all configuration options with an explanation for each

    API - Examine Manager