Report an Issue or Request a Feature

Umbraco is great! But sometimes there are issues that need to be resolved, or features that you would like added to make it that much greaterer...erer. To help us make Umbraco better, the Core team needs your help and you can do this through well crafted bug reports and feature requests.  The following information are tips on how you can submit a well written bug report.

Where do I submit a bug report?

To submit a bug report visit

Before you are able to submit new issues you will need to be a registered user. Once you are registered create new issues by clicking the Create Issue link aat to the top of the screen. This will reveal the following form:

Please try and make sure that your bug report or feature request follows this format for the title.

[Feature Request], [version], [descriptive title]

An example issue report:
4.8.0 Relation Types SqlCeProviderException when using SQL CE

An example feature request:
Feature Request 4.8.0 Public Access for Media

A list of existing issues can be found here:

Please note: The more information you can give us, the better it helps the Core team assign a priority to your issue.

Writing a good bug report

Writing a good bug report helps us to identify issues quicker and ultimately provide you with a more stable Umbraco. The following tips will help you write a good bug report.

Identify that it's actually a bug

Sometimes you're just doing it wrong but thinking it's a bug.  Make sure that what you are experiencing is actually a bug and that it can be repeated.

Don't create duplicate tickets

Try to find out if someone else has already reported the issue. You can search the existing issues here.  If they have why not add to their report that you are experiencing the same issue, also providing any additional information you have over and above their report that could help solve the problem.

Provide the step-by-step

Work out the steps it takes to create the bug and write them down as accurately as you can.  Maybe even consider recording a Screenr if you think that it would help.

Version is important

Make sure you tell us what version of Umbraco you are using as you might be experiencing the bug with that bleeding edge nightly because the code is not finished yet :)

Write descriptive titles

Within reason try and make your ticket title reveal as much as possible. Doesn't need to be a novel, just be descriptive.  E.g.
4.8.0 Unable to insert anchors in TinyMCE in chrome.
This provides quite a bit of information straight away :)

Copy any error text into the report

Saying "It's broken! fix it!" is not going to help you or anyone.  Even if you don't know what caused the error most of the time there will be some sort of error message or error page displayed that you can either screenshot or copy into the report to help the Core team diagnose the issue.

Explain your environment

We don't mean that you sit at a wooden desk, and have a small pot plant that you have named Jerry.  We mean things that might help us work out the issue like, the site is running in medium trust, it's a shared host, it's IIS6, it's SQL Server, the browser is IE6 etc  Any information that you can provide about the environment that you have Umbraco running in can help with the diagnosis.

Code references help

If you are one of those people who have the Umbraco Source on your machine and are capable of debugging, why not give us the code reference to where the issue is, or better yet why not fix it yourself and submit a pull request!

Expected behaviour

If you know what the expected behaviour should be let us know because we may not see it the way you do.  It can help us understand how you expect to work with that feature.

Report each issue separately

Do not send us ten issue in a single bug report.  Send us one issue per ticket. This helps us to delegate the issues out to the right developers and also saves us a bunch of busy work splitting your ticket into smaller workable chunks.

Feature requests are not bugs

Just because the system doesn't have the feature you want, doesn't mean its a bug.  Make sure you label feature requests as such so they don't get mixed up in the bug hunt.