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dandrayne started this project on Friday, November 20, 2009 it's current version is 1.4 .

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Friday, November 20, 2009
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website  starter kit 

Business Website Starter Pack

The Business Website Starter Pack is an early release of a starter kit for business-oriented umbraco sites, aiming to kickstart development and give new umbraco devs a good starting point for building their own sites.

It is purposefully left unstyled.

I aim to keep developing this package, so if there are any other features that may be useful post ideas in the forum.


  • Includes an event calendar with iCal export for outlook/google calendar integration
  • News list, with an option to display news on the homepage, the ability to select a featured news item and paging with a configurable page size per news page
  • A great starter for many umbraco projects



To use, simply install as a package into a fresh umbraco installation, you'll end up with a site like the demo at http://beta2.geckonm.com after republishing all nodes.



  • 1.1 - Fixed html validation
  • 1.2 - Fixed bug with counting events in calendar for non-english languages (thanks Daniel Horn)
  • 1.3 - Fixed display of event detail date (thanks Billy Koch) and css error (thanks Joshua D. Stewart)
  • 1.4 - Umbraco 4.5 XML Schema compatibility


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All discussion regarding the Business Site Starter Kit to go here.
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