Status: In Progress

88% complete 12% in progress

Target release date: Thursday, August 31 2017


This is the main Umbraco download, generally you won't need anything else.

Downloaded 90 times - uploaded 02 August 2017

Release notes

  • Easier user management
  • Content Templates (formerly known as Blueprints, also know as default values or standard values)
  • ISearchableTree - search anywhere, not just in the current section
  • New starter kit - highlighing Umbraco best practices
  • Scheduled health checks - perform health checks in an automated way, get an e-mail result or implement a Slack alert, for example
  • Nested Content is now no longer just a package, it's available out of the box in Umbraco

Read the blog post about the 7.7.0 beta release.

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Issues & Tasks

Getting started

Make sure to give the installation instructions a read.

Check the free foundation videos on how to get started building Umbraco sites. They're available from:

World's best community

You'll find our über active community working hard to help each other at Our Umbraco: http://our.umbraco.org

Upgrading from older versions

Make sure to read the upgrade instructions before you attempt an upgrade.

Found a bug?

We're happy to help you with any problems you encounter, so please report them in the issue tracker and use the “Affected versions” field to set it to 7.7.0.
Do a search first though, if the issue already exists, give it an extra vote.

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