Umbraco Cloud documentation

    Documentation for Umbraco Cloud. How to get started, how to set up your Umbraco Cloud project for development, how to successfully deploy, and how to troubleshoot issues.

    Getting Started

    If you're new to Umbraco Cloud then start here. All about what Umbraco Cloud is and how you can use it to get your work done more efficiently - and have more fun.

    Set up a Project

    How to set up a project for development. Using just Umbraco Cloud, by cloning the down locally, and when working with a team.


    The deployment process explained with best practices and a little Git mixed in.


    An explanation of the Umbraco Cloud product upgrade process.


    Tips on identifying, finding and resolving issues.


    Umbraco Cloud is the best way to create and manage an Umbraco project. It includes 10-years of experience and best-practices in an intuitive, simple, but robust approach. For use by a single site creator or a team of professional web developers, Umbraco Cloud removes the barriers that slow down projects and get in the way of beautiful, functional sites.

    Umbraco Cloud is Umbraco, but it’s a whole lot more. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud and encompassing web standard approaches, Umbraco Cloud is familiar to Umbraco users new and old. Umbraco Cloud makes it simple to get started and places no limits on what you can accomplish - literally anything you can do with Umbraco and web technology you can do with Umbraco Cloud.

    Umbraco Cloud takes care of installation, infrastructure, and security and provides you the tools to work with your project in the cloud, or clone it (using Git) and work with it locally on your PC, your Mac, or your tablet.

    When you’re ready to show your work to the world, Umbraco Cloud provides a safe deployment mechanism that moves your site to the public web. And if you have changes hours, days, or weeks later, Umbraco Cloud has got you covered with an easy to follow process for moving your changes, testing, and deploying to your public site. Try that with another CMS!

    When you need to add members to your team, it’s as simple as adding an email address and clicking a button. Need to remove a team member, Umbraco Cloud has that covered too.

    With all the success you’ll have building your site with Umbraco Cloud you’ll want to add more, which is easily done using the same account and team members. You can manage all your Umbraco sites from a single portal, with a single login. That’s simplicity!

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