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Peter Gregory started this project on Monday, August 26, 2013 it's current version is 0.1 .

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Peter Gregory

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Peter Gregory
Monday, August 26, 2013
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Umbraco v6 MVC Razor Cheatsheets

This project is devoted to cheatsheets designed specifically for developers who are working with Umbraco in MVC rendering mode which has been available since version 4.10 however the features listed are known to work fully with version 6.x and above.

There are two cheats available, one focussed on the the dynamic view Model (DynamicPublishedContent) and the other is focussed on the strongly typed view Model (PublishedContent).

The cheatsheets are color coded to help the developer quickly identify what they are looking for.

These cheatsheets may not be fully exhaustive and they assume the developer is familiar with the basics of the razor language and its featues. They cover:

  • Property Access
  • Dictionary Access
  • Collections
  • Filtering & Ordering
  • Tree Traversal
  • Agregate Functions
  • Umbraco Helper
  • Condtionals
  • Manipulation
  • Property Checking
  • IsHelpers
  • Macro Parameter Access
  • Permissions
For basic Razor syntax help and cheatsheet check out haacked.com/.../razor-syntax-quick-reference.aspx


If you are looking for the DynamicNode Razor Cheatsheet for use with Umbraco 4.7.1+ please see our.umbraco.org/.../razor-dynamicnode-cheat-sheet


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