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Richard Soeteman started this project on Sunday, June 28, 2009 it's current version is 3.0 .

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Richard Soeteman

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Richard Soeteman
Sunday, June 28, 2009
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CMSImport (PRO) License Agreement
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CMSImport PRO helps you import content or members from any datasource into Umbraco. The following datasources are supported by default : 

  • Access Database
  • BlogML
  • CSV
  • Excel File
  • RSS Feed
  • SQL Server
  • Umbraco
  • WordPress
  • XML

You can also create your own custom DataAdapter.  Check out the workspace for screencasts to see the power of CMSImport.

CMSImport PRO allows you to save wizard steps so you can run the import later or even schedule it for a certain date and time. When you re-run an import already existing records will be updated and  only new records will be added. When media is imported references in content or member data will be updated automatically.

And best of all with CMSImport Pro it’s possible to import complete content structures also! This allows you to import a complete product catalog (Categories and Products), blogposts + comments, or any structure you want to import.

CMSImport PRO is optimized for uBlogsyBlog4Umbraco, TeaCommerce and Uwebshop.

You can download the free version of CMSImport which is limited to import 500 records and limited in functionality.

Or you can purchase the commercial PRO version which can import more than 500 records, maintain parent/child structureupdate content, can import content related media ,can save your import steps for later use  and even schedule imports for a certain time and day.

 A license file can be purchased via our company website http://soetemansoftware.nl/

Prices are:

    € 99,00  for a domain license
    € 299,00 for a server license
    € 499,00 unlimited license

CMSImport is compatible with Umbraco versions 6 and 7. Support for older versions can be found at archived files.

Release notes:

V3 Major release

  • Architecture update.
  • Much faster imports.
  • Showing progress messages during import.
  • More consistent layout.
  • Umbraco V7 is not using the old icons anymore.
  • More robust scheduled tasks.
  • Support for dictionary import.
  • Support for importing Umbraco data from a different environment.
  • Added option to automatically delete records that are no longer in the data source.
  • Breaking change dropped support for Umbraco version 4.
  • Breaking change removed Umbraco.licensing.dll (Deli).
  • Breaking API change event signature change.
  • Breaking API change DataAdapter is now Data Provider and structure changed.
  • Breaking API change Field providers signature change.
  • Breaking change Additional providers need to be updated.
  • Map Media file types in settings.
  • Check if property is changed before save during import.
  • Added option to store passwords as clear text.
  • Fixed Create date is working again.
  • Fixed Delete button on content picker throws error in Umbraco V7.

2.5.3 Bugfix release

  • Added support for uTagsy in V7.
  • Fixed MNTP media doesn't work in V7.
  • Fixed LoginName string is used when creating a member.
  • Fixed MNTP xmpath doesn't work.
  • Fixed images don't get picker up when not starting with /.

2.5.2 BugFix release

  • yes/no support for boolean columns
  • Support for MNTP in Umbraco V7
  • xls instead of xlsx file extensionthrows invalid signature error.

2.5.1 BugFix release

  • Added Support for V7 content picker
  • Fixed HTMLAgilityPack conflict on Umbraco V7
  • FixedCan't change member type
  • Fixed install script on Azure
  • Fixed Wordpress categopries and tags could be recognized
  • Fixed Image thumbs don't get generated when extension is in uppercase

2.5 Update release

  • Umbraco V7 compatibility
  • Replaced FieldAdpaters with FieldProviders, Old field adapters will still work
  • Removed data type selection from configuration screen
  • Removed Import here option from content node.

2.4 Update release

  • Improved field validation for Umbraco V6.x
  • Multi node picker lookup support for content
  • Import and assign media folders support.
  • Support for uBlogsy V3
  • Added extra Wordpress and BlogML Data adapters (before update install the additional Data adapters packages if you used them in previous versions). Wordpress pages are supported also.
  • References to files and content are removed when you add items to recylce bin instead of deleting items from recylce bin
  • Removed create date mapping for Umbraco V6 since that will be ignored by the API.
  • Introduced BulkImport events in the API

2.3.3 Update release

  • Added new licensing dll to support both Deli as our own licensing system

2.3.2 Update release

  • Fix Recursive import doesn't work on a child import definition
  • Fix Value from Tags datatype doesn't get assigned
  • Fix Null Values throw errors in Umbraco V6
  • Fix Autopublish causing weird update behaviours in Umbraco V6
  • Fix Rss feed needs file upload in Dashboard for editors
  • Fix URL option doesn't work with wordpress and BlogML
  • Add option XML DataAdapter can determine if child nodes need to be imported as Text or xml

2.3.1 Update release

  • Fixed Umbraco V6 compatibility issues

2.3 Update release:

  • Added HTML decode option on rich text editor.
  • Added refresh option on every tree node.
  • Better error messages in case of duplicate column headers on Excel and Csv files.
  • When updating an Import definition with a different Worksheet name in the Excel file a normal error message is shown.
  • When a record fails to import, the title of the document, or loginname will be reported also.
  • Details about skipped records are logged in the UmbracoLog table.
  • Fixed YSOD is shown when media rootfolder of advanced setting is deleted.
  • Fixed publishDate property isn't updated in content import.

2.2.1 Update Release:

  • Added support for 4.8.0
  • Fixed Scheduled task doesn't run when mapped as different user
  • Tree gets automatically refreshed when logging in after install
  • Updated Umbraco License dll

2.2 Update Release

  • Added a new Excel component that doesn't require anything installed on the server 
  • Added support for uBlogsy
  • Fixed concat of large text elements in Excel
  • Wordpress v1.1 and above export format not recognized
  • Parents of structured import don't get published
  • Media zip gives validation error in Import dashboard


2.1.1 Update Release

  • Added support for Digibiz Advanced Media Picker V2 (only when DAMP is configured for the default Umbraco Image and File mediatypes)

2.1 Update Release

  • Added import dashboard for use on the content section
  • Added media import support for Ucomponents Multi Node Tree Picker
  • Added instructions for media import
  • Added warning message when changing document type.
  • Added CMSImport Icon (Thanks to Arnold Visser @aim24)
  • Fixed installer didn't use dbo prefix to install tables
  • Fixed assign null values in some cases didn't work
  • Fixed upload fieldadapter not working in 2.0.

2.0.1Bugfix Release

  • Added support for Open Calais datatype
  • Updated save method, only save when all data is mapped to avoid state issues
  • Fixed Autopublish on recursive imported documents
  • Fixed Passord mapping for members always returned empty string
  • Fixed Can't assign date values from sql server
  • Fixed Can't assign boolean values from sqlserver
  • Fixed:Default values work on Date datatype also

2.0 Major release

  • Breaking change. FieldAdapters doesn't support media options anymore. Fieldadaptersettings for media are  replaced with the Advanced Field settings.
  • Added support for structured import of content
  • Added support for advanced field settings
  • Added support for Teacommerce and Uwebshop out of the box
  • Added support for MS access and MS Excel datasources (Requires a driver to be installed)
  • Added suport for BlogML, Rss and Wordpress Datasources
  • Added support for attributes on an Xml File
  • Added optional enable/disable DataAdapters
  • Added Tab and Alias info when mapping columns
  • Added Last run info screen for Scheduled tasks
  • Added FamFamFam Icons by Mark James (http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/)
  • Added copy datasource to child import if it's using the same datasource
  • Fixed Days persistence error on scheduled task screen
  • Fixed update option is disabled by default when starting cmsimport from the content node
  • Fixed Codearea used for settings screen
  • Fixed When related image can't be found exception is thrown

1.2 Service release

  • Added support for Umbraco 4.6
  • Added membername mapping for memberpickers
  • Fixed CSV Comment issue
  • Fixed breaking on memberlogins that contains null
  • Fixed fieldadapters on fixed properties never got hit
  • Fixed Scheduler not always runs on the scheduled date/time

1.1 Update release

  • Added support for FieldAdapters to modify data during import
  • Added support for Content related media import
  • Added Pre Save event
  • Added CMSImport.Extensions DLL
  • Added option to ignore update options
  • Fixed Several CSV options
  • Fixed save path of cmsimport.config file
  • Fixed errormessages for dataadapters
  • Fixed rendering tree titles when switching sections in V4.5
  • Fixed Validate state onload for saved options

1.0 Initial release

Update instructions:

Update V1.x by reinstalling the latest package

Update v2.0 by replacing the Dll's in your bin folder of the website with the dll's from the package zip file

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