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    Courier 2 Problem

    Chris Meek started this topic June 15, 2011 @ 10:38

    Hi there,


    I have encountered a small problem when transferringdocument types from one instance of Umbraco to another and wondered if I am either doing something wrong or have genuinely encountered a bug. Here's what I'm doing;


    DownloadUmbraco 4.7 and install 2 local instances (let's call them 1 and 2).

    Configure them using the blank template and install Courier via the package repository.

    In instance 1 create a new document type with a textstring and a textboxmultiple field in a new tab. Add those fields to the template.

    Create a revision using Courier containing the document type and the template.

    Transfer this revision to instance 2 and install.


    Everything seems to be fine and we can created content on instance 2 using this templte at this stage.

    We then add an image upload accidentaly to thegeneric properties tab.

    Create a second revision, transfer and install to instance 2. Again everything seems ok.

    Next modify the image upload (on instance 1) to move the field into the same tab as the text fields and mark it as madatory.

    Create a thrid revision, transfer and install to instance 2. This time nothing seems to have changed on the document type on the second instance.

    Has anyone else encoutered similar problems? Am I doing something wrong?



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    HQComment with ID: 80642
    Per Ploug posted this reply June 22, 2011 @ 02:17

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for the thorough description, will try to replicate the issue and fix it.


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    Comment with ID: 82128
    mikew910 posted this reply July 5, 2011 @ 08:03

    Hi Per

        I've got a similar problem relating to transferring Document Types. Perhaps my understanding is incorrect but say I have this setup when transferring from instance 2 to 1.

    Instance 1:

    Product :  Tabs ("Drivers", "Power")

    Instance 2:

    Product: Tabs ("Drivers", "Power", "Media", "Images")

    I'm  currently receiving 2 "Drivers" tabs and 2 "Power" tabs. Is there a way I can send the instance 2 document type over instance 1 and completely nuke it's copy of the Document Type?  Deleting , and recreating off the package sadly not an option.




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