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Join Anders and the other awesome @CgRunners in 15 mins at Plaza Hotel. Anders got new #umbraco running t-shirts f…

8 minutes ago by @codegarden (Umbraco Codegarden)

#cgRunners It is a beautiful morning.. and first day of #cg18 T-shirts has arrived.. come run with me 🏃💨 #umbraco

11 minutes ago by @Whels (Anders Trans Sørense)

Experienced the Codegarden pre party yesterday. Felt as part of the family instantly, the next xouple of days are g…

23 minutes ago by @nboksen (Nicolai Oksen)

It's day 1 of Umbraco @codegarden!! #cg18

39 minutes ago by @crgrieve (Carole Rennie Logan)

Partyin' with the #Umbraco guys in Odense... Application incoming 🤭 Welcome to the city gardens

4 hours ago by @MrJackDev (Jack Andersen)

The #Codegarden Twitter Takeover is live! Follow us for the latest #Umbraco news live from #GC18!

6 hours ago by @Method4Ltd (Method4)

Come see @netaddicts and I at #cg18 and learn about working with #umbraco in big teams with git without messing up,…

6 hours ago by @simonech (Simone Chiaretta @ CG18)

#cg18 forgotten your euro plug adapter and need to charge your phone? Use the USB port on your tv in your room. Your are welcome. #umbraco

7 hours ago by @CodeSharePaul (

Trust in the product is deploying changes on Umbraco Cloud after the Codegarcen Pre-Party, and not being worried...…

7 hours ago by @MichaelNielsen_ (Michael Nielsen)

Time for bed! Got an early start at #umbraco #CG18 Have fun at Christian Firtal this evening gang

7 hours ago by @warrenbuckley (Warren Buckley)

A few small aspnet core sites only for rendering. And one umbraco for the backend. Shall we? Yes!

7 hours ago by @joeriks (jonas eriksson)

@umbraco, it was so lovely to meet everyone tonight! See you tomorrow, @codegarden-ers!

7 hours ago by @LauroraBorea (Laura Vogt)

Taking a plane? No, just don’t wanna miss @CgRunners after #cg18 pre-party @codegarden @umbraco

7 hours ago by @simonech (Simone Chiaretta @ CG18)

@paulsterling @kalletoxic 2012

7 hours ago by @aim24 (Arnold Visser)

What an amazing night at @umbraco HQ. So many great people there and totally buzzing about the community. This isn'…

7 hours ago by @ScottishCoder (Owain Williams)

How to Create a Multilanguage Website with Umbraco -

8 hours ago by @_PageTown (PageTown CMS)

@crgrieve @cssquirrel @offroadcode Crashing an @offroadcode party is definitely one of my favourite things to do at…

8 hours ago by @jamiepollock (Jamie Pollock)

Team DA in the house at #codegarden18 - looking forward to getting stuck into the conference sessions tomorrow, but…

8 hours ago by @design_agencyuk (Design Agency)

After 12 hours of almost non stop development - I do stop to eat after all - I've just had a breakthrough on an int…

8 hours ago by @mttblss (Matt Bliss)

Better late than never! Just bought my tickets for #umbracoUsFest #umbraco

8 hours ago by @jamiepollock (Jamie Pollock)

Books you find in the library at @umbraco HQ during the @codegarden #cg18 pre-party

9 hours ago by @simonech (Simone Chiaretta @ CG18)

At the @codegarden launch party at @umbraco hq!

9 hours ago by @thedanroddis (Dan Roddis)

#Umbraco @codegarden pre-party is in full swing - and we're in the middle of it!

9 hours ago by @byte5net (byte5 digital media)

@zpqrtbnk Be careful what you wish for! #umbracoSwagMuseum and then there was the photo lad…

9 hours ago by @drobar (Douglas Robar)

Looks related to @thechiefunicorn #cg18 #umbraco

9 hours ago by @ondrejpialek (Ondřej Piálek)

Shout out to Nicola Ayan for making a very useful post for using Unity with #umbraco:

10 hours ago by @KevinGiszewski (Kevin Giszewski)

Hey @paulsterling, when was The artist formerly known as UaaS mentioned at CG, was it 2013? #umbraco

10 hours ago by @kalletoxic (Kalle Ekstrand)

So #cgRunners have special #Umbraco TShirts? Methink it’s about time we have #cgSleepers pyjamas... #CG18

10 hours ago by @zpqrtbnk (Stephan)

Hello Odense #CG18 #codegarden18 #umbraco

10 hours ago by @karltynan (Karl Tynan)

I see @BeerProject_Bxl beers are well appreciated at @codegarden #cg18 pre-party @umbraco

10 hours ago by @simonech (Simone Chiaretta @ CG18)