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Umbraco v4.7.0 Status: Status: Released


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Release notes

Warning! This Umbraco version has a severe security issue, if you choose to install it, make sure to also apply the security patch listed in the downloads!

Service release fixing 50+ issues!

Important when upgrading

  • Upgrade as if it was a patch release (update /bin, /umbraco and /umbraco_client). For general upgrade information follow the guide found at /wiki/install-and-setup/upgrading-an-umbraco-installation
  • 4.7 requires the .NET 4.0 framework
  • Delete /bin/Microsoft.Scripting.dll, /bin/Iron * .dll, /bin/RazorEngine * .dll

Web.Config changes

  • Update the web web.config to include the 4 changes found in (they're clearly marked in the web.config in 4.7 as <!-- Added in Umbraco 4.6.2 -->):
    • A new sectionGroup under <configSections/>
    • It's three new keys under <appSettings/>
    • A new buildprovider section under <compilation/>
    • A new system.web.webPages.razor element under <configuration/>

Breaking changes

  • The definition of IMacroEngine has changed
  • IronPython and IronRuby is now not a part of the distribution and needs to be installed by unzipping the contents of the separate macroengine download

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        Getting started

        Make sure to give the installation instructions a read.

        Check the free foundation videos on how to get started building Umbraco sites. They're available from:

        World's best community

        You'll find our über active community working hard to help each other at Our Umbraco: http://our.umbraco.org

        Upgrading from older versions

        Make sure to read the upgrade instructions before you attempt an upgrade.

        Found a bug?

        We're happy to help you with any problems you encounter, so please report them in the issue tracker and use the “Affected versions” field to set it to 4.7.0.
        Do a search first though, if the issue already exists, give it an extra vote.

        Source code

        The source for this specific release is available for download from the repository (click the "ZIP" button).