This section defines the appSetting parameters found in the web.config

    Explicit settings

    These are settings that require a value in the appSettings section of the web.config file


    Holds the version number of the currently installed version of Umbraco. This version number changes automatically when running the installer and the upgrade installer. It is not recommended to update this version manually as the upgrade installer might need to perform some actions to upgrade your site properly. The upgrade installer doesn't run when this version is the same as the version number in the Umbraco DLL.


    A comma-separated list of files to be left alone by Umbraco. IIS will serve these files, and the Umbraco request pipeline will not be triggered.

    <add key="umbracoReservedUrls" value="~/config/splashes/booting.aspx,~/install/default.aspx,~/config/splashes/noNodes.aspx,~/VSEnterpriseHelper.axd" />


    A comma-separated list of all the folders in your directory to be left alone by Umbraco. If you have folders with custom files, add them to this setting to make sure Umbraco leaves them alone.

    <add key="umbracoReservedPaths" value="~/umbraco,~/install/" />


    The URL pointing to the Umbraco administration folder. If you rename the umbraco folder, you need to update this setting too.

    <add key="umbracoPath" value="~/umbraco" />


    If you are running multiple sites, you don't want the top level node in your URL. Possible options are true and false.

    <add key="umbracoHideTopLevelNodeFromPath" value="true" />


    Strips .aspx from URLs on the frontend when set to true.
    This setting is only important to older IIS configurations where extension-less URLs weren't supported very well.


    Configures the number of minutes without any requests being made before the Umbraco user will be required to re-login. Any backoffice request will reset the clock. Default setting is 20 minutes.

    <add key="umbracoTimeOutInMinutes" value="20" />


    The default language to use in the backoffice if a user isn't explicitly assigned one. The default is English (en).


    Makes sure that all of the requests in the backoffice are called over HTTPS instead of HTTP when set to true.

    Optional settings

    These are settings that have default values but can be overridden by creating the appSetting and setting its value in the web.config


    The default value is: ~/App_Data/umbraco.config

    The value must be set to a virtual path with a prefixed tilde (~)


    The default value is: false

    Generally set to false but when set to true the content XML file (normally stored in ~/App_Data/umbraco.config) will be stored in the local servers' Temp (CodeGen) folder. This is handy for load balanced environments when the website is running from a central SAN based file system (non-replicated).

    If you are not running a load balanced environment on a central SAN based file system (or similar) ensure that this setting remains set to false.


    The default value is: 7

    When this value is set above 0, the backoffice will check for a new version of Umbraco every 'x' number of days where 'x' is the value defined for this setting. By default Umbraco ships with a value of '7'.