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Umbraco 7

Using Umbraco 7
1803 topics, 7665 posts
For questions, how-tos, issues and help on getting started with Umbraco 7 for users and developers
10 minutes ago by Mikkel Johansen
Developing Umbraco 7 packages
195 topics, 845 posts
Forum for package developers, who wants to create packages for Umbraco 7, or migrate existing V4 and V6 packages
4 days ago by Garret

Getting Started

Installing umbraco
4050 topics, 19860 posts
Installing locally, on server, configuration questions
42 minutes ago by Dan Lister
Questions about runway and modules
644 topics, 2856 posts
All questions about using the Runway foundation as a starting point, and installing modules ontop of it.
1 day ago by Dennis Aaen


UI Questions
5330 topics, 24315 posts
How do you do stuff in umbraco...
2 hours ago by Uros
Migrating from v5 to v4 (and beyond)
36 topics, 99 posts
Do you have a website based on the now discontinued Umbraco 5 version, this is the place to discuss how to move it to Umbraco 4 (and beyond)
5 days ago by Jan Skovgaard


Templates and document types
1640 topics, 7664 posts
Frontend related questions regarding document types and templates in umbraco
5 days ago by Michael

Umbraco PRO

2367 topics, 11863 posts
Questions related to Contour - the official form builder from Umbraco Corp
2 hours ago by Tim Geyssens
54 topics, 201 posts
Questions related to Concierge - the housekeeper and documentation wizard from Umbraco Corp
5 days ago by Rodske
919 topics, 3622 posts
Questions related to Courier - the content/media staging tool from Umbraco Corp
4 days ago by Vlax


API Questions
4464 topics, 19301 posts
Topics regarding the umbraco api
7 minutes ago by Emiliano
4614 topics, 25304 posts
Help on XSLT macros. Get advice on xPath, xslt syntax, using the umbraco.library helper methods
2 days ago by Jan Skovgaard
Extending Umbraco
4256 topics, 18428 posts
How to extend the umbraco backoffice with new sections, add new tree items. Working with the umbraco.controls namespace
2 hours ago by DevDesi
2333 topics, 12700 posts
This is the place to discuss the Razor scripting language added in Umbraco JUNO (v4.6)
4 days ago by Daniel Larsen

Marketing & Sales

General marketing & sales discussion
29 topics, 106 posts
A forum to discuss how to market and sell Umbraco to your clients...
September 4, 2014 @ 11:18 by azeemkhan168

Meetups and usergroups

Suggest a meetup
108 topics, 656 posts
Suggest meeting up her
August 1, 2014 @ 03:19 by naresh


557 topics, 1391 posts
Need professional assistance - look no further
3 days ago by Tanya

our.umb dev forum

1884 topics, 7498 posts
Things that do not work as expected, do not work at all, or don't display correctly in a particular browser.
3 days ago by Shay
395 topics, 1699 posts
Ideas, clever suggestions, long-term plans, visions of greatness etc..., it all goes into this forum.
August 13, 2014 @ 02:33 by Ranjit J. Vaity


2956 topics, 12063 posts
General discussions and bug tracking
2 days ago by marcelh
4.1 feedback
194 topics, 1086 posts
Feedback Forum for Umbraco 4.1 (currently in RC), estimated release in Q3 2010
May 27, 2014 @ 12:49 by MarekR
1078 topics, 5360 posts
March 30, 2013 @ 03:10 by Mounhim Tahtahi

Umbraco as a Service

General Questions
71 topics, 220 posts
Questions about features, capabilities, and other non-issue related discussions.
3 days ago by Jan Skovgaard
61 topics, 225 posts
Issues and bugs encountered.
6 days ago by Kenneth Voss