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    Newbie- Member subscription - newsletters - eCommerce

    Andrea started this topic January 8, 2011 @ 04:38

    Hi I'm a newbie and I need to make a member's area where a site user can access after a subscription.

    Initially the user will receive a simple newsletter but in the future the subscripted user will access into a member area for buy softwares(eCommerce) or access to private data.

    How can I do this? At this moment for me is enough to implement the user subscription only for the newsletter purpose but I don't want in the future change the user subcription for the eCommerce.


  • Jan Skovgaard posted this reply January 8, 2011 @ 04:51

    Hi Andrea

    I think you should look into using either mailchip or campaign monitor to handle all the stuff that involves newsletters, lists, reciepients etc. and then integrate it with Umbraco somehow. For instance being able to administer campaigns etc. from Umbraco so you can do it all from one place instead of having to log into your e-mail service provider account.

    I think that is the way to go about it. If you choose to do it this way there is no need to play around with the member API to collect e-mails using Umbraco. I'm pretty sure both the mentioned providers have some easy way to do this.

    I know a bunch of the brilliant people in the community have teamed up to make a product called CMSMAILER, which should allow one to integrate the favourite ESP with for instance Umbraco. I'm looking very much forward to the release of the beta and hope that it comes out soon.

    If you insist on collection e-mail using Umbraco members that should be fairly easy achieved using user control in a macro. Inspiration can be found here: http://our.umbraco.org/wiki/reference/api-cheatsheet/working-with-members and on Tim Geysens blog: http://www.nibble.be/?p=20



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    Comment with ID: 60110
    Andrea posted this reply January 11, 2011 @ 09:44

    Hi at the moment I don't want to use a third part campaing system. Yesterday I made the registration member following the istruction given by Tim Geysens on his blog. On the same blog I found the Mail Engine Package but I want to send the emails automatically.

    In the site I'll publish legal news and I want to send to site's members the list of published news of the last week. Obviosly I'll send one mail per week.

    To do these I need to create a specific user control and a scheduled task to hit a specific page URL that contain the user control.

    Using the umbraco api and c# How can I get the list of the published news week and get for each news the title (a defined property) and the news url??



  • Jan Skovgaard posted this reply January 11, 2011 @ 09:51

    Hi Andrea

    I don't think I can give you any pointers on how to make the sending of the newsletter happen automatically.

    But some pointers on how to trigger the sending of the newsletter could be to use either the "scheduled taks" in the umbracoSettings.config file or use a service like http://pingdom.com/

    I hope some of the more skilled C# dev's in here can give you som advise on the API stuff.

    Happy coding.


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