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Per Ploug started this project on Sunday, March 21, 2010 it's current version is 1.0 .

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Per Ploug
Sunday, March 21, 2010
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Umbraco Contour Shared Source

Umbraco Contour Shared Source is a dump of the code used on all types in the Form designer tool "Contour". 

What is this?

It offers a look behind the scenes of all the components that is by default is included in Contour, all field types, workflow types, prevalues and data types.

We are now offering the source code of these components as a free MIT download. That means you can use the source as a foundation for your own types, tweak, modify, hack or beat with a stick into something that works for you instead of the included type. 

We are doing this to make Contour even more flexible and valuable to developers using it. We know the built-in types cannot work for everyone, and wants to offer a alternative. 

What is this not?

This is not the full source code of Contour, you cannot built a Contour application with this source. It is only the types that are included in Contour by default we are opening up.

Also the project in the zip cannot built, you need to take the specific class you need and copy paste the code to your own project, with the contour assemblies referenced and built it there.

This source is provided as-is, so no long developer comments in there, on the other hand we didn't remove any either so this is a un-censoured/scary look into the bowls on Contour, and is provided with no guarantees, and is not covered by the support. 

How to use

Use the developer documentation located here, and follow the chapter on how to add your own type.


Change the guid in your mew type, and change the namespace to fit your application. Built into a .dll and add it to the /bin. Contour should now pickup the new type automaticly.

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